“The cliches of the genre were to desaturate the cinematography. So [George Miller] and great Australian cinematographer John Seale (dragged out of retirement), saturated the color. ‘We were able to change the skies, and go against the idea that because it’s the apocalypse, there’s no longer any beauty in the world.‘” - Anne Thompson, Film Columnist

 “The desert sand in Namibia is, in reality, closer to be gray color, but pushing it toward rich gold colors complemented the characters and vehicles, providing a strong, graphic look. The only other dominant color in the film was blue sky, which we embraced.“ - Eric Whipp, Senior Colorist


TOAST THE KNOWING: well, we’ve only got four for big boy here, so he’s all but useless. but we can squirt off this little pinkie a raunchy twenty-nine times. 


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, 2015, dir. George Miller

I can’t add much to the dialogue about this brilliant movie so I’ll just reiterate a couple of points: so amazing to see an action movie filled with women of all ages fighting for themselves and for each other. (How do we make this even better? Adding some more kickass women of color to the few here.) This has ruined me for basically every action movie I’ve tried to watch since - I can no longer tolerate the sexist jokes, the sneering male leads, the One Strong Female Character (Who Is Probably An Uptight Bitch). I also love how saturated with color this movie is. Wear that color on your sleeve!

(Also, that last image is probably my favorite in a film where essentially every frame is exquisite/breathtaking. It just gutted me.)


THE SPLENDID ANGHARAD: then who killed the world?


“I am the one that runs from both the living and the dead. Hunted by scavengers, haunted by those I could not protect. So I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct: survive.”

-Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


Watching MAD MAX FURY ROAD is like watching a two hour adaptation of a POWERTHIST VIDEO which doesn’t seem like a lot but it is SUCH A LOT because MAD MAX FURY ROAD is like a SERIES OF ANIMATED BIKER TATTOES soundtracked by AGGRESSIVE INDUSTRIAL TECHNO and the LEAD SINGER of the AGGRESSIVE INDUSTRIAL TECHNO BAND is a LIVE PUMA and the puma is ON FIRE and the fire is MADE OF CHAINSAWS AND ANGRY BEES which is very angry but not as angry as MAD MAX FURY ROAD because MAD MAX FURY ROAD is as angry as a BUS DRIVER IN RUSH HOUR AT PADDINGTON STATION which is confusing and hard to navigate but not as hard to navigate as MAD MAX FURY ROAD because trying to understand the dialogue in MAD MAX FURY ROAD is like trying to overhear a neighbouring conversation in a DEBAUCHED UNDERGROUND NIGHT CLUB during AN APOCALYPSE which is a good way to spend the apocalypse rather like watching MAD MAX FURY ROAD which is like A TWO HOUR VISUALISATION OF A KING CRIMSON GUITAR SOLO SPEEDED UP TWELVE TIMES while next door your flatmate is listening to RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES and having FURIOUS BDSM SEXUAL CONGRESS WITH A HYENA and THE FLAT IS ON FIRE and THE FIRE IS ALSO ON FIRE and there is SAND LOTS OF SAND SO MUCH SAND and OLD WOMEN WITH GUNS and YOUNG WOMEN WITH GUNS and THE KID FROM ABOUT A BOY is grown up now and HE HAS A GUN TOO and CHAINS and SILVER SPRAY PAINT and YOU HAVE JUST BEEN WATCHING MAD MAX: FURY ROAD FUCK YOU and GOODNIGHT.