It’s been tricky but Girl Art is coming together!!

I’ve decided instead of doing one film featuring all the artists together, I am going to cut it up into a series of short films. I am currently working on two of these films: one featuring Robyn Nichol and Georgia Grace Gibson of @clandestinecollective, and one featuring Francesca Allen. 

I hope to get them finished soon (fingers crossed)

I’m up at 3:30 am for god knows what reasons and Georgia Gibson tweets about tattoo quotes she is torn between. I tweet to her expecting no reply because I am a regular American girl that has no contact with her what so ever. But when she does reply I nearly jump with happiness that someone of her amazing qualities and just energy and mind set was willing to reply. It made me feel like there is humanity in the world and that people that you put on a pedestal sometimes are just as normal as you.