Thou Art the Vineyard
  • Thou Art the Vineyard
  • Nana Peradze And The Harmony Choir

Sacred Georgian Chants  -  Thou Art the Vineyard

Nana Peradze And The Harmony Choir

Georgian folk music is predominantly vocal and is widely known for its rich traditions of vocal polyphony. It is widely accepted in contemporary musicology that polyphony in Georgian music predates the introduction of Christianity in Georgia at the beginning of the 4th century AD.


I feel like you might have heard this, but just in case you haven’t: here are three girls performing a Georgian song about the Khevsur custom of სწორფერობა.

Sorry about waiting so long to share this. I’ve been traveling and then I wanted to find what this practice is. This is what I found on Wikipedia:

One of the more striking features of the traditional cultures of Khevsureti was the premarital relationship known as sc’orproba (or c’ac’loba as it is known in Pshavi). As a young couple could lie together during the night with a sword placed between them. Sexual intercourse between the pair was strictly forbidden. Any man who breached this rule was condemned to death.

Thanks for sharing, rthr! The Trio Mandili (ტრიო მანდილი) are really great for anyone interested in Georgian music. Just check out their YouTube channel that this video is on!


So the co-pilot’s family gave me a CD of Georgian music for Christmas (‘Georgian Voices’ by the Rustavi Choir) and while I was well aware that Georgian folk songs are the Shit I’d never heard of this apparently super-famous dude. His name is Hamlet Gonashvili and he has a wonderful voice and also a wonderful mustache.

He died in 1985, but luckily video footage exists of him and his comrades in Really Cool Singing sitting around in a weirdly empty room looking in different directions and slouching a bit. Performance posture? Pff, whatever, let’s sing beautiful music like we’re just kind of hanging out in someone’s living room and maybe going to have a beer later on.


‘Invocation’ (2012) (Excerpts) by GiO Janiashvili. Live at Spectrum NYC. May 12, 2014 New York
Piano: Maria Nemtsova. Total Duration: 19 Minutes.
Copyright © Giorgi Janiashvili 2012 ℗ Giorgi Janiashvili 2014



I am so in love with this country…. *Georgian dreams*


ნინო ბაშარული - ის ვაჟი

Nino Basharuli - Is Vaji (That Boy) // Georgian Song

  • Menatreba მენატრება
  • Irakli Charkviani ირაკლი ჩარკვიანი

This is a Singer from my native country, Georgia. He and his band were great, mostly unrecognized performers from the 90’s. Now, the lead singer, Irakli Charkviani is dead, unfortunately, though his music remains. He was said to have created a new type or wave of music. I am not sure how much of this is true, but at least he is something new.


ტრიო მანდილი - აპარეკა/The trio Mandili-Apareka


ტრიო მანდილი - მოხვალ მშვიდობით | Trio Mandili - Moxval Mshvidobit.


ლიზა ბაგრატიონი (Liza Bagrationi) — “Ganshoreba”

Music: Giya Kancheli  /  Lyrics: Peter Gruzinski

მხოლოდ დარდით,
მხოლოდ სევდით,
ასეთია ჩემი ბედი
· · · · ·
mkholod dardit’,
mkholod sevdit’,
aset’ia ch’emi bedi
· · · · ·
Only worry,
Only sorrow,
Such is my fate

  • Shunat
  • Nikakoi
  • Shentimental
Genre: Electronic Style: Illbient, IDM, Experimental
Year: 2003
Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi, Erast) is a georgian film director and an electronic musician. He did the soundtrack for the play “The Park” by Botho Strauß and makes music for fashion shows and for the TV. He is a member of the Goslab group.

Goslab, an artistic Georgian network that deals with different kinds of media such as film, video, art and music. As a film director every single part of Nikakoi’s extensive musical output is a little soundtrack : coherent pieces of electronic music with delicate melodic surprises, crispy breakbeats and astonishing pop voiceovers that create pleseant images of melancholic horizons and empty stepps inbetween the Kaukasian mountains, and hijack you phyisically to a foreign landscape.