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Imagine waking up after getting injured to see captain boomerangs given you pinky, his unicorn.

You eyes killing and head pounding you opened your eyes and saw you were back in your little old cell again. The last thing you remembered was the enchantress sending some blue magic at you and you blacked out. You moved your head and felt something fluffy on your cheek. Looking up you saw it was a cute pink unicorn. “Pinky?” You whispered smiling. Boomerangs treasured mascot that he kept close by at every chance. You’d fell for boomerang on the mission but weren’t stupid and knew he wasnt the one girl kinda guy so never got caught up in the caring part, but the gesture still made you grin like an idiot. Attached to the unicorn was a note “we won babe, keep pinky until i see you again and dont worry there will be an again, dont forget about me y/n - captain”. Grinning to yourself you tucked pinky into your blanket and fell back to sleep.


George Harkness (Boomerang) Having a Crush on Amanda Waller’s Offspring May Include…

George being terrified of upsetting you
There’s no telling what your mom would do

He’d stop trying to find ways to escape after meeting you
You gave him a reason to stay

He’d be protective of you
But he’d play it off well

He’d let you hold his unicorn

He finds all the ways he can to be close to you
Whether it’s for recon missions
Or him staying in his cell with you watching him

Your mother isn’t dense
She knows he has feelings for you
And because she’s just that devious
She uses it for her own gain

You, on the other hand, HAVE NO IDEA
You’re too focused on work
And looking after the Squad to notice
But like at the same time
He’s sweet and cute so…

It’d be weird, in all honesty
But George isn’t one to give up
He’d have you, whether it was now or in the years to come

july 29th 2017



hi guys, this is my first ever fanfic post! i hope its not to bad, its based after the suicide squad movie and is basically a new mission for the guys with an OC joining them. this first bit is a little intro to the OC. hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think or if you want a follow on !!

*some strong language and physical violence. and suggestion of smut ;)


There is a procession of loud bangs on your cell door as a guard hits his steel toed boots off of the lower half of the steel to “encourage” you to stand for attention. The hatch door violently slides open and someone peers inside, the sly face of Griggs is pressed against the bars.

“Hey there beautiful, a jobs come in for you. Now you gonna be a good girl this time or we gonna have to use that collar around your neck again to keep you under control?”

You look at the greasy faced guard narrowing your eyes, he had caused you so much trouble in this shit hole you could think of nothing better than wiping that smile off of his face…

“looks like that’s a no then, such a shame… light her up boys” Griggs orders his fellow team. “ but.. sir” one of his team interjects “she is just standing ther…” Griggs turns and snatches a remote pad out of the disobedient guards hands “ I said fucking LIGHT HER UP!”

And with his words you feel the thick metal collar around your neck buzz, followed seconds later by a crippling pain as the electricity pulses through your nervous system causing your muscles to contract and cramp. The shock finally stops and your muscles simultaneously relax causing you to drop to the ground in a slump. As you fall your face hits the concrete floor and you can almost instantly taste the blood filling your mouth. You manage to bring yourself to your hands and knees as the cell door opens and Griggs enters.

“The only thing a dog listens to is the fist and the boot ladies and gentlemen, now sit Y/N come on that’s a good girl” Griggs mocks you as you fight to get up.

He lowers himself into a squat and the smell of his cheap body spray mixing with the smell of blood fills your nostrils and mouth . “come on now fido we got places to be!” he whispers to you with a smirk forming at the corners of his mouth.

You look up at him rolling your tongue back and pulling your lips taught before spraying his face with blood. A smirk of your own starts to form, as you begin to laugh uncontrollably at the guard as he frantically wipes at his face. “ you dirty bitch, I’m putting you down for today” he snatches the control pad again hitting in another code, this time the collar doesn’t shock you. A small stinging pain occurs on the right side of your neck, followed by an Icy burn coursing through your veins as a small injection was administered. Your eyes begin to feel heavy as the room begin to spin and pretty soon your face became reacquainted with the cold concrete floor.


Cold air brushing over your face causes your eyelids to flutter open and as you groggily take in your surroundings you look down to see yourself restrained to a board. You can make out several soldiers in their camo attire and in the center of the compound you can see a small group of individuals who just don’t fit in, the soldiers seem to know them and talk away to them but also keep their distance. Your concentration is broken as a solider walks past you, “ hey there umm sir? Private? Mate? Whatever, can you tell me what the hell is going on?” your voice grumbles and cracks as the first words exit your mouth grabbing the man’s attention.

“oh, you’re awake … great” the man smiles “right you can go meet the new team then” he happily says as he grabs the handles of the board and pushes you towards the strangely dressed group in the center of the compound. “hey no wait, who am I meeting? What team? can someone tell me what THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” you finish your sentence as you reach the center of the compound, like a meal on a platter for some gladiator show.

A far more superior looking army officer walks up to you “ I am officer Flag, everything I say, everything I tell you to do … you do… you understand?” he pauses and steps back waiting for your reply. 

“um nice to meet you too, I’m Y/N and I do what I damn well please, hate to disappoint but I don’t do what anyone tells me, sweetie. That’s what got me into this mess in the first place see” you sarcastically reply despite the fact it was a pretty true statement.

Flag reaches for his knife on his left side and removes it from its sheath, bringing it up to your neck “you want this removed” he asks as he pushes the tip of the blade into the collar. Your mocking smile falls as you nod your head in reply “then you do as you are told. Now answer me.” he pushes the knife harder against the collar so you can feel the pressure on your windpipe “Everything I say… Everything I tell you to do… you do… do-you-understand” you glance down at the blade as the sun catches it and back up to Flags face seeing your reflection in his sunglasses “ I understand” holding what you believe is eye contact with him through his dark shades.

“Good, now meet your new team” flag turns and gestures his knife towards the group of misfits.

The first to walk up to you was a platinum blonde women with ghostly pale skin and blue and red makeup smeared across her face “hey there sweetie I’m Harley Quinn! Nice to meet you” she holds out her hand to shake yours which is still strapped to the board “oh never mind then” she smiles and turns side on to you “let me introduce you to the family, we have dead shot or Floyd , Killer Croc, and Captain Boomerang” she turns back to face you “and now you too! Say hi to everyone”

You look out at your new ‘family’ looking each of them up and down “so we have a mentally unstable blonde, an army boy reject, someone who clearly has  never heard of moisturizer and a homeless guy?” Harley stares back at you with a wide smile on her face “yup pretty much, your standard all-American family right!!”

You sigh and throw your head back against the board, “fine, I get it I get it, I’m in now can someone please get me off this damn board and this collar of my neck, Pleassssse.”  

Flagg gestures to the broad scruffy man at the end of the line, “Boomerang , go help her down.”

The man smiles as he pulls a tooth pick from his teeth and walks towards you “you alright darlin” he asks the smell of beer lingering on his breath as he pulls the straps loose freeing you from the board and helping you down, you can feel his calloused hands on the bare skin of your arms as he lifts you down of the board with ease “now what do we do with this collar then? This a necessity to control you or just a kink?” he jokingly asks you as his hands reach around your neck jolting the collar back and forth. You raise your hands and wrap your fingers around his wrists “ well… there’s only one way to find out” you tease as you slide your hands down his arms. Boomer swallows hard, and with a shake of his head removes his hands from the collar. “what the matter big boy? You scared of me? I promise I wont bite” you smash your teeth together making an audible snap “well not to hard” a silent pause is broken by a chuckle from Harley “ouh, I like her she’s going to be so much fun!” Harley exclaims as she rushes over to you grabbing the control pad for your collar from Flag allowing her to remove it from your neck.

Boomer laughs slightly before turning to the rest of the team “we got ourselves another crazy right here, what is it with Amanda and giving us crazy sheilas?”

Floyd steps forward to boomer “well like you said Boomer, you know what they say about the crazy ones” a look of confusion passes over his face as him and Boomer both look over to you, Harley hanging off of you like a new toy. You catch the comment passed between the two boys and smile removing Harleys arms from around you, you walk up to the pair, keeping your body closer to Boomers, you push yourself up onto your tiptoes placing your hand on one of each of their shoulders as you lean in between them both. You exhale a small laugh you are close enough to their faces that you can feel the hair from Boomers face tickling at your cheek, the smell of musky sweat from him mixing with the clean fresh smell of Floyd “Oh sweetie you don’t know the half of it” you open your bambi eyes wide and bite onto your lower lip and you drop back down to your height. This would have been perfect had you not forgotten about the meeting between your face and the concrete earlier causing you to take a sharp inhale as your thumb wiped your lip. This did not seem to have any adverse effect on your previous act, as you looked back up to see Boomers eyes fixed on you. You smile cutely to the pair “Bye boys, see you soon” you swivel on your heels making your way back to Harley who was positioned next to a wooden crate waiting for you….