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The scene from the next Phrack kiss?

Our beloved “Ultimate Dynamic Duo” only locked lips twice in the last three seasons. One is the “line of duty” kiss in Murder in Montparnasse, and the other is the “Come after me” romantic overture kiss in Death Do Us Part. When I saw this cover on Pinterest, my mind immediately wandered to Phryne and Jack. In the movies/S4, I want this to happen to them, the snowy backdrop, the matching skiing outfits (vast improvement from Murder under the Mistletoe, especially for Jack), and the steaming passion with her hand wrapping around his neck and his hand tightly surrounding hers.


Vintage art (via Pinterest): Illustration by George Leonnec For La Vie Parisienne December 1927 (with some editing by me to add the snowflakes)

(Posted 23-Jul-2017)