So I found this V&V picture and what makes is fEELS TO THE MAX is like Ryan in the background this is in UNEXXEPTABLE CONDITIOOON #lemomgrab #omgwut #brendonurie #brendonboydurie #breadboxuruguay #ryanross #georgeryanross #spencersmith #spencerjamessmith #panicatthedisco #patd #panicfamily #bmd

I’m sorry guys. But in my opinion, let’s just leave Ryan Ross alone and support him with his decisions in life. I mean, im dying to get him and Jon back to Panic ofcourse, I’d love to see him play again and all, that’s what i’ve always hoped for and forever I will. But please, let’s not force him into something that’ll make his life miserable. None of us know what he really wants and doesn’t want; none of us know if he still wants to write music or he just don’t wanna do it anymore, none of know if he’s still happy about it or not. Let’s just trust him everyone. Who knows? maybe he’ll come up with something in the future, that’ll be even better than what we are all desperate about now. I mean come on guys, he’s the great Ryan Ross! Ryan fvcking Ross! what could possibly go wrong, right?