This needs to happen so bad!! Imagine Rhagear, Lyanna, So many Targaryens alive, Ned alive, probably R+L=J story omggg this needs to happen


Oh my God! I’m so glad I started rewatching!!

Stannis tells her ‘Your magic requires King’s blood.’

King’s blood is her power source.

Her magic worked on Jon Snow, Her magic brought Jon back!

It worked because Jon is a true king!

He is the Heir of Iron Throne,

One True King!!

Cersei Lannister roasted her haters, wore killer oufits, became the first Queen of Westeros, and looked like a badass doing it all in one episode.


Robb Stark.
The young wolf..
King in the North…

I just can’t get over you.

Goodbye Brother & King in the North OSTs are playing in my head most of the time.

I remember your courageous acts.
I remember your tears over your father’s death.
I remember when you got anointed King in the North.
I remember your kind, calm words :
“Mother, it’s okay”.
I remember your last ones, saying farewell to your best friend :

I cry whenever i remember you in that scene.. Whenever i hear your name.. Whenever i hear The North Remembers..

Arya, Jon & Sansa took revenge, and i thought i’d be happy and it’d heal, but nothing really does.

I’m proud of watching this series to have known such a great character.
To have loved you that much.
Thanks Richard for such performance.
Thanks George for creating such an irreplaceable character.

The North will never forget.

Always in my heart, brother.


It keeps popping up on my dash, and I just have to say: Who are you kidding? People keep talking about keeping it quiet, how awkward it is, how horrible it is that they were “raised as half siblings”. A lot of people shove this ship into a corner like there is something wrong with it. Sure, I can see the point. Modern understanding of genetics explains why this is horrible. But there are a few issues with your argument that it’s never going to happen.

First, Sansa never thought of him as a brother. She never thought of him as anything. She disliked him - thank you, Cat. So really, seeing him as a cousin rather than a brother isn’t going to be a huge leap for her. That will probably be a lot easier to accept, given how distant she always was from him.

But also, did you even follow this story for a second? There is one house (Targaryen) that has survived on incest for thousands of years. Literally, thousands of damn years. It’s a thing. Then there are the Lannisters. Need I say more? Are we really going to pretend like Jonsa isn’t a pretty mainstream ship in this world? Are we really going to pretend like this is the most shameful ship in the fandom? Are we really going to pretend like it’s scandalous? Have you even seen this show? That’s kind of the whole point of it ….

Just saying.


Three mounts must you ride… One to bed…
One to dread…
One to love…