georges desvallières

doesn’t matter what fandom i’m in. nothing will ever top george blagden posting a video to youtube singing ‘i’ll follow you into the dark’ and changing a verse to be from grantaire’s point of view about enjolras

nothing will ever top george admitting to us that he played grantaire as helplessly in love with enjolras the whole movie and told NO ONE because that’s how it should be

nothing. nothing will ever top this. nothing will ever top george blagden. 


TURИ: What if George Washington definitely told bad dad jokes


L'uomo è l'unica creatura che consuma senza produrre. Egli non dà latte, non fa uova, è troppo debole per tirare l'aratro, non può correre abbastanza velocemente per prendere conigli. E tuttavia è il re di tutti gli animali.
—  La fattoria degli animali, George Orwell

Absolutely no excuses should be made for photographers harassing and stalking children, royal or not, because it’s appallingHOWEVER, you can’t issue this sort of letter while also staging your own pap strolls every now and then when it’s convenient for you. William and Catherine draw a line – which I think is completely fair and I think their concerns are very legitimate – but then they have to also stick to it themselves. They can’t allow for some arranged photo ops and then throw hissy fits when the press thinks it’s a free for all, it simply does not work that way.