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Three SERIOUSLY UNDERRATED Movies I just watched recently:

1. Strange Magic

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A work by freaking Lucasfilm/George Lucas himself!

Did not expect it to be a musical, very much cringe worthy—but once you look past that, this movie has stunningly beautiful animation! 

Not to mention the plot is actually kind of interesting. THIS coming from the same man who brought us STAR WARS and we know how well those relationships work out half of the time *cough* Anidala *cough*—but it is a movie ENTIRELY about LOVE! I kid you not. 

Though a few places are indeed very very much a cringe, other parts have me squealing like a fangirl! I wish I would have heard about it sooner!   

2. Epic

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So I guess 2013-2014 were just the years to have stunning visual animation for forest-related characters, in movies that both basically flop in the box office.

Epic was a little slow at times, but it was funny, unique, and had a few very memorable characters! 

I will not lie to you, I am a sucker for ships, and Ronin and Queen Tara never cease to make my heart ache for a whole week after I watch this movie. T_T If you watch for nothing else, at least enjoy the beautiful visuals, A-list voice acting cast, and the FRICKING relationship between the Queen and the most badass guy in this whole movie!

3. Book of Life

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So, aside from slamming me with the crippling nostalgia of watching El Tigre on Nickelodeon as a kid, this movie is witty, gorgeous, and (again unfortunately) more of a musical than I typically look for. 

STILL! I cannot believe it took me THIS long to watch it! It was fun, exciting, and busted all sorts of chops for various people and stereotypes. 

Plus, the fandom for this movie is ridiculously awesome! Jorge R. Gutierrez is very open with the fans with his info/rumors of sequels, and the voice cast nearly killed me. Channing Tatum was one thing, but DIEGO LUNA is the main character!  We’re talking Cassian Andor with more than 5 lines of dialogue and a leading role! ❤ ❤ ❤

And let me tell you about La Muerte and Xibalba—the OTP I didn’t know existed or that I needed in my life—their personalities are so different from what I was expecting and I love everything this movie did to make me think vs what I saw. 

Plus it is produced by Guillermo Del Toro—I’ve been seeing his name so much recently—seriously, what does this guy not do!?

So those are the 3. This is just my opinions of things based on recent exposure to the films, and they aren’t the best movies I’ve ever seen by far, but they were enough to be exciting and they definitely deserve more love than they were given! —or at least more exposure so it didn’t take me this long to watch…

4.5/5 Stars.

Embarrassingly this is my first time reading this classic novel, but what better time than now.

Remember the days of yore when dystopian fiction didn’t feel like real life? That was nice. I fully understand why this book is experiencing a resurgence: the parallels are chilling.

Take, for instance, the recurring insistence throughout that “2+2=5,” which, eerily, could be a prophecy for our age of “alternative facts.” In 1984, the Party’s incessant revising of history feels an awful lot like our current administration’s denial and censorship of science. And those are just a few examples.

“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Chilling, indeed.

Orwell is a phenomenal writer with a brilliant mind. This book would’ve disturbed the hell out of me even if didn’t so ominously reflect our present.


Watching MAD MAX FURY ROAD is like watching a two hour adaptation of a POWERTHIST VIDEO which doesn’t seem like a lot but it is SUCH A LOT because MAD MAX FURY ROAD is like a SERIES OF ANIMATED BIKER TATTOES soundtracked by AGGRESSIVE INDUSTRIAL TECHNO and the LEAD SINGER of the AGGRESSIVE INDUSTRIAL TECHNO BAND is a LIVE PUMA and the puma is ON FIRE and the fire is MADE OF CHAINSAWS AND ANGRY BEES which is very angry but not as angry as MAD MAX FURY ROAD because MAD MAX FURY ROAD is as angry as a BUS DRIVER IN RUSH HOUR AT PADDINGTON STATION which is confusing and hard to navigate but not as hard to navigate as MAD MAX FURY ROAD because trying to understand the dialogue in MAD MAX FURY ROAD is like trying to overhear a neighbouring conversation in a DEBAUCHED UNDERGROUND NIGHT CLUB during AN APOCALYPSE which is a good way to spend the apocalypse rather like watching MAD MAX FURY ROAD which is like A TWO HOUR VISUALISATION OF A KING CRIMSON GUITAR SOLO SPEEDED UP TWELVE TIMES while next door your flatmate is listening to RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES and having FURIOUS BDSM SEXUAL CONGRESS WITH A HYENA and THE FLAT IS ON FIRE and THE FIRE IS ALSO ON FIRE and there is SAND LOTS OF SAND SO MUCH SAND and OLD WOMEN WITH GUNS and YOUNG WOMEN WITH GUNS and THE KID FROM ABOUT A BOY is grown up now and HE HAS A GUN TOO and CHAINS and SILVER SPRAY PAINT and YOU HAVE JUST BEEN WATCHING MAD MAX: FURY ROAD FUCK YOU and GOODNIGHT.

5/5 Stars.

I devoured this book in a frenzied state of awe, feeling grateful each moment to be experiencing something so beautiful. I’ve never read anything like it.

The entire story takes place in one night. Abraham Lincoln’s young son, Willie, has died, and grief-stricken Lincoln returns to the crypt several times to hold his boy’s body.

The narrative is entirely unique: a combination of brief excerpts from historical texts (mostly real, I believe?) about Lincoln and a cacophony of voices from the ghosts in the cemetery where Willie has been laid to rest. It takes some getting used to at first, but it’s brilliant.

The ghosts—and now Willie—are stuck in purgatory, and Willie’s arrival will change everything for them as they seek to help him transition to what comes next.

It’s a dazzling and deeply moving work of speculative fiction that delicately confronts the most profound topics: death, grief, love, sorrow, loss of a child. It’s tender, humane, funny and wildly inventive, written in prose that flows like poetry. I ached for the characters and felt such deep compassion for them, as Saunders clearly did, too.

I can’t think of a more beautiful and affecting meditation on love, life and death. Reading this was a gift and I’ll be surprised if there’s a better book this year.

(YT recommendation Masterpost) so you decided to unsub Jontron...

good for you actually! :D

i’ve been seeing a lot of jontron-alternatives post and it’s usually just the same old markipliers and nostalgia critics when there are plenty of talented underrated youtube personalities that would definitely use your support so here are my recommendations, i know some of these are not super hilarious ha-ha normalboots funny but they’re definitely worth a look

Extra Credit - They don’t really do reviews but talk a lot about what makes good game design and how games can be important to culture

Super Bunnyhop aka George Weidman - He reviews games and does a lot of well-done and heavily researched retrospectives and editorials

Lazy Game Reviews - If you’re into old school PC/DOS games, old and unique computer hardware and accessories or The Sims, you’ll definitely enjoy this guy and his immensely chill demeanor

Hard4Games - They’re a group who plays obscure and rare systems as well as do Let’s Plays of hacked games to find beta material, kinda niche but still fun to watch

non-gaming-centric recommends

Chez Lindsay aka Lindsay Ellis - Does insightful movie analysis and has her own series called Loose Canon where she discusses the numerous incarnations of famous pop culture characters

Tony Goldmark aka Somejerkwithacamera - Does reviews and retrospectives of disney/universal rides and attractions and is hilarious to boot, he also does movie and tv show reviews related to theme parks every now and then

RebelTaxi - If you’re a big cartoon fan you’ll love his channel were he does reviews of cartoons from the 90′s and 00′s as well as host a podcast where him and his friends talk about the latest in animation and pop culture news

Have had “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” for all of 7 hours and finished it. WOW. I haven’t realized just how much I missed these characters.

BtVS S11 #5 - Desperate Measures

Great issue – things are getting interesting.

In the camp, nothing much has changed (lack of blood making vampires go wild, demons looking for trouble, Jordan being extremely obnoxious etc) – but then, Buffy gets to be outside with a working crew, and finds out that something very wicked is brewing: the Government is building some machine (with magic involved in its parts), and it all seems very suspicious, still more when Buffy the Trustee is denied entrance in a restricted area.

Christos Gage/Georges Jeanty

I, for one, think that instead of focusing all efforts on what really happened in San Francisco (the dragon’s attack), the authorities are a little more interested in dealing with the beings they now hold in the “Safe Zone”. So, whatever they are doing, the camp will go on – unless it turns useless for lack of inhabitants…

And we see Willow facing a new dilemma: she is very worried about the fate of her Wiccan students, those who are inside as well as outside the camp. In the Safe Zone, most of them are in danger of being killed by the more violent demons at any given moment, and outside (according to what Dawn told Buffy), wiccans are being persecuted because of what they are and their religion.

But Will contemplates – the most pressing danger is inside the camp, so she tells Buffy she may have a solution to keep the girls safe: she is able to drain their witch powers, making them free to leave; Willow would be horrified to do that, to strip the witches of something so intrinsically part of them, but she can’t think of any other option. Will is powerful enough to do that, and I think she is mature enough to handle that – I don’t see Dark Willow on the horizon – but certainly she would be yet more powerful, and this can be crucial for the wicked things Scoobies’s way come.

And Spuffy is adorable - Buffy throws herself in Spike’s arms once more - which is, for me, a very good thing always.

Watsky’s Brave New World lyrics are so clever. Honestly this is why I love his song because at first you just passively listen to his songs and then when you realize all the puns and clever references and then you can’t stop thinking about it. Like with Brave New World a phrase I think is clever are the very first lines. I also like “way too many heads to feed / not too many beds to sleep”. and the entire song is basically criticizing the current situation that we are going through. It begins with the Trump vs. Hillary issues, to police brutality, homelessness, greed, the current gun controversy, climate change, the refugee controversy, the use of computers to replace humans in the workforce, and technology. and he ends each verse with “I swear you couldn’t write this stuff”. like its so unbelievable that this is what’s going on in our society. Also, I love that the title of the song is Brave New World and based off of the book.



1984 by George Orwell

  • Amazon: 4.5/5
  • Goodreads: 4.1/5




Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of the most haunting not to mention frightening books; 1984 should also be included in the horror genre.

1984 describes a Utopia. Not Thomas More’s version of Utopia, but this is one is the antithesis, i.e. Dystopia. Imagine living in a country, whose leaders apply a totalitarian system in regulating their citizen, in the most extreme ways, which make Hitler, Mao, Stalin and that old bloke in V for Vendetta look like sissies.

Working, eating, drinking, sleeping, talking, thinking, procreating…in short living, all are controlled by the state. Any hint of obedience or dislike can be detected by various state apparatus such as the Thought Police, telescreen, or even your children, who will not hesitate to betray you to the authorities. Even language is modified in such ways that you cannot express yourself, since individualism is a crime.

The past is controlled, rewritten into something that will strengthen the incumbent ruler. Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past. There is no real truth. The “truth” is what the state says it is. Black is white, 2+2=5, if the state says so.

The world in 1984 is divided into three states, originated from the ashes from World War II: Oceania (British Isles, the Americas, Pacific, Australia), Eurasia (Europe & Russia), and Eastasia (the rest of it). Continuous warfare between those three (who hold similar ideologies) is required to keep the society’s order and peace. Si vis pacem para bellum. That’s describes the first slogan.

The second slogan, freedom is slavery, means the only way to be free is by letting you lose yourself and to be integrated within the Party. That way, you’ll be indestructible and immortal.

Ignorance is strength, means the division on high, middle, low classes in society will never be changed. The middle wants to be the high and they’ll act “on behalf of the low” to dethrone the high. Afterwards, a new middle class arises, all will change except the low. The high and middle make and uphold the law, the low (proletarian) is just too stupid to revolt. The state maintains its structure by torture, intimidation, violence, and brainwashing.

by guest reviewer Silvana 

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The thing that people were chasing was to be not an object, but the five wives. I needed a warrior. But it couldn’t be a man taking five wives from another man. That’s an entirely different story. So everything grew out of that.

“Initially, there wasn’t a feminist agenda,” director George Miller insisted.

This quote about Mad Max: Fury Road made me want to gnaw on my own knuckle in cartoonish excitement because DO YOU SEE WHAT HIS LOGIC DOES THERE? Too many directors and writers would stop at “I needed a warrior.” They never take that next step to understand that it couldn’t be a man taking five wives from another man. 

For most action movies, the first half of this quote is enough. It’s enough to be Liam Neeson or Jason Statham or Clive Owen as a good man rescuing the poor women from the bad man. Easy money, right?  But Miller had the instinct to realize that a woman helping other women is not only a more interesting story to tell–it’s the story we should be telling all along.


Great Yarns

A longish list of SUPER-long books.

Recommendations by Estelle, Hermione Hoby, Ragini, Mads Jensen, Monika, Jane Marie, Stephanie, Anna F.,Meagan, Naomi and Tova.

4/5 Stars.

I wasn’t sure about this short story collection at first. As revered as Saunders is in the literary community—and even after reading and loving his new novel—I don’t know much about his work, and was admittedly caught off guard by how postmodern this was. I love postmodern fiction, but I also feel as if you need to be prepared for it—especially the experimental kind that plays around with form and language as much as this does.

So it took me a few stories to get going. Many of them are disorienting, and it takes some time to become acquainted with the styles and settings.

This is a collection about the downtrodden. About people living on the fringes of life. Although Saunders’ settings are sometimes surreal or even dystopian, they’re always firmly rooted in reality—critiques of modern American life verging from hilarious to emotional to disturbing.

His characters confront difficult situations, doing what they believe to be best for themselves and their loved ones, often to the point of absurdity. Because navigating happiness and prosperity in modern America is nothing if not absurd. A few of the stories juxtapose two characters, each in their own heads, whose lives overlap in striking ways. It’s a sobering reminder of the inherit loneliness of the individual human experience and the inevitable limits of our empathy.

When it comes down to it, we’re all just bumbling around doing our best, and Saunders’ prose cuts to the heart of that reality. Some of the stories in this collection were forgettable, but the ones that hit—and there were several—hit like a ton of bricks.

Favorites: The Semplica Girl Diaries, Escape from Spiderhead, Home, My Chivalric Fiasco and Tenth of December.

So I just finished Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy and oh my God I love this book so much! 😭 This and The Bane Chronicles are such incredible spin offs like I dont even know how to describe how good they were!

I always liked Simon in TMI but TFTSA really make me love his character like wow? And *SPOILER* my heart b r o k e when George didn’t make it through Ascension 😭 The whole book was so good and loved the TID chapters and the Malec chapters😭

Overall if you are thinking about whether TFTSA is worth buying it 100% is.