The final burden.

While in Oregon, I picked on George for not being able to handle dairy. Strangely enough my stomach was very sensitive to food and I kept getting really ill or had no appetite almost every time I ate something. We figured that I was probably just anxious or stomach sick.

Then we realized I had only really felt ill after eating something that contained dairy: Mac and Cheese, icecream, a cheeseburger, chili topped with cheese and sour cream, and a whole mess of other things. The only times I didn’t feel ill were when I had food without dairy in it like ramen and bahn mi.

After many small burdens, I was finally gifted the ultimate burden of them all: Lactose Intolerance.

Thanks, George >: (

I’ll be reuploading this comic later when I add shading and what not, but I wanted to go ahead and post it now. My flight’s about to board, so that’s all from me for now!

Along with working on Monsterkind, I’ve been balancing commissions and my part time job as a cashier.

This is actually a very late commission for a one George Rohac, who is very understanding of the delay and doesn’t still want to kill meeee(?) 8)

I have to admit the mystery behind these characters and the vagueness of this commission was a challenge. I hope that you like it though, George. Thanks for being so patient with me- and ruining my furaffinity cred :’(

alfalfascouting asked:

the question "how is your hair so awesome" was not in your faq. is this not frequently asked. because if not. it needs to change.

AH… Thank you!! I don’t get asked that very often, but that’s very nice of you!


The way my hair sits is actually from a natural cowlick! This part of my hair naturally sticks up, and it actually takes a good bit of styling and effort to keep it down, when it’s short enough.

I could style it for a good while and it’ll look a certain way, but once I go to bed, I wake up with this little guy hanging out again. Maybe it’s the way I sleep.

Everyone who’s said anything thinks it’s very cute and very cartoony. Of course, there’s always folks like George, who seems to like it much better than any style I put it into…

—End Hairtalk—