Confederate Symbolism in the Flags of the American South

Thought I’d do a slightly different post today. There’s been a lot more awareness recently of what the Confederate flag truly represents, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s an odious symbol and I think it’s important for it to be removed from public life.

But with all the obvious examples of Confederate flags (your statehouses and bumper stickers and what have you) it can be easy to miss some of the deeper, more buried Confederate imagery lingering on in the South. Case in point, the state flags. Nearly all of the former Confederate states have flags that can be clearly traced back to the Civil War. Some are directly from the era and some are just based on flags from that era, but the Confederate connection is always pretty clear once you know what you’re looking for.

Would there even be a strong tradition of state flags anywhere in America if not for the Civil War? I’m honestly not sure. There were a handful of antebellum examples, but it was secession from the Union that prompted the creation of most of the earliest state flags. Would these states have seen a need to symbolically distance themselves from the federal government if they hadn’t been pursuing this white supremacist mission?


#672-Skiddo, The Mount Pokemon ***By Request for Anon***

Skiddo generally lives in mountainous areas, and especially forested mountainous areas. Skiddo is especially common in the Appalachians. This is probably because Skiddo is extremely fond of people, and these mountains have many people around. Skiddo is quite gentle, and it is said to be the very first Pokemon to live alongside humans. Through many years of being alongside humans, helping us carry things and such, they have gained the ability to sense the feelings of anyone who touches their horns.


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#673-Gogoat, The Mount Pokemon

Gogoat is most often found in the Appalachians. It is usually found in small herds, usually consisting of 5-10 Gogoat and Skiddo. For Gogoat to decide the leader they lock horns. Gogoat’s horns are so sensitive to feelings that it can communicate with the rider almost as if it had telepathy, and can take commands from the rider without them having to actually say the command out loud.


#260-Swampert, The Mudfish Pokemon ***By Request for Anon***

Swampert is one of the most powerful swimming Pokemon. It is king of the South when it comes to wild Pokemon, and normally always has first claims to territory in the regions it chooses. It can easily drag a boulder, weighing more than a ton, and it can swim faster than jet ski in the water, with its powerful legs. Along with this, it has very impressive vision, allowing it to see even in murky waters. Along with this, it has the ability to sense when a storm is coming, because its fins on its head are have evolved with it and can sense the most acute changes in air or tidal waves. Swampert will pile up boulders to protect its nests, which it will put in murky swamps, or beautiful beaches. 

Georgia-based photographer Peyton Fulford asked people all over the world to send her their most private thoughts, diary entries and text messages. She then turned these messages from Australia, Italy, the UK, and the USA, into banners and placed them on abandoned buildings throughout her hometown of Columbus, Georgia.

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