george zeno

Marilyn photographed arriving at the How To Marry a Millionaire premiere on Wednesday, November 4th, 1953.

“A radiant Marilyn arrives for what she called "The happiest night of my life.”… When Monroe arrived at Fox early in the day to prepare for this auspicious occasion, she announced “I want to be all platinum and white tonight.” She was addressing her studio glamour squad: [William] Travilla, hairstylist Gladys Rasmussen, and makeup man Alan “Whitey” Snyder. By the time she made a dazzling entrance at the premiere, nearly everything she wore was on loan from the studio. Travilla fashioned the gown in a sort of sexy fairy-princess style (from leftover material he used on a costume for June Have in The Girl Next Door). It is white lace over nude crepe with lace embellished by thousands of tiny opalescent sequins. A sash of white satin and a matching train added extra pizzazz. Marilyn had already been seen in the dress two months earlier when she made her TV debut on The Jack Benny Show. The gloves, earrings, shoes, and even the platinum polish on her finger and toenails were all property of Fox. The fur, an unusual combination of a muff on the end of a stole, was Marilyn’s.“ - Marilyn in Fashion: The Enduring Influence of Marilyn Monroe by Christopher Nickens and George Zeno