george's smile

Rare photo of George Harrison and John Lennon outside the BBC in London, 1963. Photo © unknown.

“[George] had so much respect for John. And he always treated me with so much sweetness. I think he understood real love, deep love, more than the others. Professionally, I always remember how serious he was… how determined he was to make sure that I received the creative credit I deserved. George was a sweet man, who, despite reflections on him by others, was really the least complicated of the Beatles… at least to me.” - Astrid Kirchherr, When They Were Boys by Larry Kane [x]


Remembering the sorely missed George Harrison. Photos © Brian Roylance; Dave Benett.

“Seems my love is up,
And has left you with no warning
But it’s not always going to be this grey
All things must pass, all things must pass away”
- “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison

15 years have elapsed since George went on to the brighten the spiritual sky.

No words ever seem to adequately express just how much of a void George has left, how much emptier this world is without him, how deeply he is missed, and how profoundly he continues to impact countless lives. No words fully do justice to the extraordinary, complex, humble, compassionate and genuine person he was. It wasn’t just his music that was a privilege and a gift to this world, it was his person and his presence as well. We’re eternally blessed to have known him.

15 years haven’t diminished the grief and sense of significant loss. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to George’s music and think of him. Yet, even without his physical presence, George still continues to enrich this world in the incomparable ways only he could: With acts of kindness that still echo on; with the way he lived his life and what we can learn from it; and with every note he ever played and each lyric he wrote.

My heart goes out to Olivia and Dhani, who must miss him so much more than we can begin to imagine.
George - thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for more than words can say. Endless love and gratitude,


“In the end, ‘Life goes on within you and without you.’ I just have a belief that this is only one little bit, the physical world is one little bit of the universe. So in the end it doesn’t really matter.” - George Harrison