Later today...CRATER LAKE!!!! :D

Just killing time before the bank opens, so using some free wifi I stumbled upon to check the webs.

When I get money, it’s gas, find a day area at a campsite, make a fire, cook hotdogs for breakfast then head up to crater lake! I suggest you gooogle it if you don’t know what it is, it will blow your mind!

Then it is Klamath falls to meet a fellow tumblr :D

Slept in my truck last night, really need to sort out an air bed or something as it was mighty uncomfortable! I also need to clean it inside and sort all my shot out. Looks like a teenagers bedroom sans posters of The backstreet boys or whoever is cool with the kids these days :P

I’m in a place called sutherlin, between crater lake and the coast, tiny little town, not much going on. It is a far more unattractive view than that of the 101 down the coast, that was simply breathtaking! I had a baby deer run out in front of my car, them I stopped to look and the baby and mother were just stood by my car staring at me :) I WA the only one on the road, it was like that scene in stand by me when he is on the train tracks, only I had a digital camera and will tell everyone :P

Have lost my rockwerchter cap, my only cap, so now I need to sort my hair out every day grrr!

And that, strange assortment of thoughts, is all for now.

Love love xx

Definitely just got myself a free night in a motel :D

After camping across yosemite, sleeping on floors and in my truck, I am finally in a bed, a double bed! With air con, a hot shower, fresh towels, free wifi…

This is like luxury right now!

In a town called Beatty about 100 miles north of Vegas, with a population of just 700, there where twice as many in my school! Haha!

I’m in a secret “not allowed to rent out in case a government official needs Roseau in town” room! One rule, not allowed to tell the boss! Haha! Win win win!

Tomorrow I head to Vegas, bright lights, money and ghettos :P meeting a fellow tumblr tomorrow evening who will hopefully show me a: the sights and b: somewhere safe to stay! I hear Vegas is pretty dodgy at night :/
My plan originally was to stay in my car but I have been advised against it. Worst case scenario, there are a couple of local tent sites, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have to pay :(

Well, that’s all for me, guess I’ll head to bed, that big comfy double bed I was telling you about :P

Night yo!