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The Beatles as Cinnamon Rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Paul

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: George

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Ringo

Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: John

This week on Ear Biscuits is… Watsky!!

Award winning slam-poet turned rapper, George Watsky, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about what was behind his controversial 35 ft. stage dive in late 2013, his recent struggle with epilepsy, how he maintains authenticity in his lyrics and online persona, and why he’s making waves in the hip hop industry with the release of his new album “All You Can Do.”

*NOTE: This conversation contains adult themes and language.

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Taking another look at the White Album poster made me notice what George was holding here… it appears to be a digestive biscuit. So, I had to take a photograph - and bring back these anecdotes regarding the biscuit incident. :)

“One member of the studio personnel closely involved with the LP [Abbey Road], who prefers to remain anonymous, recalls a very bitter row between John Lennon and George Harrison during the time that Yoko was attending sessions in her double-bed. ‘She got up and took a digestive biscuit off the top of George’s Leslie speaker cabinet. George saw this from the control room window and got into a big argument with John. The biscuit thing was soon forgotten; it seemed to me that they just wanted an excuse to argue, to air their pent-up resentments.’” - The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions by Mark Lewisohn [x]

“As we were listening, I noticed that something down in the studio had caught George Harrison’s attention. After a moment or two he began staring bug-eyed out the control room window… Yoko had gotten out of bed and was slowly padding across the studio floor, finally coming to a stop at Harrison’s Leslie cabinet, which had a packet of McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits on top. Idly, she began opening the packet and delicately removed a single biscuit. Just as the morsel reached her mouth, Harrison could contain himself no longer. ‘THAT BITCH!’ Everyone looked aghast, but we all knew exactly who he was talking about. ‘She’s just taken one of my biscuits!’ Harrison explained. He wasn’t the least bit sheepish, either. As far as he was concerned, those biscuits were his property and no one was allowed to go near them. Lennon began shouting back at him, but there was little he could say to defend his wife (who was happily munching away in the studio), because he shared exactly the same attitude towards food.” - Here, There And Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of The Beatles by Geoff Emerick

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“explain your url and profile pic”

Profile pic: lil Damien and his cat. Makes me so happy whenever I see it

Url: BiscuitRelief is a product of my original Instagram, which was a Beatles/ music recommendation account. It’s in reference to when Yoko Ono (John Lennon’s wife) stole some of George Harrison’s biscuits and he called her a bitch.

Just kinda stuck, haha.

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Hi! I love all your fics! Could you do one where Ginny or Harry are doing an interview and don't mean to answer anything but end up gushing about the other. Thanks!

A/N: Thank you so much!  Combined this with a couple other prompts and I’m pretty happy with the result.  It’s about 3k words so maybe worth the wait?

Also on FF and Ao3!


Harry pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a long, slow breath between his teeth, “You did what?

Unperturbed by his soon to be brother-in-law’s growing rage, George rocked his chair back on two legs as he tossed a shiny red apple above his head, “I told Lee that you’d do a spot on his late night show.  Nothing special, you can talk about magical stain remover for a quarter of an hour for all I care.”

Snatching the fruit from mid-air, Harry bit into the crisp skin with an angry crunch, “Why would I talk about magical stain remover?”

George shrugged, letting his chair drop back to four legs, “I told you, I’m just giving options.” He paused, looking thoughtful for a moment before his eyes lit up, “You’re an auror.”

“Well spotted, friend.”

Pausing to shoot a scowl over his shoulder as he rifled through the cupboards for sustenance, George hummed in thought, “I just reckoned you’re an auror, and also a public figure, so you could do a public safety spot or something.  Your boss will love it.”

The table groaned under Harry’s weight as he propped one hip against its aging top, face studiously blank, “George.”

Blinking girlishly, George looked toward Harry, biscuit tin in hand, “Yes my lovely Harry darling?”

“I’m going to murder you.”

George poured a tall glass of milk into his crystal clear glass, taking a healthy gulp before pointing an accusing finger in Harry’s direction, “That is not very auror like.”

Glaring dangerously, Harry grabbed George’s digit and murmured menacingly, “Kinglsey’ll spot me one.”

“You’re being quite rude.  Don’t make me object at your wedding,” the red head threatened with a lofty tone, mischievous eyes conveying the seriousness of his warning.

Unintimidated, Harry quirked a dark brow and examined his wand as he rumbled, “If I let you live that long.”

Making his way back toward the table that had borne countless Weasley family meals and dropped down in the slightly wobbly chair across from Harry, “I’m not without my defenses.”

Palms braced against the table, Harry drew his future brother-in-law’s gaze and held it, ebony locks shifting in the breeze the only movement, “If I let you make it to the wedding and you object, Ginny will murder you for me.”

George polished off a third biscuit, crumbs collecting on the table between his elbows, “Are you one of those violent couples?”

Ginny chose that moment to enter, tanned and freckled arms twining around Harry’s neck from behind, her chin resting lightly on his head, her flowery scent mixed with fresh cut grass, and leather floating around him.  Smirking, she turned her attention to her brother, “Who wants to know?”

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