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Olivia and George Harrison, 2001. Photo: PA.

“‘What’s Christina doing, does she still have her relief organization for the Sioux?’ George knew about the problems of the Native Americans in the USA. Olivia’s brother worked as a teacher with the Navajo and both knew about the catastrophic conditions in the Indian reservations.

‘Yes, it seems to be something like her destiny in life.’

George nodded. 'Yes, that happens to some people, they can’t do anything else then. Actually, every one of us has a role to fulfill on this planet, but only a few people know that. Most think that we’re only here to get a lot of money very quickly and to walk on the sunny side of the street. What Christina is doing surely isn’t easy but it’s admirable. Where does the money for the project work come from?’

I was always amazed by how deeply George delved into a subject when he was interested in it. I told him about the momentary problems in getting enough money, and that Christina wanted to go the reservations in four weeks with a team of experts to build another building for the youth. I told him that the Indians grow industrial hemp.

George chuckled. 'You don’t mean the kind you smoke, do you?’

He knew exactly that I meant that kind. We talked about how much one can make with this environmentally friendly material: clothing, building materials, paper. When I told him the story about how the FBI had mowed down the fields a few days prior to the harvest the summer before, he couldn’t believe it. 'That’s impossible. I thought the reservations were not connected to them. The DEA and the FBI shouldn’t be mowing anything down?’ Unjust things could drive him crazy.

'Yes, and that’s why she wants to insulate this youth building with hash. In Germany, near Karlsruhe, there is a company that makes finished hemp mats. They would donate all the material, but the organization is lacking money for the transport.’

'How much?’ asked George.

'We have an offer from a moving company. Around five thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money, but it has a symbolic value to the Indians, to show what would be possible if the fields were left to them.’

'Call Christina. She should fax me the offer. I have some good contacts to English moving companies. Maybe I can help you and get a better offer.’

I called Christina right away and she was of course elated. Any cheaper offer would be more than welcome.

When I arrived home, Christina already greeted me with a huge smile on her face. What had happened? Christina had, as discussed, faxed the offer to George. Two hours later, his assistant called with the request to be sent to bank account number of Christina’s organization Lakota Village Fund.

'George wants to pay for the shipping costs.’

'But he only wanted to find a cheaper moving service for us?’ Christina was speechless.

'I don’t know anything about that. He told me to send over the money for the shipping right away. Good luck, Christina.’

Well, that was George. And not just him, that’s how all the four members of the Beatles have always been. They help and support things which the public doesn’t even know about.” - Klaus Voormann on a conversation with George in 2001, translated from Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John? (a lengthier excerpt from this occasion has previously been posted at thateventuality here)

George Washington is going home

Happy birthday to America’s first president! And Christopher Jackson puts up such an amazing performance day after day, he really brought him to life for me. So this is only fitting :)

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Longview Morning Herald, Texas, December 2, 1952

“My wife and I racked our brains after we found out about this, trying to figure out if he - I mean she - had violated any of God’s laws or any of the laws of our country.

She hasn’t. She has just straightened out something that hundreds of others ought to.”

“I think it is quite natural that persons to whom nature has been unjust should be treated in this way. Many more persons should overcome their shyness and do the same.”

Rare photo of George Harrison and John Lennon outside the BBC in London, 1963. Photo © unknown.

“[George] had so much respect for John. And he always treated me with so much sweetness. I think he understood real love, deep love, more than the others. Professionally, I always remember how serious he was… how determined he was to make sure that I received the creative credit I deserved. George was a sweet man, who, despite reflections on him by others, was really the least complicated of the Beatles… at least to me.” - Astrid Kirchherr, When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]

It was not as publicized, and I doubt people tumblr is talking much about it. Rest In Peace George S Irving, the man who had a long career of film, television and stage. He might be best known to some of you as The Heat Miser in the 1975 Rankin Bass stop motion movie The Year Without A Santa Claus. he is also known for narrating the audio books for Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, among many other things. George was 94 and will be sorely missed.