Hey everyone! I made a little something for you all!!

Each month (sorry to begin in May) you will be able to download a pretty calendar for your desktop to have a nice pretty touch of the 18th Century as a background ;)

You can download the calendar in two sizes (just clic the size you’ll need): 1280x1024 or 1920x1080

Do you like it? Do you think I should make other sizes? Let me know! And when you download it, it would be awesome if you submit a screen shot of your desktop with the calendar <3

Woman Crush Wednesday: We love good eighteenth-century gossip. Emma Hart, a beautiful woman of modest means, gained fame through her liaisons with English aristocrats. While married to Sir William Hamilton, British envoy to Naples, she openly carried on a stormy romance with the naval hero Admiral Lord Nelson. In her youth, she was one of artist George Romney’s favorite models.

Portrait of Emma Hart (later Lady Hamilton) as Miranda,” 1785 or 1786, George Romney