July 31st, 2015

Hi all! Since I live in Washington D.C., it’s a no brainer for me to visit Georgetown University. A protip for those who plan to visit: bring $5 in cash for the visitor parking fee!! Since I did not have $5 cash on me, it costed me 20 minutes to head to a nearby bank and go back, making me late to the information session. *sigh*

Anyhow, after the information session, the audience splits into three groups. A Gtown student leads each group. Voila! The tour begins. 

Overall Likes: Overlooking the Potomac River, the campus is beautiful. The location is also very safe. Living in DC myself, I know that Georgetown is a fun and safe place to be! The tour guide was also super friendly, funny, and didn’t hesitate from using teen slang. 

Overall Dislikes: Many places on campus were under construction, making it difficult to navigate around the school. But, I guess it’s reasonable since it’s the summer and they’re only trying to make the school a better place. Additionally, the information session was a bit dry. They talked extremely fast and it sounded like a recitation. 

If you have any questions, be sure to shoot me an ask! I would be delighted to answer them :)

P.S. This is personal but I’m dying over One Direction’s new single: Drag Me Down. Ahhh I love it so much.

Captured on video: Fresno trans woman stabbed; Guyanese trans woman shot in head

Captured on video: Fresno trans woman stabbed; Guyanese trans woman shot in head

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In Fresno, California, a trans woman was stabbed to death this week in an incident that was captured on surveillance video. Local transgender advocates say the victim is KC Haggard. Video shows that she was stabbed in the neck as she stood by the passenger side of a SUV talking to someone in the vehicle. The SUV drove off and Haggard staggered away. Her pleas for…

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I’ve lived in the Georgetown area for five years now, and yet still there are unexpected and beautiful details that catch my eye and that I haven’t ever noticed before. Like a lime green door, accented by a pink wreath, on P Street. Every season here is so pretty in its own way, I can never decide which is my favorite.

George Washington University no longer requests SAT or ACT for admission

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HELLLOOOO guess who’s finally done with high school and is officially on summer break??! YA GIRL ORGANIC SAMANTHA AAHHH 🍉🍉

These summer vibes got me feelin fresh and FREE! I’m sorry for having been inactive, I was going through a lot with figuring out college and summer plans bUT IT’S WORKED OUT NOW - I’m going to spend two weeks in Tamarindo, Costa Rica in July, and then I’ll matriculate at Georgetown University in DC in August *screams, cries* ! Feeling so independent now 🙌 omg I was nervous about growing up a few weeks ago but I’ve realized I just have to embrace it!

Life is exciting! WE ALL HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL WE JUST GOTTA SPREAD OUR WINGS AND HAVE FAITH IN OURSELVES so make this summer the best one yet! Oh and message me if you know of environmental organizations that I can work with near Tamarindo pleasseee! 💚

Transgender Woman Nephi Luthers Murdered In Georgetown Guyana

Whilst still mourning the death of one transgender women from Florida, India Clarke, the transgender community was hit with another blow when mere hours later a second transgender woman was reported killed, this time in Georgetown, Guyana.

The Guyana Transgender United Group broke the news on Wednesday that Nephi Luthers was killed whilst involved in a discussion with a man in the heart of the capital.  Nephi, a sex worker, was speaking to one of her clients when the man pulled out a gun and shot Nephi in the head.

Despite the quick response from her fiends and colleagues who rushed her to the nearest hospital Nephi was pronounced dead upon arrival.

As of yet reports are that no members of Nephi’s family have come forwards to claim her body.

As is so often in cases of transgender murder the media are reporting Nephi’s case with little to no regard for who she was, or even common decency.  Media outlets are using her birth name and male pronouns to identify her, and bringing her character into judgement because of the line of work she was in.

A woman was murdered in the street, killed like an animal and once again the media is trying to turn a heinous crime into a judgement on the victim.  It was her fault for dressing as a female, it was her fault for engaging in sex work, she put herself in that danger.

I’m sorry, but no.  No.  Nephi’s death was not ‘her fault’, if the media wants to blame anyone then blame the monster who killed her in cold blood.  Stop blaming the victims.  Stop dehumanising trans women.  Treat these women with a little common decency.  #HerNameWasNephi

Rest in peace Nephi.


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