Okay let’s talk about this painting. It’s called “Signing of the Constitution” by Howard Chandler Christy.

Let’s start with good old George Washington.

He’s staring dramatically into the distance with this heavenly glow thing going on.

William Blount is just looking longingly at Washington, like he’s desperate to confess his love.

Then Gunning Bedford, Jr. is down here on the floor like a weirdo.

George Read looks like he shit his pants and doesn’t know what to do.

Gouverneur Morris looks pissed. Also, it’s important that you know that Gouverneur was his first name, not his title.

William Jackson is obviously just asking for another drink. He can’t be bothered to pay attention to this historic event.

Roger Sherman is giving William Samuel Johnson some serious side-eye. Throwing some shade ‘bout some shit.

And my personal favorite: Ben Franklin looking directly at the camera like he’s Jim from The Office.

Probably because fucking Alexander Hamilton is all up in his personal space.

I have been reading George Reynolds on the Plane.

A small thought on reading George W M Reynolds’ Wagner the Wehr-Wolf on a plane.

It was obvious, just as it was open to no doubt, no kind of doubt at all, oh reader, that the person, the fine, good hearted gentleman who had written this story, a man with the frosty hair of too many winters yet still with the apple-cheeked demeanour of a lad of no more than thirteen summers,  a lad ready to clamber out on a spring morning his pockets filled with marbles, aye and perchance even stuffed with several of the miniature animals that comprise a Noah’s Ark as well: this individual of whom I speak, this person and this noble, fusty elderly and yet young person alone, was, there was no arguing with it or saying that it was not happening, for it was, it was and none could deny it with an honest heart and a clear conscience: this man and no other, I tell you, was being paid, recompensed and otherwise compensated by the word.


Currently (re-)reading: Edward W. Said, Orientalism
George Orwell, Essays
Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth

Summer reading. I’m re-reading Orientalism before I read Covering Islam. I’ve never read Fanon before so I’m looking forward to that. And a little Orwell is always good.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Aaron Tveit and George Blagden both read passages of the brick to enrich their interpretations in Les Misérables, and where George Blagden noticed Grantaire's adoration for Enjolras, Aaron Tveit mainly picked up on Enjolras' charisma, fervor and faith in the rebellion. That's very flavour of meta and i don't know how to deal with it please send help


Here’s a summer survival guide, 10 ways to relax during the era of Trump.

1.  Take a day off from the news, one day a week.

 2.  Don’t get into an argument with a Trump supporter, especially if it’s a member of your family. Remember, there are more independents and non-voters than Trump Republicans. And the 2018 midterm election will be won on the basis of turnout.

3.  Pay no attention to Trump’s tweets. They’re becoming increasingly bizarre and irrelevant.

4.  Watch an old movie of biting political satire, like “Wag the Dog.”

5.  But don’t watch “Doctor Strangelove.

6.  Join an Indivisible group near you and take action with them, attending a congressional town meeting and organizing others to contact your members of congress. It’s having an effect. Plus, it’s therapeutic.  

7.  Drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise. Helps with the anger.

8.  Read good books of fiction, like Harry Potter. Don’t read George Orwell’s “1984” or Sinclair Lewis’s “It Can’t Happen Here” or Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America.”

9.  Go to a county fair with your kids, and watch the pigs.

10. Have a cookout with your neighbors and see what resources you yourselves can offer to your community. Start a tool collective or teach a class in a library or out of someone’s house. Tangible change can come from your hands, not only your votes. Remember, resistance works best when people come together and work together.         

Have a great summer!


-George Saunders


“He wanted her to sense the boundless possibilities offered by books. They would always be enough. They would never stop loving their readers. They were a fixed point in an otherwise unpredictable world. In life. In love. After death.”
The Little Paris Bookshop by  Nina George

Just started reading this delightful book this afternoon, and I am loving it so far. I love books that are about loving books :)

بعد معاشرة أول عشرة كتب ستشعر أنك أفهم شخص في الدنيا، وأنك قادر على مواجهة أي فيلسوف أو خبير !!
بعد خمسين كتابا ستبدأ التدخين، ستعشق الروتين والقهوة، وستختار الطاولات المنعزلة في المقاهي !!
بعد مئتي كتاب ستميز بين الكتب الجيدة والكتب الرديئة .. ستحمل قلما وتكتب الملاحظات ولو على جلدك، أو ربما ستشتري دفترا للملاحظات وحقيبة جلدية ونظارات سميكة أشبه بنظارات الطبيب. على كل حال ستصبح هادئا جدا !!
بعد مئتين وخمسين كتابا ستعتزل الناس أكثر.. لن تعجبك الأغاني الدارجة أو البرامج المنتشرة، ستعيش في عالمك الخاص، وستبحث مثل المجنون عن مجنون يشبهك !!
بعد ثلاث مئة وخمسين كتابا ستشعر كم كنت غبيا في الماضي، وستشعر كم أصبحت أغبى لأنك مازلت لا تعرف إلا القليل !!
بعد أربع مئة كتاب ستشعر بنبض قلبك الزائد، وتعشق أمرأة مثلك، لربما ستجدها في المكتبة العامة أو في المتحف الوطني، أو تراها تائهة بين أحضان كتاب !!
بعد خمس مئة كتاب ستنظر نفسك في المرآة وتحس بنرجسية مفرطة، فتبدأ في الكتابة وتلك قصة أخرى..
اللوحة اسمها : Georges lemmen / man reading

The GRRM Approved Fanfic of Winds of Winters and Dream of Spring to Cure Your DnD & GoT Nihilist Rage Post-Season 7

So we all know that George has a dim view of fanfiction. But a friend of his emailed him the lovely fic by @qqueenofhades, The North Remembers, which starts off at the end of Dance of Dragons and completes the series. And not only did George read it, he said it utterly captivated him and he couldn’t put it down.

With the current shade George is giving Dave and Dan and Game of Thrones, it is safe to assume that this fanfiction is more in line with George’s vision than the expensive, timid, convoluted and fan-servicing fanfiction we are currently watching.

So, read your hearts out and long live fanfiction.

Studying? [Roman Godfrey x Reader Smut]

A/N: Finals are coming up! Here’s a little distraction for you all. 

Warnings: Smut, sexting, masturbation, slight daddy kink, a little blood. 

Originally posted by romangodfreygifs

Your phone buzzes off in your pocket.

You try to ignore it, as studying is a painful priority right now– with a six class term load this semester, finals were officially going to be your cause of death if you didn’t dedicate yourself properly. Your phone buzzes again, and you let out a frustrated noise. You had told Peter you were busy studying all evening, so you knew it wouldn’t be him– he was actually respectful when you told him you were occupied with something. Unlike…

“Roman,” you groan, checking your phone. You love your boyfriend more than the world, but he’s a dickbag. An annoying, relentless, horny dickbag who has to have everything when he wants it.

What’re you up to?

You read the text, and sigh as you quickly type out a message.

Studying, like I told you a billion times yesterday  

–Oh yeah. Forgot.

You feel yourself soften a little at the text. Maybe he just wanted to be sweet and ask how everything was going with you. Well, if that’s all–

Suddenly, another text buzzes in.

Can I come over?

You roll your eyes, and huff a little as you write back.

noo dipshit I’m s t u d y i n g

He writes back.

Why are you studying when we could be f u c k i n g?

Shaking your head, you can’t help but laugh out loud at him. This is coming from the person who once asked the English teacher in high school if, “texting and facebook counted as studying, because put them together and it makes textbook!”

Fuck you Roman, you can’t come over. I’m gonna fail my exams if I procrastinate this shit any more

Another reply.

Fine. Leave me to waste away in my room, crying over the fact that I can’t get any pussy tonight

You giggle some more, clutching a pillow to your chest as you begin to write a snarky reply. Roman instead cuts you off with a black and white selfie of himself staring out his window, dramatically smoking and feigning crying.

Turned away by my own girlfriend

“Oh, please,” you mumble to yourself, grinning. Then, a thought strikes you. Pictures… hm.

You really should get this work done… but–

Okay fine. just bc I know your thirsty ass can’t last one night without me, here’s a little something to keep you going.

You bite your lip, and think of a position. You could pretty much drive him wild with anything, but you don’t wanna start off too strong. No, it was fun to edge him.

You spread out on your bed a little, and take off the sweatshirt you had on, leaving you in your thin camisole. Underneath, you weren’t wearing a bra, so you make sure you get an angle that captures your breast under the fabric just enough to entice him. Squeezing a hand there, you get yourself biting your lip in the photo as well, and send it to him.

A minute later, you get this message:

holy fuck

You smile, brushing your thumb against your nipple and pinching it a little. You knew you had him. Your smug attitude is shattered as you get a picture back, though– you look at your phone, revealing Roman shirtless, lying on his bed, with smoke pouring from his mouth down over his chest in thick rivulets. You swallow… he knows exactly how to turn you on.

“Okay,” you whisper, and flip your camera around, getting a shot of your hand just barely grazing your panties, thighs on either side of the frame, with your camisole riding up your stomach.

You get a picture back of his legs down the bed, boxers at the forefront and the evidence of his erection tenting them. He writes two texts to accompany.

I’m so hard for you

If I was there, wanna know what I’d do to you?

You write back.

Tell me baby.

You wait with baited breath, chest rising and falling in anticipation. Your pussy is just beginning to throb, hips wiggling a little on your bed to get a little friction. You won’t give yourself any until you have Roman’s intentions in front of you.

I’d watch you take your panties off, and bring your fingers down to tease yourself. I’d watch your face as you start to finger yourself, watch your pussy clench as you whisper my name, then I’d tie you up so you couldn’t touch

Then I’d part your thighs, watching you quiver for me underneath, and id finally give you what you needed, burying myself deep inside that hot, wet pussy while you moan my name, moaning all the dirty shit you want me to do to you

You clench your jaw, already working your bud with your fingers underneath your panties.

I’m so wet Roman omg fuck me

He writes back.

My little slut wants me, huh? you want me even deeper? you want me to bite your lip just like that as you ride my dick like a greedy whore?

“Oh god,” you murmur to yourself, dipping two fingers into yourself. It quickly turns to three fingers as he writes again.

You really want it, don’t you princess? you want my cum so bad

You swallow, curling your fingers and moaning loudly.

yeah oh god Roman please give it to mfdf

You don’t have the patience to correct your text mistake as you send your reply, anxious and desperate to hear the next thing he’d do.

Yea, that’s it. I know you wanna cum on daddy’s cock, but you’ve gotta wait

—Fuck for what? you write back, breath heaving.

I want another picture, princess. I wanna know just how my baby is touching herself

You breath in, trying to fumble with the camera. You send a quick shot of your trembling legs parted on the bed, then think of something. You reach down, and bite your forearm, drawing a little blood and smearing it by your lips and over your neck. You then take another selfie of your head pressed back into the pillow, mouth open in ecstasy at the mix of pain and tingling pleasure.

You wait for a second, then your phone starts ringing with a call. You answer.


“Fuck, I wanna hear it, (y/n),” he breathes, tone not at all similar to the domineering texts he was sending, “Fuck, I gotta hear you cum.”

You knew the blood would work. 

“Roman,” you moan, the sound of his voice tipping you. He grunts softly as he strokes himself listening to you, wet slapping sounds coming over the line, and a low growl rips from his throat, effectively pushing you over the edge and making you cum hard. You arch off the bed, letting out a high-pitched squeal followed by a throaty groan, and you hear a gasp on the other line as Roman follows.

A few seconds pass, where you both just listen to each other breathe. Finally, he speaks up.

“You walked right into that one.”

You frown a little, then realize what he had done. He knew all along you were studying tonight, and by pretending to forget you told him and begging to come over anyway, he knew you would offer an alternative to sex.

“You’re such an asshole,” you mutter, and Roman laughs.

“Hey, you got off. I’m sure that was much more fun than… what, what are you doing? Reading George Orwell and shit?”

“Orwell’s not that bad,” you protest, “You should try reading sometime, you may actually pass an exam.”

“Yeah, fucking likely,” he laughs some more, and sighs. “I’ll see you tomorrow, babe. I’m picking Peter up, and we’re gonna skip our first class to get high. You wanna come?”

“Sure, my first exam’s not until the evening,” you reply, still bitter you fell for that whole thing just now.

“I love you so much,” he says, and you smile, suddenly wishing he was here in your room, stroking your back and reading your study texts out loud in funny voices.

“See you tomorrow, baby. Love you too.”

You look over at the time, and see that it’s midnight already. Your eyes are beginning to droop, and… oh, fuck it. Who needs studying when you’ve got sexting with the hottest dumbass in Hemlock Grove?

lgbt+ (ya/mg) books read in 2016!

so a lot of people still reblog my “60+ queer books” post from 2014. ngl, i was barely 16 at the time and had not read a lot of books on that list (it was def intended to be more a listing than pure recommendation), mostly because adult fiction was and remains far from my favorite literary category. this list isn’t as intensely detailed, but i just thought that since the year is over i might jot down some of the lgbt+ books i loved or at least moderately enjoyed this year, in case anyone was interested! happy reading!

(and in advance, excuse my commentary o<-<)

ya favorites

  • i’ll give you the sun by jandy nelson — m/m. HEART-WRENCHING. GUTTING. EARTH-SHATTERING. 
  • we are the ants by shaun david hutchinson m/m (suicide cw) 
  • my most excellent year by steve kugler m/m. gay asam main character and the best character dynamics ❤️____❤️
  • the flywheel by erin gough f/f
  • gives light (6-part series) by rose christo — m/m. centered around a mute main character on an indian reservation (written by a native author!), features one of the most uplifting romances of recent media (cw for csa mention later in the series)

other ya books 
ordered approximately by rating

  • far from you by tess sharpe — f/f. bisexual protagonist (drug addiction, murder cw) a book on recovery, love, trust, justice, understanding… gut punch!!!!!
  • into the blue by pene henson — m/m
  • not your sidekick by c.b. lee — f/f. DOES THE TITLE NOT MAKE UR HEART SQUEEZE ALREADY? features half-chinese & half-vietnamese bisexual protagonist in futuristic superheroic universe! the second book will be about a trans black side character *___*
  • starting from here by lisa jenn bigelow — f/f. you will cry and be made a better person for it. 
  • almost like being in love by steve kugler — m/m
  • tell me again how a crush should feel by sara farizan— f/f. sometimes this book is like :|||| but sometimes it’s like :DDDD! persian american protagonist. 
  • the darkest part of the forest by holly black — both m/f and m/m (like i’ll give you the sun). for your slightly more indulgent ya needs!
  • you know me well by nina lacour, david levithan — f/f, m/m
  • the great american whatever by tim federle — m/m. if you enjoy mg or find its lgbt+ subsection especially important (or both, like me!), definitely make sure you check out federle’s better nate than ever series!
  • last seen leaving by caleb roehrig — m/m
  • wonders of the invisible world by christopher barzak — m/m. magical realism fix may be found here 👍
  • true letters from a fictional life by kenneth logan — m/m. tbh people call it the “male version of ‘to all the boys i’ve loved before’” but also neglect mentioning that it’s a lot whiter, too. where’s that supportive covey family goodness… that precocious but caring lara jean spirit? it’s just not there…
  • colorblind by siera maley — f/f
  • her name in the sky by kelly quindlen — f/f
  • radio silence by alice oseman — f/f, m/m, not hugely romance-focused

middle grade
there were very few releases this year that i was aware of, unfortunately! my old list’s selection remains a good place to look. here are 3 that i would recommend though:

(i think i might have read george in 2015, but i felt that i might as well put them all together!)

  • george by alex gino — follows the story of a trans girl. its storyline is similar to gracefully grayson, but unlike gg it is written by a trans author!
  • the other boy by m.g. hennessey — follows the story of a trans boy. pretty solid story except… uncalled for random racist comment in the middle of the book… wyd (waiting for the mg genre to grow more inclusive of lgbt+ children of color! not being racially hostile is the FIRST STEP.)
  • gracefully grayson by ami polansky 


if you want some mg books that have casually gay side/main-ish characters, i can name the wolf wilder and the thing about jellyfish, although… you have to kind of dig for it, so i wouldn’t call these revolutionary moments of representation, but! it’s just a nice addition to separate stories that remind you that the middle grade genre can be inclusive w/o becoming entirely issue-based (which i find sometimes more inaccessible for children? i ramble!). i do believe it’s good for young children to read this kind of fiction, too! 


finally, some lgbt+ books i did not enjoy or care for in any capacity, for posterity: highly illogical behavior (gross narrative surrounding mental health, sexuality), symptoms of being human (ya book abt a nonbinary character; written by cis author who bscly uses sexual assault as plot device & doesn’t acknowledge neutral pronouns?), know not why (really unapologetically homophobic tbh), whatever.: or how junior year became totally f$@ked, more happy than not (so… bleak…), see you at harry’s, and lily and dunkin (this is the fourth mg book about a trans character that i’m aware of; i found its message hugely alarming and invalidating). that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy them, though! 


I decided recently that I wanted to start a bullet journal for the next year of university and as a creative outlet for when I get stressed or anxious AND my friends bought me a proper bullet journal for my birthday (thanks guys!) and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. This morning I spent time creating my future log (after having scrolled through hundreds of tumblr and Pinterest posts for inspiration) and I’m actually pretty happy with how it turned out.

I also went shopping yesterday and bought the two books shown in the pictures: Where Angels Fear to Tread by E. M. Forster & Silas Marner by George Eliot. I love reading and I’m looking forward to starting these reads when I get a chance.