georges washington de la fayette

Everyone Lafayette talked to advised him to stay with Washington. “I am more than ever puzzled, my dear general, to know what to do,” he wrote. “I also candidly confess that private affection for you makes me hate the idea of leaving the man I love the most in the world to seek for uncertainties at a period when he may want me.”

Adopted Son by David A. Clary

Left, Right (Philip Hamilton x Reader)

Word Count: 1562  Request/Summary: 2, 7, and 9 with Philip Hamilton?- I think this was anon, sorry, I didn’t write it down. Prompt list AU: College Warnings: Mentions and thorough description of anxiety/anxiety attacks, cussing, yelling/fighting/arguing

A/N- So I have been through the kind of situation I wrote out here, I did my best to describe it, but you know, when you’re in that state, everything just becomes a blur of I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to feel this. Ggghhh, anyway, sorry this is short. As usual, @whatdimissmotherfuckers​ helped me with the french, thank you Ruby. Sorry if the spacing and shit is weird, I’m messing with my formatting so it’ll be weird for a bit. On that note, let us roll.

“What are you even saying?” You nearly yelled at your classmate. “I’m just saying that the planty like taste of tea is far superior to the bitter rock taste of coffee!” He shouted back. “Planty taste?” You raised your eyebrows. “You make it sound like you’re drinking a salad! Which does not sound appealing!”

“People make smoothies out of salads all the time!” He argued back. “You know what, let me count how many fucks I give, one, tw- oh shit they all flew away.” You sneered.

“Hamilton. L/N. Quit shouting at each other about whatever it is this time and sit down. I have a class to teach.” Your teacher groaned, entering the room before Philip could reply. “We’re not done.” You growled, angrily moving to sit next to Theo. You flipped off Philip as he sat down with Georges.

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“Every mark of friendship I receive from you adds to my happiness as I love you with all the sincerity and warmth of my heart, and the sentiments I feel for you goes to the very extent of my affections”

Marquis de Lafayette to George Washington

special delivery | lafayette x reader

Prompt: Lafayette x reader wherein the reader is the daughter of an American general during the Revolution and has Lafayette’s baby as a nurse in one of the camps? — @swtc4ndy

female reader; hamiltime; 884 words

You were miserable and missed your husband. Being nine months pregnant was difficult in itself but being in a such a state while a nurse for the Continental Army was pushing your limits. Your father, General Washington, and your husband, the Marquis de La Fayette were insistent in you quitting and taking a break in order to get some rest before the birth of your child. But, as hard as they tried to convince you, they deferred to your better judgment as you knew your body and they trusted you to take care of yourself. (Well, in reality, your father was constantly worried about you and frequently sent his assistant— and good friend of your husband, Alexander Hamilton— to see how you were doing whenever they were not out on the battlefield.)
Today was one of the roughest days you’d experienced in your time on duty. Your back was aching, your feet were dead, your head was killing you, your dress felt too small, and to top it all off you hadn’t seen your husband in two days despite living in the same camp— in fact, your father had made arrangements for him to stay in the tent with the two of you. But with the ongoing war your husband was needed to work out intricate details regarding the allied French involvement to achieve victory. But you persisted in your duties nevertheless.
You were doing rounds of the wounded soldiers, tending to their bandages, when you felt an intense twinge of pain in your nether-regions. You dropped the gauze you were wrapping around a wounded private’s leg, causing him to mutter a swear at you. You ignored the pain and continued with your work, apologizing to your patient. It was only a few minutes before you felt another pain and quickly turned around to mask your gasp from the gentleman in front of you. You curtly finished with the task at hand and retreated back to the nurse’s tent to sit for a moment. As you rested on a cot and another wave of pain hit, you realized that this meant your baby was coming— and soon.
You weakly called out to one of the other nurses to assist you in your medical duties while another went to set up supplies for the impeding delivery. Although you were not the head nurse in the camp, you were given a good deal of respect because of your father, the General, and therefore it would be all-hands-on-deck to help you with the delivery. You laid back on the cot, fearful and alone. Luckily, your father’s assistant came in to the tent just then to check up on you. He was, to put it lightly, shocked to see you in such a state and rushed off to get your father and to find your husband so that they could both be by your side at this important moment in your life.
Unfortunately, Lafayette was still on his way back from delivering a message to a nearby fort. You were upset to hear that he might not make it back in time, but once your father entered the tent, you relaxed some to see him. (Though everyone else became tense as they did not want to slip up in front of the General.) Your father pretended not to understand the phrases you were yelling as you pushed your child out, as they contained intense curses toward Lafayette. He simply held your hand as you squeezed his and muttered under his breath that he would make his lieutenant general pay for the pain he caused his beloved daughter. Before long you heard the screams not of your own voice, but of your newborn child. You began to cry as he was passed to you to hold. Your father couldn’t help but beam— he was a grandfather.
On the other side of the camp, a tired Lafayette was being informed of your situation by Hamilton. He left his friend in a tizzy, heading straight for the nurses’ tent. He was frightened that you might die of the pain or that something may have happened to your baby even though he knew the camp’s nurses were some of the best in the Continental Army. He tore through the tent, coming to a halt at your cot, all the while yelling “Mon amour! Mon amour! Je suis ici pour tu!”
When he saw the bundle on your chest, tears began to stream down his face. Part of him was deeply upset that he had not been there for you in your time of need, but the other part of him was screaming with joy that your child had been safely delivered in to the world. “I am a father!” he shouted to his father-in-law, who chuckled, his own eyes glistening.
You were oblivious to the goings-on around you: you were content to focus your attention on your new baby. Finally you noticed your husband. “Gilbert! Look!” you held your baby up so he could better see him. “What should we name him?”
Lafayette smiled proudly at his newborn. “Let us name him after your father— Georges Washington de La Fayette, non?”
You glanced over at your father, who seemed genuinely surprised at the idea. “Oui.“

Maybe that’s the problem


Word count: 2939

Summary: You go to one of philip hamiltons famous parties, and next thing you know, you wake up in his house. shit happens.

Au: Highschool Au

Pairing: Philip x Reader

Warning:  Uh. French, mentions of sex??? but really just. the word, underage drinking/smoking (dont do drugs kids) i think thats it.
Note:good god guys, I really loved writing this. Also, I always think of so much to say in the notes when i’m actually writing, but now i forgot all of it. No proofreading, we die like men. I love Georges, anyone wanna see a georges fic?  AND Want this to be a multipart fic???? And yeah. I listened to Initiation from The Weeknd, so i recommend you do to. Even if it doesn’t have much to do with the story YET.  And georges is sleeping with philip, im sure. (you will understand later) Enjoy. Thats it. Also thanks to @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines for helping me with the name so philips generation. Check her out guys. She hella cool. Done. Oh. @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky wanted to be tagged. okay im out.

“You’ve never been to a Hamilton-Party?!”

You couldn’t help but giggle at your friend Abigail, her eyes were widened in shock. “I’ve already told you a thousand times I’ve never been to any parties, Nabby”, you reminded her, before taking a seat next to the girl. Abigail lifted her shoulders, giving you a shrug. “Yeah, but the ones at Hamiltons’ are different. I didn’t know you meant those too”, she alleged, plunking down into the chair. Raising an eyebrow in amusement, you explained yourself. “I told you my parents are trying to prevent me from underage drinking at all costs. How was I supposed to find a way to go there anyways?” Your words made your friend twist her mouth. “Hmm”, she hummed, hesitating. She seemed to be contemplating something, which made you curious in an instant. “What are you thinking about?”, you asked her, shifting around in your seat. “Oh nothing”, Abigail informed you, as a wide smile began spreading across her face, “I was just wondering what I should borrow you for tonight! We’re gonna pay the Hamilton Estate a visit!” Reluctant, you crossed your arms. “I don’t know. I mean, I’m not even invited. And if my parents would find out…”, you didn’t even bother to finish your sentence. Your parents were horribly strict and it already took you almost a week to persuade them to let you stay overnight at Abigail’s home. “Come on, don’t be such a party pooper! I’ll be with you, and it’ll be fun. Trust me!”, she reassured you, grabbing your shoulder. “Nobody will find out! And you don’t need an invitation! Everybody can go. Okay? Are you with me?” A deep sigh escaped your throat, before you slowly nodded. “I’m not gonna regret this, am I?”, you joked, but all you received was a shrug, before Abigail left the room.

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The Georges

The other day I found out that Lafayette named his only son after George Washington. Georges Washington de La Fayette. This immediately became my new favorite fact.

It also led me on a search to find out if there were other founding family members named after other important people of the time. The highest concentration of this seems to be in the Jefferson family. Thomas Jefferson’s daughter was apparently named both after her own mother and after Martha Washington. Martha Randolph, among her other kids, had three sons named James Madison Randolph, Benjamin Franklin Randolph, and Meriwether Lewis Randolph (born a year after Meriwether Lewis died). One of Sally Hemings’s sons was also named James Madison, so I guess he was a pretty popular guy at the Jefferson house.

I went down the wikipedia rabbit hole for the Washington household and discovered a wonderful possibility. Bear with me here.

Martha Washington had four kids with her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis. One of these kids, John Parke Custis, lived to marry and have kids. He married Eleanor Calvert, had seven kids with her (four of which survived), and then died in 1781. Eleanor kept her two older kids with her and remarried, going on to have 16 more kids (yikes).

The younger two were adopted by George and Martha. Eleanor Parke Custis was 2 and George Washington Parke Custis was only a few months old.

So now we have two George Washingtons living in the same house. Apparently the younger George was nicknamed ‘Wash’.

Fast forward a few years. The Reign of Terror is happening in France, and it’s bad news for the Lafayette family. Many are imprisoned, a few are killed. Little Georges manages to avoid all this. He goes to America to attend Harvard in 1795, and stays there for two years. While he’s there, he’s a house guest in the Washington household, both in Philadelphia and at Mount Vernon.

In 1795, George Custis was 14. He went to school in Philadelphia for some amount of time. Which means that at any given time between 1795 and 1797, there could have been THREE GEORGE WASHINGTONS in the SAME HOUSE. None of which were biologically related.

I am delighted by this possibility.

“Lafayette’s simple decency set him apart from other European officers who had invaded the Continental Army, he had got along even with them. De Kalb acknowledged that when he complained about the bickering among French officers. "These people,” he raged, “think of nothing but their incessant intrigues and black-biting… La Fayette is the sole exception… La Fayette is much liked, he is in the best of terms with Washington.”

Adopted Son by David A. Clary -Page 109-