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7 + 15 >:)

i just answered 15 in my last one but oh my god 7 is literally going to kill me just thinking about it goddamn it georgia jkhdkjas

7.) Who watches their partner get tortured and is helpless to do anything about it?

well, if we wanna go for canon here, technically hermann’s been doing just that for 10 years now. he’s been watching newt be tortured, trapped in his own mind, even if he had no idea, he was watching newt flat out suffering. i think in pacific rim 3 we’ll see more of this like, i have a feeling the precursors might do something physically to newt’s body to mess with hermann and also warn him off of trying to expel them. i’m really not ready for the suffering hermann is gonna have to go through too watching the love of his life just trapped inside his own head, and having the precursors at the wheel. 

so maybe i can switch this up and at some point newt would have to watch hermann being tortured. i think this would fuck him up so bad? like he’d vow revenge on whoever is hurting hermann, and he’d hate himself for being helpless in the situation, also be really distressed over the fact hermann is just being hurt. i think after it was over, hermann was saved and what not, newt would be overprotective of him, and coddle him and make sure nothing ever hurts him again sorry i need some fluff after that imagery in my head.


$140,000/5 br/2400 sq ft

Monticello, GA

It’s Cephalopod Week, a time of year that octopis a special place in our heart!

This common octopus in Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary is coming out of its hiding place to see what all the fuss is about. What’s your favorite sanctuary cephalopod? 

(Photo: Tim Henkel/Valdosta State University) 

[Image description: A reddish octopus peers out from behind a rocky ledge covered in encrusting invertebrates.]