Students hold sit in after an administrator allegedly confiscated a Black Lives Matter shirt.

On Friday, a massive group of students at North Springs High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia, staged a sit-in in the school’s main hall.

According to multiple Twitter users, and confirmed by the three seniors who planned the sit-in — Grant Showell, Nema Zayed and Sahkiya Olatunji — the peaceful protest was organized in under an hour in response to a white administrator confiscating Black Lives Matter shirts and calling the movement a “terrorist organization." But the school administration tried to excuse the apparent incident with a completely different story.

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A black cheerleader had bottles and racist slurs hurled at her during a Georgia football game

Officials from two universities in Georgia are reportedly investigating allegations of racist harassment against a cheerleader during a recent college football game.

A 22 year old GSU student was removed from the September 3 game between the two schools, after throwing a plastic bottle, which struck Sims in the face. 

He was not arrested.

He was not even arrested! WTF? He tried to harm another person! Or they do not consider a black girl as a human being? Or what? Why did another white bastard get away with his racist shit? I have only one answer to this question - this is what we call white privilege!

You can easily offend somebody and go unpunished if you are white….


Atlanta, Georgia sits at the crux of an alarming HIV/AIDS crisis, severely affecting the Black LGBT community. Only 73% of HIV+ people in Atlanta know their status. If you’re from the area, consider getting involved in any of the following ways:

  • Join the AIDS Walk Atlanta on October 16, 2016. You can volunteer or participate to support the event’s twenty-sixth year in raising much-needed funds for AIDS Service Organizations in the metro-Atlanta area.
  • Get a free HIV test here, here, here, or here. Encourage friends, partners, and other loved ones to do the same.
  • Volunteer at Someone Cares, a nonprofit which provides prevention education, interventions, advocacy, support services, counseling & testing, mental health, research, screening, treatment and primary care to marginalised LGBT groups. It’s also distinguished as the largest organisation to serve the trans community in the southeast.
  • Volunteer at AID Atlanta. Since 1982, they have provided a variety of services and resources to those living with HIV/AIDS. They have many tailored outreach programs, such as youth, Black gay/bisexual men, and for Black women, to name a few. You can also support AID Atlanta on facebook and twitter.

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Georgia judge tells trans man seeking name change to "pick a name I can live with"
Lambda Legal has filed a brief to urge the Georgia Appeals Court to grant a name change for a second transgender man from Augusta.
By Ben Billmyer & Lauren Hoar

For the second time, a court judge in Georgia has denied a transgender man’s petition for a legal name change because he didn’t approve of the name itself. 

Andrew Baumert is seeking to be legally called Andrew, the name his friends and family know him by. But Superior Court Judge David Roper denied his request, claiming that for Andrew to go by a traditionally male name would “confuse or mislead the general public.” 

The judge said he would have “approved a name he could live with … like Morgan, Shannon, Shaun and Jaimie.” And it gets worse:

“My policy is to allow someone who claims to be transgendering—and I’ve had them in various stages—my policy is to permit someone to change, in your case, from an obviously—what appears to me to be a female name to something that is gender–neutral,” Roper said, according to a hearing transcript that was posted on LAW.com.

“He addressed Baumert as ‘ma'am’ and suggested that Baumert might want to "rethink the name situation and come back to me with a name that I can live with,” that report stated.

In the other case, a transgender man named Rowan Feldhaus, who is a friend of Andrew’s, was denied a name change by the same judge for the same reason back in June. Lambda Legal is handling appeals of the judge’s decision for both the men. Send these two some good vibes, if you believe in that sort of thing, because to go through this is humiliating and demeaning. Oof.