Thrillist created this hilarious map of what DC’s Metro stations are actually like. To see a more detailed version of the map click here

I tried to film during the 2 hour tour of Kaieteur Falls. I simply could not get the shot I wanted. It was too rushed. Too fast. Sometimes when I am filming I only have one chance to get the shot. However, most of the time I spend hours upon hours of filming. I remember one time in Uruguay, I was trying so hard to get a shot. I literally was filming for 8 hours in the blazing sun. The end result of that filming was a 1.2 second clip in the final product. But this teaches discipline. It is such a good exercise, mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Although it is not directly related to my Martial Arts training, shooting these films helps me a lot with developing my personal martial art.


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My mind is littered with faces and places I’ve been to for the past two months.

I don’t even dare look at my drafts folder anymore because there are too many unpublished posts waiting to be finished. I wish there were some other reason for all my backlogs, but I can’t find any. I always manage to come up with the perfect excuse to put off writing.

To recount, I have traveled around Myanmar, Bali, Malacca and Penang. My mother says I only remember to come home to Singapore when I run out of clean clothes to wear. I know better than to start an argument with my mother, but what she said isn’t entirely true. I have gone days wearing the same pair of soiled linen pants because the mere thought of going home makes me sick. Besides, hygiene isn’t exactly at the top of my priority list this summer.

There are too many people I want to introduce, too many books I want to recommend, too many dishes I can’t fully describe with words, too many photographs I forgot to take, too many places you have to see for yourself.

As for this blog, I’m still quite confused about the format and how to categorize the content. It seems to me that every post I have published lately has been a horrendous combination of word vomit and jpeg diarrhea. My apologies for that.

To end, I would like to extend my apologies to the people I haven’t replied to. I swear, it’s s sickness without a cure. I hope you get to read this and realize that your kind words bring me so much joy. Although, for your own sake, I hope you have better things to do than read my blog.

HELLLOOOO guess who’s finally done with high school and is officially on summer break??! YA GIRL ORGANIC SAMANTHA AAHHH 🍉🍉

These summer vibes got me feelin fresh and FREE! I’m sorry for having been inactive, I was going through a lot with figuring out college and summer plans bUT IT’S WORKED OUT NOW - I’m going to spend two weeks in Tamarindo, Costa Rica in July, and then I’ll matriculate at Georgetown University in DC in August *screams, cries* ! Feeling so independent now 🙌 omg I was nervous about growing up a few weeks ago but I’ve realized I just have to embrace it!

Life is exciting! WE ALL HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL WE JUST GOTTA SPREAD OUR WINGS AND HAVE FAITH IN OURSELVES so make this summer the best one yet! Oh and message me if you know of environmental organizations that I can work with near Tamarindo pleasseee! 💚