Sukhishvili dancers | Rob Hurson 

Dancers from the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet company perform Samaia, a Georgian dance rooted in ancient pagan tradition that has come to represent the transformation of King Tamar, the legendary medieval ruler of the (Christian) kingdom of Georgia.

King Tamar, the first woman to rule that nation in her own right, is its most revered historical figure. She established a pan-Caucasian empire that stretched “from the Sea of Pontus to the Sea of Gurgan, from Speri to Derbend, and all the Hither and Thither Caucasus up to Khazaria and Scythia”—under her command, Georgia became a regional power capable of massive military movement. 

But Samaia is a delicate dance. Three women, clad in traditional medieval Georgian costumes, symbolize Tamar’s evolution: from innocent maiden to wise mother to powerful king.

Thou Art the Vineyard
  • Thou Art the Vineyard
  • Nana Peradze And The Harmony Choir

Sacred Georgian Chants  -  Thou Art the Vineyard

Nana Peradze And The Harmony Choir

Georgian folk music is predominantly vocal and is widely known for its rich traditions of vocal polyphony. It is widely accepted in contemporary musicology that polyphony in Georgian music predates the introduction of Christianity in Georgia at the beginning of the 4th century AD.


I am so in love with this country…. *Georgian dreams*


ნინო ბაშარული - ის ვაჟი

Nino Basharuli - Is Vaji (That Boy) // Georgian Song


ლიზა ბაგრატიონი (Liza Bagrationi) — “Ganshoreba”

Music: Giya Kancheli  /  Lyrics: Peter Gruzinski

მხოლოდ დარდით,
მხოლოდ სევდით,
ასეთია ჩემი ბედი
· · · · ·
mkholod dardit’,
mkholod sevdit’,
aset’ia ch’emi bedi
· · · · ·
Only worry,
Only sorrow,
Such is my fate

  • Shunat
  • Nikakoi
  • Shentimental
Genre: Electronic Style: Illbient, IDM, Experimental
Year: 2003
Nika Machaidze (Nikakoi, Erast) is a georgian film director and an electronic musician. He did the soundtrack for the play “The Park” by Botho Strauß and makes music for fashion shows and for the TV. He is a member of the Goslab group.

Goslab, an artistic Georgian network that deals with different kinds of media such as film, video, art and music. As a film director every single part of Nikakoi’s extensive musical output is a little soundtrack : coherent pieces of electronic music with delicate melodic surprises, crispy breakbeats and astonishing pop voiceovers that create pleseant images of melancholic horizons and empty stepps inbetween the Kaukasian mountains, and hijack you phyisically to a foreign landscape.

  • Lile
  • Supruli
  • Sacred Music Competition

Supruli Ensemble performing Lile at the These Sacred Voices Choir Competition, November 9th, 2013.

Trio: Carl Linich (top), Julia Read (middle), Andrew Broaddus (bass)


Top: Laura Stanley, Suzanne Clare, Willa Roberts

Middle: Kira Topik, Marina Kaganova, Pavi Mehta

Bass: Brian Dolphin, Charles Collins, Ezra Fischer, Ezra Halleck, Jay Longan, Jordan Lewis


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The Irwin Sisters by Robert Home

Both Irwin girls are accomplished- one embroiders while the other reads, seated at a piano forte. The paintings on the walls are unusually detailed- Did they have high-ranking relatives in the Army and the Navy? In any case, seems Robert Home specialized in painting Accomplished Young Ladies of the British contingent in India.

  • Listen

Earlier today, me and some friends got together and sang this.  I’ve sung it before, they haven’t.  It’s called Heya Moli, and it’s a Georgian Folk Song that translates to: 

Let’s say one or two words about your beauty.  I’m going to leave my mother and father and I’ll be yours, only yours.  Everyone’s satisfied, but you’re not happy.