Max George will be on Bear Grylls’ Mission Survive a new six-part series for ITV.

Max George - singer, actor 

Phobias: No. I don’t fear anything
Previous experience of outdoors camping: A little bit of camping with my mates and fishing by the river
Toughest challenge: I loved all the challenges
Missed most: What I miss now are all the wonderful crew and jungle buddies!
Best survival tips you learnt: Don’t over think. Whether it is eating live animals or drinking your own wee, just do it 
Why did you want to sign up for this?I thought it would be a lot of fun – especially all the outdoor activities. I have always been a Bear Grylls fan. For me, doing this was an absolute no brainer. I really do respect Bear, I watch his show, I’ve watched his DVDs and I love what he does. I find him entertaining and I wanted to have a go. [x]