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Happy Birthday ♋︎Georgina Helen Henley♋︎

❝ Lucy is quite a lot like me in a way so it was very easy to slip into her character. Lucy’s the youngest of the four Pevensies and nobody takes her opinions seriously as the story begins. When she opens this wardrobe, she’s in a new world and she feels as though her feelings mean something there.❞

Sean’s pointing to his wife *cue to me crying*

Helen was sitting on the same row as us with Michael Coleman’s family. She seems so lovely as well by the way. When Georgina was close, Helen waved at her so so much to come over and shake hands at least before she went on to play and it was just the cutest thing ever. Also they cheered for her A LOT! it was the cutest thing! I think I missed Colin’s goal because Georgina was right in front of us being silly with the missus O’Donoghue & Co. lol

Stanley Denbrough beats the Devil

Part 1- The two times Helen Frank was a bitch, and the one other time she was a complete bitch.

It was a well-known fact Stan hated the PTA. Correction, it was a well-known fact that Stan pretended to hate the PTA. Anyone who really knew him knew that Stan loved the drama of the whole thing. At least he would have loved the PTA if it wasn’t for one thing. Helen Frank.

Helen Frank, was (in Stan’s own words) a heinous bitch. She was gorgeous, looking as if she’d just stepped out of the after portion of an anti-aging advert. She was the envy of all the mother’s in the playground, long honey blonde hair, a tight waist a perky pair of (obviously plastic) breasts and a rich husband to hang off. She was also, a terrible person. Stan had heard rumours at the school gate, her talking bad about other parents, or worse other children and even a few that she was cheating on her husband. Stan was never one for rumours though, given all the ones that had been spread about him when he was a kid, but he’d seen it with his own two eyes.

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Hélène Joy and Georgina Reilly
Dr.Julia Ogden and Dr.Emily Grace
Murdoch mysteries set
Season 8
July 25 th 2014 

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Ps.I think this picture comes from the episode filmed at Queens Park, earlier this season, but I always give you date that they are put online.