Day 8

Today, after breakfast in downtown Olympia, we walked through a forrest to get to a little beach, walked around olympia and had dinner in a bar and restaurant that brew there own beer! The fishbowl is what the locals call it :) I am now getting ready to go to a friends lakeside house for a midnight boat trip onto the lake, with swimming under the stars and kayaking! AMAZING! 

Tomorrow I head for State number 2 and my roadtrip really starts to pick up pace! Portland, Oregon here i come! 


The 3 main chandeliers in the Washington State Capitol Building are worth more today than it cost to build the entire building! (over $7m) They’re Tiffany, and the largest weighs over 1 tonne, and can fit a vw beetle inside it! :O 

The tour was really interesting, and i think im going to try and visit more state capitol building on my trip :)