“There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (ft. Samantha Urbani)” by Twin Shadow // Originally by The Smiths

George Lewis Jr. is back with another of his Twin Shadow: Under the CVRS series. This time around he’s teamed up with Samantha Urbani to cover a beloved, hopelessly romantic track from The Smiths. Just in time for Valentine’s Day no less. As with most of Twin Shadow’s reinventions, this one shifts the driving, melancholic jangle pop tone of the original to an electro-R&B spin, which truncates the track down with a jarring conclusion. A creative and original vision of the classic. Check it out. 

What is it when you realize that someone isn’t right for you? Or when you find that you do not and can not posses someone entirely? You want someone so bad and it feels like hell.

It’s not like the first time, once loved love evolves, and you no longer have as much control, and it frustrates you. I think because of this feeling we find ourselves constantly wanting to reset, like new years resolutions, like dreaming up moments from the past where the ending flips on its head, like true forgiveness…We just want to say “wait wait wait, this went too far in the wrong direction, can we try that again.”

I'm On Fire
  • I'm On Fire
  • Twin Shadow

“I’m On Fire” by Twin Shadow // Originally by Bruce Springsteen (2013 // Under The CVRS)

As promised, Twin Shadow is back with another track for his “UNDER THE CVRS” series on YouTube, this time covering Bruce Springsteen classic, “I’m On Fire”. Whereas last time, the artist turned in a relatively faithful cover of the 10cc proto-chillwave gem, “I’m Not in Love”, this time around he strips the Springsteen track down to nothing, before bringing in a simple electro-beat, and some haunting synth flourishes to back up his hushed vocals. It reminds me of what a “Protection” era Massive Attack might sound like covering the Springsteens hit. It’s a pretty cool take on an iconic classic, and one that shows that this new UNDER THE CVRS series is going to be a whole lot more than just simple reinterpretations. Check out the video at Twin Shadow’s YouTube page


Lisa Bonet Smooches Her Man Jason Momoa, Zoe Kravitz Steps Out With Boyfriend Twin Shadow At The 2015 InStyle Awards

Zoe Kravitz (wearing Calvin Klein) and her lovely mom Lisa Bonet (wearing Valentino) hit the red carpet together for last night’s inaugural InStyle Awards at Getty Center in Los Angeles.

Zoe, who has become known as much for her fashions as her work on the silver screen, was one of the evening’s honorees. She joined a long list of distinguished recipients that included Nicolas Ghesquiere, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ansel Elgort, stylist Kate Young, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury and hairstylist Serge Normant.

Zoe received the Breakthrough Award and it was given to her actress by her mom!

Lisa served as one of the evening’s A-list presenters.  Others on the presenters list included Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Michelle Williams (the actress….not the singer).

Lisa walked the black carpet with her man, the gorgeous Jason Momoa (“Game of Thrones”). While Lisa isn’t prone to public displays of affection, she did smooch Jason down before they entered the ceremony.

We can’t even be mad.

Meanwhile, Zoe stepped out with her boyfriend Twin Shadow, who cheered her on as she accepted her award.  Both Zoe and Twin Shadow are active participants in one another’s career.  Recently, Zoe hit the stage with him for a concert in Florida, something she’s done severals times over the past few months.  

Congrats to fashionista/film star Zoe Kravitz on your honor.


Here it is… “I’m Ready”


Mad Max: Fury Road star Zoe Kravitz and her boyfriend Twin Shadow are still going strong. The twosome popped up at Entertainment Weekly’s pre-SAG Awards bash at Chateau Marmont in L.A. last night.

The LOLAWOLF singer posed it up on the carpet in a LBD before making her way inside the party. She has wrapped up filming for a slew of projects, so we’ll be seeing her a lot at the box office this year.