georgi girl

Please consider, in a yuri on ice sequel:

- A three year time skip from the first season, with a Yuri Plisetsky centered story: about he overcomes challenges and becomes a better skater. Also how he loves baking and has like a million cats
-Yurio and Otabek’s relationship gradually changing from friendship into a sweet, supportive romance

-Mila and Sala in a romantic relationship that gets proper lead up and development as well, and then they go into couples skating

-Michele not knowing whether to lose his shit or not

- Emil finally confesses that he’s liked Micky all along

-Phichit getting Seung Gil to smile

-Guang Hong and Leo being the cutest couple

-Chris managing not to cum on the ice and finds something/someone who helps him regain purity and goodness in his life

-Georgi finds a girl who totally gets and loves his overdramatic ass

-JJ finding some chill and becoming more humble

-Minako and Mari get together

-features cameos from Yuuri and Victor as Supportive Dads, who have been happily married for three years; both have become coaches who travel the world but spend their down time in Hasetsu