+7 Swift Fans at your door.

[C]; Ciara sighed, “OK now it’s getting old..” She said looking at them. “Taylor! Come see the people at the door! I told all of you that people would follow us here and guess what not a single one of you listened!” She rambled as she walked away from the still opened front door.

[T]; Taylor ran to the front door sighing, “Ciara Quinn what did I tell you? I strictly told you to not answer the door while you were in this mood and you answer it. Go do something that will get you out of this mood I hate it!” Taylor called in the direction her sister left, she rolled her eyes and looked at the people at the front door. “Sorry.. I don’t know why she’s acting like this.. Taylor Swift, and you are?”

This had been quite an eventful day.

First a piece of paper sticking to her face, then she ran around the entire city chasing the same piece of paper, and then she met him…

George, he was sitting next to her now, telling her stories, and making her laugh. Even now she covered her mouth to giggle. She wished she could see more of him. All she could see was black hair.. Grey skin.. And white teeth.

The silly rule, not being able to see true colors until you touched your soul mate. Skin on skin, and every fine she accidentally bumped into him, it was just their shoulders, which were dressed with a work suit or a blouse.

She didn’t pay much attention to that now, as he continued with his story, at least she could hear his true voice and laugh.