georgina wilson

(some) Georgina Wilson Facts :


  • George was born in America, grew up in England and moved here when she was 11. Left at 19 to study in Sydney and worked in London too
  • she have a british and filipino passport
  • She started Modeling when she was 18y/o
  • she thinks “inquisitive” is the best word to describe her (next to HOT of course)
  • 5'10 is george's height

  • she attended Assumption San Lorenzo when she was in grade school and high school 

  • she graduated from the university of sydney with a bachelors degree in commerce w majors in accounting and finance :)
  • favorite song to sing :Killing me softly

  • George loooves corned beef, it’s her food craving 

  • George looooves sinigang! she thinks that its the the best comfort food (Solenn also loves Sinigang) 

    George and Borgy have been together for like about a year now

  • her fave subjects:maths! economics, physics, accounting and finance.

  • She and Maggie Wilson are not blood related but they’re friends

    she loves the movie closer,Natalie Portman is her super crush

  • she recently dyed her hair  light brown  like JLO’s but her hair is naturally redish brown

  • She’s 2 years older than belle

  • George and Erwan never dated 

  • Geroge has been friend with Sos,Anne and Liz for like 5years now