georgian script

Georgian script

The Georgian script is a graphically independent alphabetic writing system used to write the Georgian language. It is a phonemic orthography and the current alphabet has 33 letters. The Georgian script can also be used to write other Kartvelian languages (Mingrelian, Svan, sometimes Laz), and occasionally other languages of the Caucasus such as Ossetian and Abkhaz during the 1940s. Historically Ingush,  Chechen and Avar languages[ were written in the Georgian script, later replaced in the 17th century by Arabic and by the Cyrillic script in modern times. The Georgian word ანბანი (anbani) meaning “alphabet” is derived from the names of the first two letters of the three Georgian alphabets, which, although they look very different from one another, share the same alphabetic order and letter names. The alphabets can be seen mixed in some context, although Georgian is formally unicameral meaning there is normally no distinction between upper and lower case in any of the alphabets.

A Year in Language, Day 146: Georgian

Georgian is a member of the Kartvelian family, which consists only of Georgian and it’s three sisters Svan, Mingrelian, and Laz, all of which are spoken primarily in the country of Georgia on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia.

Georgian allows for large consonant clusters at the start of words. While 2-3 are quite common its possible to compose words with as many as 8 as in “გვბრდღვნი/gvbrdghvni” which means “you tear us”. As you might be able to guess from that Georgian verbs agree with both the subject and the object of the verb, sometimes even two objects.

The Georgian script is called “მხედრული/Mkhedruli” which is pronounced with difficulty. The origin of the script is a mystery, no one know for sure where it came from. The earliest records come from the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE. It clearly based its word order on Greek, and borrows a few letters from the alphabet as well as Arabic.

that awkward moment when you go to draw and end up teaching yourself georgian script instead

I’ve actually got this on my keyboard just because I think it’s pretty.


That’s “hedgie” and you can see me writing it down in the bottom right (with way too many ჰ’s hahaha, it’s a funny character to write).