Luciana: George…
George [hugging Luciana]: Come on, come on…
Luciana: Listen… Do you like me?
George: I like you {speaking in italian}
Luciana: And, George…
George: And do you like me?
Luciana: Ehh… I like you, I do… Listen George, “George” is too long, may I call you “G”? Like the G-spot?
George: …Yes!
Luciana: Do you like me the way I am? I have a short thighbone like rabbits but I’m all flash, not like Elisabetta Canalis who looks like a key…
George: Wow… Oh, wow!
Luciana: And if you kiss me, I have more tastes than the Nespresso’s cofee pods! …And if you take me away with you, I’ll let you drink your coffee peacefully and I won’t scream “George Clooney is inside!” as that bitch does, but I’ll say “There’s Brignano selling Lavazza {aka Italian manufacturer of coffee products}, go that way!” and I’ll mix you your coffee with my tongue!

On the 9th of February, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Jean Dujardin came to Italy to present “The Monuments Men” and they attended the italian show “Che Tempo che Fa” with Fabio Fazio and Luciana Litizzetto. Here are some scenes from the episode where you can see how Luciana joked with George Clooney!