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One for the Road:

one for the road - arctic monkeys // king city - swim deep // midnight city - M83 // best day of my life - american authors // budapest - george ezra // kids - MGMT // one way trigger - the strokes // light me up - birdy // she changes the weather - swim deep // 500 miles - the proclaimers // bloodshake - PEACE // the city - the 1975 // ready to start - arcade fire // naive - the kooks // go slow - haim //

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   Well the first three arcades I visited weren’t a total waste; I got to play some Galaga, Ms. Pacman, and Addam’s Family Pinball as well as some After Burner; All of which are most likely the same games I played when I was a kid visiting the area with my parents on summer holiday. I couldn’t believe they still had the electric shock machine at the second arcade on the strip. I played a quick round of Time Crisis 3 here, also.

   A third, newer arcade had popped up with a small carnival ride outside of it; the games inside weren’t too spectacular, just more Galaga and Ms. Pacman - but I did pump some quarters into The House of the Dead. Everything else was Deal or No Deal, Nascar, and Buck Hunter; along with tons of coin dropping games, claw machines, and other junk.

   The last game center I stopped at had an interior and exterior go-kart track, paintball range, laser tag area, and bumper cars. Here too was more lame Deal or No Deal games, Nascar, etc, which was very sad. I did however come across Space Invaders and tucked way in back was Atari’s Return of the Jedi - which was unfortunately broken. Though I am glad places like this are still around, it’s just more of a reminder that arcades are dead. I had a great time, but I was hoping for something more. If you have an actual good arcade in your area, please support it!