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All Suited Up for Spring 

Suit: Ted Baker/ Shoes: ALDO/ Watch: Kenneth Cole/ Sunglasses: Warby Parker/ Cuff: George Frost 

Last week I had the pleasure of being a presenter at Style Coalitions 5th Annual Fashion 2.0 Awards. I was honored to be a persenter at their award ceremony again. Though the first thought that came to mind after I accepted their offer to their black tie event was… WHAT DO I WEAR?! Luckily I was able to rely on Ted Baker for their always dapper options. While visiting their 5th avenue location, a sales associate helped me pick out this blue subtle paisley suit, paired with a white button down, and finished with a polka-dot bow tie. A mixture that was winner all night in a sea of all black, I was the appropriate taste of spring for the night. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I head for Thailand on Monday, make sure to follow me on instagram @FredRdgz to stay updated along the way.

photographer: Andrew

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Photo: Daniel Berehulak-Getty Images

Photojournalism Links: May 2014 (Part 1)

A collection of the most interesting photojournalism and documentary photography from across the web.

Yes. there was something tragic even when she was at her happiest. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised when I heard she died. And Kate Hepburn said, “Oh, thank God!” because she’d suffered so much and was so miserable, really, from the time her marriage with Olivier broke up to the end of her life. Although most of the time you’d never suspect it. She was Rabelaisian, this exquisite creature, and told outrageous jokes in that cool voice and pretty enough to make you weep. I remember taking her to see Cole Porter not long before he died. He’d had a leg amputated and was wretched and didn’t see many people. But he wanted to see Vivien. He couldn’t move, he could only lie there, and it was painful, but Vivien was so entertaining that he obviously loved her being there. She dressed very stunningly and covered her fingers with rings, like a gypsy fortune teller. I’d never seen that before, though it’s very fashionable now. From time to time we had to leave the room when a nurse had to give Cole Porter a shot of something. Then we’d come back, and Vivien never let up, and he was entranced. When we left and got into the car, she chose to sit up front next to the driver. She was silent for a long time. Then she turned around and I saw she’d been weeping, her eyes were full with tears.

George Cukor

One late afternoon [in 1974], to relieve the monotony, I suggested that the band dress up in drag. There didn’t seem to be anything better to do. ‘Let’s see how pretty you “girls” really are!’ I challenged them. 'I’ll take a few pictures, and maybe we’ll use 'em on the next album cover. I’ll put Annie Leibovitz right out of business!’

Without much coaxing, the trio of groupies who were with us that day and Jimmy, Robert, and Bonzo squeezed their way into them, tearing the seams on the dresses and creating runs in the nylons as they did.

'All you guys need now is some makeup,’ Lori [Jimmy’s girlfriend] said, helping Jimmy and the others apply lipstick and a little rouge. Interestingly, the boys didn’t feel at all awkward or embarrassed as the transformation occurred; in fact, they seemed to enjoy their new look. If only the drag queens in New Orleans could have seen them.

We had become so preoccupied with this impromptu photo session that we almost forgot we were supposed to meet George Harrison for a dinner date. 'Let’s give George a cheap thrill and let him see how we look,’ Robert said. When Harrison arrived at the hotel, he had Stevie Wonder with him. George took one look at Robert, Bonzo, and Pagey in drag, and he fell on the floor laughing. The hysterics were contagious, and before long everyone was shrieking - everyone, that is, except Stevie.

'What’s so funny?’ Stevie kept saying, with a slight grin on his face, knowing something was going on but unsure exactly what it was.

’S***,’ I thought. 'I hope Stevie doesn’t think the joke is on him.’ Everyone else must have had the same idea, too. The laughter stopped, and we just wanted to crawl into a hole, dresses and all.

—  Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Uncensored by Richard Cole with Richard Trubo