Episode 3 features a cameo from a certain manservant…

Teaser for Merlin Season 6: Kingdom Come Episode 3, “The Madness of Merlin”

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Imagine: Both Weasley twins liking you, a out going and up beat person. However, they find out that you are self conscious and shy, when it comes to romance. They also find out you think they’re attractive. [x]

Fred and George: *smiles* *sits down either side of you* *looks towards you*
Y/N: *looks up from book* Can I help you two? *smiles*
Fred: I think you can, isn’t that right George?
George: *nods* In fact, we know you can. Just confirm something.
Y/N: Okay?
Fred: We heard-
George: -through the grapevine-
Fred: -that you thought we were-
Fred and George: -attractive. *smirks*
Y/N: I… I-I can explain. *blushes* Well, you see… I don’t know who told you that, but I… 
George: Don’t worry, Y/N. The feeling is mutual.

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