Terms of Endearment - Weasley Boys

The kinds of pet names the Weasley brothers would give to you.

(A/N: Assumes fem!reader. Needed a little break from prompts for a bit. I hope you enjoy. Also, if anyone has a good Percy face claim LET ME KNOW. I’ve racked my brain for months on this one.)


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To Bill, you are his “love,” plain and simple. There is no need to complicate a feeling that is already so vast and beautiful in his mind. “Love” conveys everything he needs to say; that he is yours and you are his. When he needs to comfort you, he may also call you “sweetheart,” wanting to point out what he sees and loves in you, reminding you of all the goodness inside of you that you may be missing.

Bill loves simply saying your name in private moments, especially your full name. It reminds him that you are here with him, loving him, because you choose to be. Similarly, he loves hearing you call him William, especially in intimate moments, knowing that you see the full him, the true him, one reserved only for you.

After you marry, Bill often enjoys teasing you with a “Yes, Mrs. Weasley.” It started on your honeymoon, a playful bit of banter in the bedroom, but it continues in your marriage, often said with a giant grin as he grabs at your waist. And after you have children, Bill loves calling you “mum” just as much as he loves hearing you call him “dad” to the little ones. He is elated at the fact that together you have build something as beautiful as what his parents have, and seeing you as a provider, as a devoted wife and mother and lover, is like a dream. Calling you names that remind him of how beautifully you’ve transitioned into those roles makes him fall in love with you all over.

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Charlie is simple and usually prefers the beautiful sound of your name on his tongue to any pet name or playful affection. You’re a strong, capable person all your own and he doesn’t want to belittle you with something too cutesy.

That being said, Charlie does like to remind you of how much he loves you. He doesn’t mind using his words in a way that puts you up on a pedestal. “Love” and “my love” flow from his mouth with ease, especially in private or when he’s had one too many drinks. In many ways, he is sort of still shocked that you agreed to be with him, the giant nerd he is an all, and so he sometimes feels the need to let you know just how devoted he is to you. After you’ve lived together in Romania for a while, he starts calling you “dragostea,” Romania for “love,” simply because he enjoys how much it sounds like dragon.

In bed, you are often just “beautiful,” said with such reverence that you might think he’s praying as his fingers dance across your body while you rest together. He whispers it each time he kisses down your exposed skin and chants it as he makes love to you, over and over until you the word is simply a collection of sounds that flow off his tongue more like music than language.

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Percy fancies himself a traditional and formal sort, and so he usually refers to you as “darling” or “dear” when talking to you. He loves the sense of security that comes with those words, like you are within his protection and his care, holding a place in his heart that is uniquely your own. In many ways, he models his relationships after how he sees his father treat his mum, soft and caring and only a tinge of submissiveness, at least in public.

When talking about you to others, you are usually simply “my girlfriend” or “my wife,” so often so that George usually teases that he’s forgotten your name. Early in your relationship, his brothers often groan, “Percy, we get it. You have a girlfriend. Stop bragging.” But to Percy, it isn’t bragging. It is simply him showing you the respect you deserve. You are important to him, more than anyone else, and he takes the title you hold in the relationship very seriously. You’ve agreed to be his and that needs to be celebrated.

In private, however, Percy can actually be very light and silly. You’ll occasionally get nicknames based on the intimate things you share like your fears or your desires, only to be known between the two of you, things like “cuddlebug” if you are being particularly affectionate or “motherhen” if you are being particularly anxious. But they are always accompanied with a gentle stroke of your cheek and a light kiss to your lips to let you know he doesn’t mean to tease, only to love and adore you.

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Fred both ironically and unironically calls you his “princess.” Sure, he calls you “princess” when you are being particularly needy or demanding. But he also calls you “princess” whenever you’ve done something brilliant or kind or affectionate. And he especially loves calling you “princess” in the bedroom, treating you like royalty as he dotes all over you. He loves the contrast in the action, calling you “princess” when you were in a particularly unprincesslike scenario, flush and needy underneath him. Though to him, you are always worthy of praise and devotion, so the name always stays.

Before you start dating, he also called you “doll.” It was his subtle way of letting you know he was interested. It wasn’t so affectionate that you might find it presumptuous, but just familiar enough that Fred felt like he was conveying his meaning.

He also enjoys trying to one-up you with silly, over-the-top nicknames later on in the relationship. He’ll see your “Freddiemuffinkins” and raise you “snickerdoodliepoodlieboo” until one of you breaks down into a fit of giggles. Hearing you guys call to each other in progressively longer and more-complicated nicknames across the store is one of the reasons George starts working in the office in the back, determined to get away from the two lovebirds who are still sickly sweet after years of being together.

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“Hey, babe,” is by far the most common phrase out of George’s mouth. He constantly wants your attention and wants you by his side. And “babe” just flows so easily off the tongue. It is simple and sweet, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. He loves when you say it back to him, too, loving how you mean it as a sign of your love but also a sign of your attraction to him.

When he is upset, it usually transitions to “baby,” called both as a whine when you are denying him something or with a little more force when he needs you to focus. Especially during the war, he’d often grab your shoulders and whisper “baby” until you looked at him before he’d communicate to you something he needed you to do to keep yourself safe, always followed by an “I love you.”

When George is feeling particularly sweet, you are his “angel.” It started during your first pregnancy. He just found the appearance of you so captivating that he couldn’t stop it from coming from his mouth. And then during your labor, it became a word of praise and encouragement. And from then on it just stuck. When he says “my angel,” you know you can ask for basically whatever you want because it usually means he is so overwhelmed by love for you in the moment that he’d do just anything to make you happy.

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Ron doesn’t particularly enjoy pet names, usually opting for a nickname based on your name that only he is allowed to use. He’ll shorten your name or and an “e” sound and if neither of those are possible, he’ll simply call you by your last name in hopes of distinguishing himself from everyone else who talks to you. He wants to have a special language with you, to show you that what you have is special, but the sweet stuff is a little too much for him, at least at first.

As your relationship progresses and Ron’s feelings grow, he becomes more comfortable with allowing you to be his weakness. “Sunshine” becomes a common greeting, Ron liking the nicknames that convey how you make him feel, showing the positive impact you’ve had on him and the brightness you’ve added to his life. “Honey” gets added a little later on and as you become more domestic, a way for Ron to convey your equal partnership as it is a name you both use for each other.

When talking to others about you, he often calls you his “better half,” stuff like “Hey, mum, have you seen my better half?” when he comes down for breakfast late on Christmas mornings with the family. He doesn’t mean it self-deprecating. He simply means that he views you as the thing that makes him better, as two halves of a whole unit, not necessarily lessor apart but definitely better together. Ron loves you for how he grows beside you and he’ll make sure everyone knows it.

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Double Trouble

Fred and George Weasley fanfiction

Couple: Reader x Fred  Reader x George

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*After announcing the three champions that will compete in the triwizard tournament, Dumbledore grabs a fourth paper that just came out of the goblet of fire*

Dumbledore: Harry Potter





Fred, George and Lee Jordan:









The Teachers Table:

  • fred: prepare for trouble!
  • george: and make it double!
  • fred: to cause the school some devastation!
  • george: to prank all peoples within our nation!
  • fred: to sell our snacks to all of you chumps!
  • george: to leave your faces full of lumps!
  • fred: fred!
  • george: george!
  • fred: weasleys wheezing at the speed of light!
  • george: buy our stuff now, or prepare to fight!
  • ginny: oh my god you two shUT UP

Snape: [taps quill]

McGonagall: [taps quill in response]

Umbridge: Stop that.

Snape: Stop what?

Umbridge: You’re talking about me in morse code.

McGonagall: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited free time, we took a class on a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.


McGonagall, to Flitwick: That’s… exactly what we did.

Okay but can you imagine Ginny’s first professional quidditch game? Like, Harry, Ron, and George are all painted Harpies colors and in the stands screaming, only to be joined by a drunk Oliver Wood halfway through the match.

Molly and Arthur and the rest of her brothers receive box seating where Arthur and Charlie yell at the players like they can hear them. Fleur and Molly bond while cheering for Ginny. Percy and Bill sneak a few glasses of Firewhisky before sneaking into the locker rooms to leave a bottle for ginny.

The most surprising part is Minerva Mcgonnagall on the edge of her seat screaming and cussing at the ref in the thickest Scottish accent anybody has ever heard.