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It sometimes still makes me mad how poorly Paul was treated directly before, during, and for a while after the big Breakup.

None of these boys were saints, obviously–there were a bunch of unresolved issues, perfect familiarity starting to breed contempt, outside influences starting to put pressure on them (cough Yoko cough), and ego is undeniable–but I always have hated how much Paul got the brunt of the anger and how the other 3 banded together against him.

Especially when you consider the fact that Paul was right. The other 3 blamed him for pushing too hard, for wanting a different lawyer, for not wanting Spector anywhere near their stuff, for holding out, and for being the one who eventually dropped the news.

I’m pretty sure the break-up would have happened no matter what–Yoko had her claws deep in John by this point, they’d all been together a long time, there were tensions and they were exhausted–but I also sort of believe that had they listened to Paul (and maybe if he had backed off just a tad bit), had they tried to keep things together instead of ostracizing one for not agreeing with the others, maybe there could have been another Beatles album in the future. Maybe things could have been resolved a little bit more kindly. Maybe there would have been time–after a cooling off period wherein the band actually operated as a “4 sides of a square” group–for John and Paul to finally TALK, for them to set aside some of their major beefs and differences, for each Beatle to try their hand at a solo career, and then they could have come back and continued work together as The Beatles. 

But that didn’t happen. It went down the way it went down, and history shows that Paul was right. The legal mess could have been avoided had they decided to go with a different firm, Spector was a terrible person and most of his producing work does not sound as good as what the Beatles + George Martin had ever done. Also, I can’t blame him for not wanting to be all in to the LSD craze or being genuinely concerned about John’s Yoko-influenced heroin addiction. Paul was not perfect. He had his ego, he had his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, but it has always seemed unfair to me that the others banded against him so viciously. 

It is also the height of men-who’ve-known-each-other-since-teenhood pettiness that one of the biggest things that pushed the Beatles into an “us vs Paul” mentality was the fact that Paul was the one who finally dropped the official news–AFTER he’d been voted down on everything and his music had been corrupted without his permission or knowledge. I’m pretty sure John’s mentality was that he’d left the band first, why does PAUL get the credit?

But then even after they’re broken up, even while George is experiencing great solo success and John has his precious Yoko, they still have so much bitter animosity towards Paul. George, John, and even Ringo collaborate on post-Beatles records–but Paul is not invited. John and George create caustic, unkind lyrics for songs, trash his music in the press, speak bitterly of him in personal contexts. Even Ringo has his turn, in things like ‘After 1970′ saying that he “doesn’t know” if Paul would play with him, but knows the other 2 will. 

I guess it just kills me because John was the one who created most of this discord. He was the one who started bristling at the fact that Paul was taking control of the band cos he was too deep in his Yoko/heroin addiction. He probably definitely encouraged some of George’s minor ‘anti-Paul’ thoughts, and he was absolutely the ringleader when the 3 decided to go with a different lawyer, a different producer, etc etc. In any case, it was John who created the tension, who caused the bad feelings–but it’s Paul who gets ostracized. It’s Paul who gets the blame for causing the breakup, for being against the others, for holding out on what the rest of the group wants. 

And all Paul really wanted was to keep creating music. Keep working with his best friends, keep pushing The Beatle ingenuity forward. We’ll never know if he could have been successful, we’ll never know if the Beatles creativity could have gone any further, if they could’ve kept things together without them exploding eventually. But I think it’s a shame they never got a chance to try. 

To me, it’s really not fair that Paul, who had kept them together after losing Brian, is the one who ends up losing his passion project. Yes, he went on to work his tail off to keep his career going, founded Wings and all that, and–for the most part–kept his nose clean of all the mud-flinging, but still bears the brunt of Beatle-breakup crap. 

It just seems like rubbing salt in the wound.

Songs for The Losers Club

Stan ‘the man’ Uris: -’The Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel

-’You Can Make Me Free’ by Billy Joel

-’Shades of Gray’ by The Monkees

-’Tomorrow is Today’ by Billy Joel

-’You’ve Got a Friend’ by James Taylor

-’Free as a Bird’ by The Beatles 

Bill Denbrough: -’The Long Run’ by The Eagles

-’Running on Empty’ by Jackson Browne

-’Amie’ by Pure Prairie League

-’I Won’t Back Down’ by Tom Petty 

-’The End of Innocence’ by Don Henley 

-’Against the Wind’ by Bob Seger 

Eddie Kaspbrak: -’Just Another Nervous Wreck’ by Supertramp

-’Here Comes The Sun’ by George Harrison

- ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ by The Rolling Stones

-’Take A Giant Step’ by The Monkees

-’Come Go With Me’ by The Del-Vikings

-’End Of The Line’ by The Traveling Wilburys 

Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier: -’I Started  A Joke’ by The Bee Gees

-’I Go to Extremes’ by Billy Joel

-’Everyday’ by Buddy Holly

-’Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ by The Rolling Stones

-’Nobody Told Me’ by John Lennon

-’People Are Strange’ by The Doors 

Beverly Marsh: -’I am Woman’ by Helen Reddy

- ‘She’s Leaving Home’ by The Beatles

-’I Wanna Be Free’ by The Monkees

-’Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ by Pat Benatar 

-’Modern Woman’ by Billy Joel

-’Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin

Mike Hanlon: -’Smalltown’ by John Mellencamp

-’Take It Easy’ by Jackson Browne or The Eagles

-’What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong

-’Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan

-’Sir Duke’ by Stevie Wonder

-’That’ll Be The Day’ by Buddy Holly

Ben Hanscom: -’The Logical Song’ by Supertramp 

-’Don’t Bring Me Down’ by Electric Light Orchestra 

-’I Will’ by The Beatles

-’I Fall to Pieces’ by Michael Nesmith and The First National Band version

-’The Waiting’ by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 

-’You Can’t Hurry Love’ by Phill Collins 

group song: ‘Forever Young’ by Rod Stewart 

George Weasley/ Female-Reader

Charms Class

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Imagine George working up the courage to ask you to the Yule Ball

You were in his Charms class, always sitting by the window with your friends. He, Fred and Lee would always be at the back, messing around and driving Professor Flitwick up the wall with their antics. The three of them would make the class laugh and whenever he’d see you laughing or smiling he would get a glowing feeling in his stomach and wouldn’t be able to stop grinning like an idiot for the rest of the day. 

It was after one of these Charms classes that he finally spoke to you. You had stayed behind to ask Professor Flitwick something about the upcoming OWLs in the summer so George stayed back, Fred raising his eyebrows as he and Lee left the class.

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Sex With George Weasley Would Include.....

•Him giving you hickies everywhere, mostly on your breasts and neck •Having sex in the Room of Requirements •Him always asking “Are you okay?” •Moaning in each other’s mouths •PASSIONATE AND SLOW SEX •ROUGH AND FAST SEX •Him always wanting to make you feel good •Him kissing you everywhere teasingly •George always making an excuse to have sex •"What did you get on your test?“ •"An A+! Why?” •"Let’s celebrate in my bedroom" •Hair Pulling •Sometimes blindfolds •Him making you scream so everyone can know your his •You clawing at his back when he gets too deep •Him finding your g-spot in a second •Him kissing you roughly as you reach your climax •You tying him up •You mostly on the bottom and him on top •Him being dominant •You whining when he stops moving right before you reach your climax •You teasing him constantly •You touching him in class making him leave to the bathroom with you close behind him •BATHROOM sex •Rough common room sex while everyone’s asleep •Him smiling as you curse and arch your back •Him kissing your stomach and getting lower •"George! I can’t feel my legs!“ •"You’re Welcome!”

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Capricorn Quotes

“I always want more.” -Alvin Ailey

“I will win. Not immediately, but definitely.” -Unknown

“If you put your name on something. It better be the best… you only get one shot.” -George Foreman

“But I always feel that whatever I do, I could be better. I suppose it is perfectionism.” -Rowan Atkinson

“I like someone who’s not so crazy but likes to have a good time… and who is thoughtful, kind, and easy to laugh with.” -Kate Bosworth

Two Of Us (6.97)
The Beatles

January 6th, 1969 (Twickenham Film Studios, London): Paul and George have a fraught and ultimately sad exchange about responsibilities, expectations, and means to ends, with John in the uncommon role as mediator trying to move the sessions along. An increasingly anxious and self-conscious Paul is aware of his own tendency to direct the rehearsals but confesses himself at a loss for any other way to keep everyone productive, in tune, and in pace with their looming deadline without encroaching on everyone else’s egos, emotions, and individual working methods. George capitulates, contends his inability to conform to their current circumstances with Paul’s inability to compromise, and wonders despondently if Paul even knows what he really wants (for this project, for the group and its individual members, or for himself). (Note: This is the third part of a series breaking down that Paul and George argument in the Let It Be film documentary. The dialogue that was eventually edited into the scene as depicted in the film is highlighted in bold. First part, second part.) 

PAUL: You see, we’re really – we’re gonna have to sorta bring it together, because we’re all at odds, we’re doing that thing we did on The Beatles, we’re all playing, you know, like… [incoherent] Like in this verse, it’s two harmonies singing, trying to say some words, right. So like you know, you can just, duh duh dunch cha. And in the bits, when we need bits, we’re not—

JOHN: Yeah I know the bits. I’m just trying to sing it, and do it through.

PAUL: [plays] You know what I mean? We’ve got to get riffs, when the riff bits come up.

GEORGE: The riffs. Uh, there’s no riffs. I mean, it’s nice to get – just to get what you’re playing—

PAUL: No, but it’s just, look – you see, “you and I”, uh – on—

GEORGE: You and I, our memories

PAUL: Uh, but it’s not – it’s not together, you see, so it’s not sounding together. Even on—

GEORGE: So we can only play until we – until we can find the bit—

PAUL: Or we can stop and say it’s not together.

GEORGE: Yes, then you’ve got to carry on until we get it together. So I mean, that’s all, that’s all I can do is play—

PAUL: Okay. Well, I, you know—

GEORGE: —until it sounds as though it’s blending with the rest—

PAUL: I never know what to say to that, you know, ’cause what I want to say is now come on, and play… you know.

GEORGE: Yes, I know.

PAUL: But I can’t, you know, because we get into that line.

GEORGE: It does.

PAUL: Okay. [laughs nervously] So, here we go. [starts playing] You know, I mean, well. Tell us something about that. I can’t make it beyond that. It’s like, it’s – it’s complicated now. So. See, if we can get simpler, and then complicate it where it needs complications, but it’s complicated in the bit—

GEORGE: It’s not complicated. I’m just gonna—

PAUL: I know, but I mean – you know.

GEORGE: I mean, I’ll play just the chords, if you’ll like, and—

PAUL: [hushed] No, come on, you always get like—

GEORGE: —and then – but that’s all I’m trying to do—

PAUL: [anxious] You always get annoyed when I say that. I’m – I’m trying to help, you know, but I always hear myself annoying you, and I’m trying to—

GEORGE: No, you’re not annoying me.

PAUL: —I get so I can’t say—

GEORGE: [acquiescent] You don’t annoy me [anymore?].

PAUL: But you know what I mean. You know, well, do this, then. [plays] And then… I don’t know. [long pause] Yeah. I can’t do it on film, either. [laughs; bleak] I don’t know if I can do it on camera. [long silence; guitar playing]

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Relationship with George.

Relationship with George??? pLEASE AND THANK YOU - JE

big spoon/little spoon: George is the big spoon. He is always as close as possible to your body. He says it is the fact that the bed is tiny but he really doesn’t need to be that close.

favourite non-sexual activity: George loves to play Quidditch with you. You are terrible at it but he loves that. It’s the perfect excuse to grab you and tackle you. Even when you point out there is no tackling.

who uses all the hot water:

You do. It’s even worse if he jumps in with you. This happens a lot!

the most trivial thing they fight over: You cleaning up what you think is a mess when it’s his newest pet project. “Love you put the new farting candy in the bin!” “I honestly thought they were old gross raisins.”

who does most of the cleaning: You. Molly was too good to hIm but you do feel a bit like a mother at times.

season pass on their DVR/who controls the Netflix queue:

It’s your Netflix. He likes it at times but when you’re bingeing something he gets sad that he is not your full attention.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: You. It probably broke because of something he did. When the person comes to fix it however he likes to nod along and makes comments like he knew all along.”See y/n I said it was probably the coil.”

who steals the blankets: George does. Even though you have been sleeping together for quite some time he forgets there is another body in the bed that also needs warmth. “You are a twin. You should know how to share. You shared your mother.””Yah worst nine months of my fuckin life.”

who leaves their stuff around: George. Is that even really a question.

who remembers to buy the milk: You. Molly has always taken care of everything and you have been lovingly passed the buck.

who remembers anniversaries: You. He always seems to pull through somehow.

Who cooks normally?: George funnily enough.Molly has taught two of her children how to cook and He and Ginny were the only two who seemed interested.

How often do they fight?: Everyday. “I swear t’ god if you don’t stop ticklin’ me I will lose my bloody mind.” or the famous “ Stop trying to prank me! I know all of your secrets.”

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: George is working. You are reading a book in the quiet as it isn’t often you have silence in your life.

Nicknames for each other?: George loves to call you Petal. Or Love. You call him Lamb. The two of you are still not sure where it came from but it has stuck.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: George would pay every time if you let him. You insist however on keeping it fifty-fifty.

What would they get each other for gifts?: George gets you simple gifts that you want. It’s always that newest book you won’t shut up about. You stick with things he would never buy himself that he wants. Like a fancy watch.

Who kissed who first? : You did. It was a surprise to the both of you, however. It was after the match that the team had won. You ran up to give him a celebratory hug with an accidental kiss. The accidental kiss was replaced by a much more passionate kiss quickly after the two of you pulled apart.

Who made the first move?: George. In his dorm bed. At night. With all of his roommates in their own beds a couple of feet away. It was awkward and amazing.

Who remembers things?: George. He was terrible at school but he can tell you what might be in one of his tricks.

Who started the relationship?: You did because you made Fred ask George what the hell was taking so long.

Who cusses more?: George. He is pretty good at not swearing near kids. He is, however, terrible at not swearing around his mother who makes sure to give him a hearty smack.

What would they do if the other was hurt?: George would stay near your side. He would have to be forced to leave to eat or shower.

George Weasley Being Clingy Would Include.....

•Him always being near you whenever he gets •Of course you don’t mind •Him always having an arm around you’re waist, lower back, shoulders •Him constantly holding you’re hand •Him standing extremely close to you when you’re talking to guy friends •You asking why he’s so clingy and him not answering •"George, please tell me" •"I love you and I’m scared that you’ll leave me" •You hugging him and end up cuddling in bed all night •You both waking up to the noise of Fred and His roommates snickering •"You guys slept together, didn’t you?“ •You curl up against George and he tightens his hold around you •You going out with you’re friends to Hogsmead •"Can I come?” •You bringing George back a Butterbeer since he couldn’t go •Trying to get up for class but him bringing you back in bed because he wants to cuddle •Long and sweet kisses to persuade you •Roaming Hands •Him loving it when you put you’re hands on his face and pull him in for a kiss •Saying ‘I love you’ back and forth any chance you both could get •SPINNING hugs •Him getting mad when other boys look at you •You reassuring him that he’s the only one that you want to spend the rest of you’re life with •Long kisses before class in the hallways, because he doesn’t want to let go of you just yet. Which results in Snape sending you both to Dumbledore’s office •Laughing as you both hold hands while walking to headmaster Dumbledore

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Issues - George Weasley X Reader

A/N: A request from @harryyyyypotterrrr A George Weasley imagine; an angst turned into fluff based on the song Issues by Julia Michaels. I’m gonna highlight the words that I got from the song. Thanks again for requesting. :> Idk if I gave you what you wanted but I hope you still enjoyed this.

Pushing your plate away from you, you took one last glare at George who’s sitting a few yards away, then stood up to leave. You just can’t stomach him anymore. At times he’s all loving, cuddly and giddy then after a few days he’d just leave you hanging, empty and then the cycle would repeat! ‘What am I to him?’ you started to talk to yourself as you roam the empty halls of the castle. ‘I’m not a toy!’ Your heart cried out for the nth time as you feel the need to feel him in your arms again.

Your hopelessness and feet dragged you up to the astronomy tower. You sighed when you reached the last step and looked around. The place is the same, the telescopes aligned at the edge, star charts on the side… even you, you’re heart is broken, still. You looked up at the sky and you were thinking about George again. You thought of how he must think of you. ‘Am I just a part of a prank? of a joke?’ You asked yourself. 

Your fists were clenched and your eyes staring somewhere far. You then screamed at the top your lungs  “HA, GEORGE WEASLEY?! AM I JUST A TOY OF SOME SORT?! WHEN YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH, YOU WILL AND WHEN YOU GET BORED YOU’LL TOSS AWAY?!”  You closed your eyes trying to keep the tears from falling. “WHY DON’T WE EXCHANGE PLACES?! I GO AND GIVE YOU LOVE THEN THE NEXT I WON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU?!” you inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, trying to calm yourself then put your hands on your knees. Your heart cries but your eyes are dry. “What are we, really, George?” You whispered.

“No, you are not.”

You suddenly turned to look at the direction where the voice came from. You were met with a tall skinny man who has a red flaming hair. Only thing is that for a moment you wished it was Fred, not George. When your eyes met, anger rushed to you again. You scoffed at him “Excuse me, what?” pretending you dislike his presence, but to be honest, you actually want to wrap your arms around his body, feel him breathing next to you, and hear his voice saying the words that tickle your heart. “I said you aren’t. You are not a toy.” He replied looking at you with guilt in his eyes.

“Well, Georgie”  you smiled mockingly, emphasizing his name.”Are you here to live out your temporary boyfriend responsibilities to me?” you said raising your brows. He opened his mouth, about to say something but you cut him off. “Oh, pfft! Don’t even bother, George. I know what’ll happen tomorrow. You’ll just pass by me in the hallways and I would hope for you to talk to me but guess what? You would not even give me a look.” 

“I-” George started but you raised your pointing finger and hushed him. “You know.. you could’ve just been true to me.” You told him softly. “You shouldn’t have held my hand in public. You shouldn’t have told me you love me. And most especially, you shouldn’t have kissed me, you a**!“ Your voice raising at the last sentence. “But I am a fool, George. I let you think I was some kind of charity for always welcoming you even after you let me feel unloved and unappreciated.I’ve got issues and one of them was how bad I need you.” You walked closer to his way but passed by him, stopping to lean at the large oak door. George walked closer to you and called out. “Y/N-” “Just go, George.” putting your hand out to point out the door.

“Y/N, just le–” George insisted “Please, George, just go. Leave me alone. I am trying, for once, not to listen to my heart.” You begged of him; trying hard not to let your voice crack.

“NO! Y/N!” He slammed both of his hands on the wooden door just above your head making you flinch. When he saw you flinch he immediately regretted his action and softened his voice. Whilst you looked at the other way not having enough courage to look at him in the eye. “Y/N, listen to me, please.” He looked down as he held both of your hands. “I’ve got things going on with me and- and-..” he sighed clearly frustrated and ruffled his hair.

“I-I’m listening…” you told him trying to calm him down. He then stopped moving and looked at you in the eye. “Go on..” encouraging him more to talk. “I’m jealous.. over the little things. W-when you’re just out with a few guy friends I get angry. I don’t know but I just do. And I tend to just ignore you after that because I can’t face you.“ He explained. “But, I’m sorry. I am, really. You are not a toy..” touching his forehead to yours and you closed your eyes. “You are not a charity. You are so much more than that and I’m stupid for not seeing your worth. I was selfish, I focused more on how I felt rather than how you would feel too. I’m sorry, Y/N. I love you..”

You felt a drop of water on your cheek. For a second you thought rain could be coming. But when you opened your eyes you saw George with tears on his face. You put your right hand on his cheek. He held onto your hand and leaned in to your touch before opening his eyes. For a few seconds you both just stared into each other’s eyes then you decided to speak up “This… this is your last chance, George Weasley.” He slowly looked at you with confusion and shock on his face. “If you mess up, I’m telling you.. I would leave your life entirely.” His face broke into a disbelieving smile as he buried his face onto your neck and hugged you tightly. You smiled knowing after all, there was an escape to this trouble.

He mumbled something whilst his face is still on your neck but you couldnt quite catch it. “What is it, darling?” You asked. He distanced his face from your neck “I said: you really are an angel sent.” After his words he wrapped his hands on your waist and buried his face again on your neck. You laughed at his words “You are so corny, George.” You said whilst you carefully caress his hair. “But you love me.” He said smiling, looking up at you. You chuckled and looked down at him “Do I?” You said teasing him. He pouted at you and you took the chance to put both of your hands in his face to kiss him. You sniled into the kiss when you felt his grin widen.

The moment could’ve lasted for minutes but Professor McGonagall’s voice rang in the tower. “What do you think you two are doing in the middle of the night when the curfew had already passed?” You straigthened yourself and got up from leaning from the door. George answered for the two of you knowing that you always get your tongue tied in this kind of situation. “Uhm, kissing?” Your eyes grew wide and mentally face palmed yourself. ‘Maybe he shouldn’t have answered’ you thought to yourself, growing grumpy. “Weasley!” Professor McGonagall retorted. “You have just earned the both of you a detention. Tomorrow, in my classroom, at seven o'clock. You better go back to your common room before Mr. Filch finds you two.” She turned elegantly and took her leave down the Astronomy Tower.

You then turned to him looked at him in annoyance. “What?” He asked innocently. “Don’t give me that face! You just got us in detention.” You said, crossing your arms and leaning back against the heavy door. He smiled teasingly and walked towards you. Pulling you closer to him, he suddenly kissed you causing you to jump in surprise. He laughed and leaned in more to the kiss in which you responded by pinching his right cheek hard. He pulled back, rubbing his cheek and complaining about the pain. “Why’d you do that?” he asked “Because, George Weasley….” you smiled sweetly “…I. Love. You.” You said pecking his nose and immediately walked away. After he had processed what you said, he stepped forward to catch your hand and pull you back into his arms. “It’s not fair to leave me like that, is it, love?” “Why not?” You asked “Because I followed you up here.” “And who told you to do it?” “Just my heart.” He said as he gave you a wide smile and pointed to his chest. You slapped his shoulder “Stoo being so corny, George!” You said while laughing. “Only for you.” He said while quirking his eyebrows up and down. “Ohmygods. You’re a hopeless case.” You turned to walk away and go down but he just laughed and hugged you.

A/N: This was my first attempt to write an angst so sorry if it was trashy.

Imagine: Being a Ravenclaw, and Fred and George constantly trying to get your attention because you always help them with their pranks.

“Come one (Y/N), it won’t get you in trouble, just us!” George swore. 

“If we get caught.” Fred added under his breath.

“And who are they going to think was the one that made it, one of you?

Dating George Weasley would include...

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  • you’d pretty much be dating Fred as well
  • getting into detention with him and Fred A LOT
  • they’d somehow get out of it, leaving you in detention by yourself
  • but George would do something and get you out of it too
  • Fred always pretending to be George
  • George pretending to be Fred so that he could get stuff out of you about himself
  • sometimes you’d do his homework and then when he finds out he’d give you cute little magic gifts/tricks and food
  • Molly knitting you a sweater for Christmas
  • staying at the burrow for the holidays
  • he stays up late with you in the common room
  • you guys can just talk and laugh for hours
  • people always tell you to shush because you’re laughing too hard, which makes you guys laugh even harder
  • the professors are all really surprised at why such a clever student is always messing about with the Weasley twins 
  • Mcgonagall secretly ships it
  • If you weren’t in the same house, you’d have a lot of bets 
  • “We’re totally going to smash you in quidditch today, Y/N!”
  • “Wanna bet?” 
  • “Yeah, why not?”
  • Still, lots of bets even if you were in the same house 
  • “I’ll give you five galleons if you can steal a jar from Snape’s potion stores.“ 
  • “You’re on, George”
  • piggy back rides with him running down the corridor and you screaming
  • and then Snape sees you and you both sprint while laughing super hard and end up kissing
  • just lots of laughter and fun in general
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Ruffling his hair. 
  • Him pretending to hate when you ruffle his hair, but actually loving it. 
  • Bonding over dogs. 
  • Spending time together looking at pictures of cute dogs. 
  • Thinking about adopting a dog together.
  • “I want every single one,”
  • Him talking about tractors all the time. 
  • You pretending to be interested in tractors to make him happy. 
  • Him claiming that with you he’s the happiest he’s ever been. 
  • The club teasing you for having him so infatuated. 
  • Going to Harry’s with George.
  • Battling Harry at PlayStation after he beats George.
  • Avenging your boyfriend. 
  • James being your best friend. 
  • Spending a lot of time with James. 
  • George not minding all the time you and James spend together because he loves it that you get along with his friends. 
  • George always asking his mum for two of everything she cooks for him, because he thinks you like it.
  • Not exactly disliking his mum’s cooking, but kidney’s not your favorite dish. 
  • “My mum sent you some kidney, I told her you loved it the last time you had it,”
  • Traveling together.
  • Him telling you corny jokes.
  • Visiting his house a lot because his parents love you.
  • Drinking at the village pub when you visit his house. 
  • Him being adorably clingy when he’s jealous. He’d come close and grab your hand, or hug you, or even kiss you. 
  • “You don’t have to be jealous. I only love you,”
  • His hand never leaving yours. NEVER. 
  • George not being too much of a PDA fan.
  • However, the above doesn’t stop him from placing soft, sweet kisses on your lips every now and then. 
  • Him always telling you how much he loves your smile.
  • Promising to stay together forever.
  • “And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side,”

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Weasley Twins Imagine - The Fight (Part 1)

*Misread a request by an anon*

I haven’t done Weasley twins in a while - sorry about that!  Hope you like it!

It is going to be two parts because it is super long.  I’ll try and get the other part up later today or tomorrow night (at the latest).

     For once in their life, the Weasley twins weren’t getting along.

     It all started when Umbridge had put only Fred in detention, when George had clearly helped turn all the kitten plates in her room in to spider plates.  But for some reason, Umbridge singled out Fred, and George got off scot-free.

     When Fred returned to the Gryffindor common room that night, it was one in the morning.  George and I had waited up for him.  Unsurprisingly, he was in a terrible mood.

     He stormed over to us and I took his hand, ready with the bandages.  After all, the three of us had been in detention together before and definitely knew the consequences.   But he jerked his hand away from me and said angrily, “I can do it, y/n.  I want to talk to George, alone.  Why don’t you go to bed or something?”

     I frowned but headed up to the girls’ dormitory.  I had barely made it to the stairs when I heard Fred say, “I can’t believe you didn’t even try to help me, George!  I mean, what were you even doing?  Sitting up here flirting with y/n?”

     I flushed at the mention of my name.  Actually, George and I had been doing Fred’s homework so he wouldn’t have to - not flirting.  Not flirting much, anyways.

     “What was I supposed to do, Fred?” George snapped, “Hex her?  I only would have made it worse for you and gotten myself a detention, and you know that.”

     “Maybe you deserve a detention.”

     I froze halfway up the stairs.  I had never heard the twins fight - and definitely never like that like that.

     It sounded like George was in shock too.  “What is your problem?”

     “What is my problem?” asked Fred, “I have to deal with a stupid, free loading brother who can’t even help me once in his life!”

     George was speechless.

     I bit my lip.  This was getting really nasty, really fast.

     I slowly walked back down the stairs and opened my mouth to try and diffuse the situation, but before I could speak, George remembered how to talk.

     “Excuse me?”  George said, “You have to deal with a stupid, free loading brother?  You get all the credit for everything!  It’s always Fred and George.  You get to do everything first, and you always get more attention.  We both know I’m smarter than you!”

     Fred looked like he wanted to strangle George, and so I hurriedly jumped in between them.  “Guys, calm down - it isn’t a big deal!  Fred, I’m sorry that you had to go to detention, but George wanted to try and rescue you.  I convinced him not to, because I didn’t want to make it worse for either of you.  So really, it’s my fault.”

     Both twins glared at me.  “It’s not your fault, y/n,” Fred growled.  “I just want to talk to George, alone.  So I’d be happy if you would go away for a while.”

     George scowled at Fred and said, “Don’t talk to y/n that way!  She’s only ever been nice to us, and you know it!”

     When Fred rolled his eyes at that comment, and said, “Yeah, whatever” George stepped in front of me.

     “Maybe you should leave, y/n.” he said, glaring at Fred.  “I had no idea my brother was such a twat, otherwise I would have kept you away from him.  You don’t deserve to be hurt.”

     As he turned around to confront his brother yet again, my eyes began to sting with tears and I covered my mouth with my hand to muffle a sob.  But still, both boys heard it, and turned around to look at me with concerned expressions.

     “No, y/n, we didn’t mean to upset you,” said Fred gently.

     “Yeah,” George agreed.

     Fred reached out to me but before he could touch me I turned away and fled up to the girls’ dormitory.

     As I started up the stairs, I heard George say, “Now look what you’ve done.”

     The twins fought for at least another hour.  I could hear them shouting at each other all the way up where I was sleeping.  I tried to muffle the sound with my pillow, but still they yelled, and I heard it all.

     When they finally stopped and everything fell silent, I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my face.  It looked as though Fred, George, and I would never have the same relationship again.

It all started from a simple diary.. (Part 2)

It has been a month you’ve been dating the infamous Fred weasley and you were quite enjoying it. He really knew how to treat a girl well. For now,you’ve felt it, that you were madly falling in love with him. And you were not quite sure if that was okay or not.

Fred was always there for you,and also quite possesive. Whenever you were stressed about studies and stuff he was the one to cheer you up. His silly jokes somehow made you laugh anyway,having his company had made you also a cherished person.

Being close to him had made you also close to his twin brother,George weasley. Your friendship with them both had get more deeper. Sometimes, when it get hard to distinguish between them,George would also like to flirt with you. Seeing you blush in front of George,Fred always got jealous. He scold his brother on this act and will also not talk to you for a minute or two. But you and George always got successful in getting him to laugh in the end.

Once just to prank Fred, George glamoured himself more like his twin and walked in the whole corridor with you after your classes. Arms in arms, only to get caught by Fred. He had just had an detention of which you were not aware of and was coming off from the same path.

He looked quite bewildered by looking at you two and so did you, after which a minute George started laughing like a maniac. After then you realized what have been done, Fred took it all serious. He did forget his brother but not you, blaming for why you cant even tell the differ between him and George.All that done, he still loved and treated you well.

Today,well you couldn’t find him anywhere after your classes. Neither in the hogwarts hall nor in the Gryffindor common room and well,library wasn’t even the option. You told George to look for him up in his dorm but he wasn’t there either.

After giving a final stroll to the great hall,you gave up and decided to find him later. You saw your room mates in the Gryffindor common room,in way keeping in mind that your dorm will be empty so you can atleast lay there few minutes in peace.

You opened your room door to find some one laying on your bed. Hearing the door creak,it jumped and sat up. “Whose there?” You asked and walked closer only to find your ginger boyfriend.

He quickly stood up “oh-Hey. Hey (Y/n),.. I wasnt expecting you..” He looked like he had just seen a ghost.
“Expecting me in my own room?what even you were doing here? You know i looked every-wait whats that your hiding?” you noticed that there was something he was hiding behind his back.
“Oh that….” he hesitated at first but then he held out his hand , you were shocked to find your old diary in his hands.

“Fred!” You gasped and snatched the diary out of his hands “Did you read it?” His head was hanging losely down now ,his expression was enough to tell you that he have read it.


“How many times I-

“Stop it (Y/n) !” He cut you off and looked straight at you, ofcourse you were expecting that from him after that but not this much anger. “Just stop it. why did you lie to me, (Y/n)? That i was the one you have loved ever? That i was the love of your life and shit.!” He was almost shouting now.

“I have not lied to you, Fred.” You tried to calm him down yet remained unsuccessful.
“NO! You lied to me (Y/n)! You’ve been lying all this time! Do you think im lying? Or I have not read it correctly in your diary that you’ve been not in love with me but with my brother! ” he was shaking now,really badly.

“Fred ! That doesnt mean anything-I mean i was but-

“But what?Ohh now i got it. That day you both strolling off alone in corridors.

“No Fred you-

“You both were having a quite nice night that time ,eh? You two have been fooling me all these time !!” He stopped,anger was getting inside his nerves and his face was getting red all over.

It was true that your crush once used to be George but now it was Fred whom you were in love with, despite of some similiar habits their personalties had huge change and the one you were in love with was Freds.

You were taken back of his anger, face palming yourself in your mind on the thought of why didnt you hide that diary or torn off its few pages.

“Fred I could explain please.” You put a hand on his shoulder and felt him breathing heavily. “Please just listen to me one. ”

“Im sorry, (Y/n). I cant.” His eyes stared at the floor. “I’ve read what i needed to. And I’ve figured out what i was being playing with in. I cant believe you ….”

You realized what he was about to say or where he was going but no. You cant just let him go like this. “You’re not breaking up with me,Fred?”

“Yes,so now you’ve guessed it. Just stay away from me now on. You’ve hurt me enough.” with that he started to walk off out the door,i grabbed his arms but he shrugg of it quickly.

“Fred -No -FRED PLEASE !!” But he was gone and out the door. I didnt realize that i was sobbing,that i had tears in my eyes. What have i done? Why didn’t i tell him. Ofcourse it would be looking all obvious to him , me blushing on George comments, laughing at his jokes and all the stuff!

I flumped on my bed and started crying awfully but then i realize the diary in my hands. I had quite forgot about it. I noticed a corner of the page turned , that must be where he left off. I opened the book to find my poem written

Maybe not today,he will find out.
And I will continue to love you.
The day would be not far about,
When i will know how it will feel to kiss you.
Cause i have this thing for you baby,
That Just wanna get possesed by you.

Of course, how can i miss the part where ‘To Georgie’ was written in the corner.

I was once thankful to this diary but not now, it had started it, my love for Fred. And it had end it.


“Stay behind the gun.” “Oh, I intend to.

I see Drama in Your Future

Part of the 5 Years Later Series (x)

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to JK Rowling

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When you walked into the dining room the remaining worry you felt over the dinner vanished. No one was scolding you for not visiting, in fact, it seemed as if no time had passed between now and your last dinner at the Weasley’s. Ginny was all grins and beckoned you to sit beside her.

“I was starting to get nervous when you and George didn’t come in that you’d ducked out,” Ginny inquired.

“I was talking to him about how I had no idea of how to talk to Fred. This dinner is lovely Gin, but it’s a bit overwhelming when everyone is secretly hoping we’ll make peace. Maybe talking to him around fewer people would be easier,” you mused aloud. Ginny rolled her eyes, of course she saw this as an excuse to delay the inevitable.

“I understand your apprehension, but we aren’t going to pressure you into an uncomfortable situation. Contrary to your belief, we invite you over for more than just making nice with Fred,” Ginny teased. “We all missed you, Fred just missed you a bit more.”

You decided to chance it and stole a look at Fred. He fit Fred’s description which was the exact opposite of how you remembered him. His cheeks which always dimpled in a smile were now sunken in a permanent frown. His eyes that sparkled with mischief were empty. You’d seen ghosts with more energy than him.

“I know Gin, I’m glad to see all of you. It’s about time things return to normal,” you sighed playing with food on your plate.

“We’ve never been a normal family. Things are always interesting ,and I have a feeling things are about to get exciting again,” Ginny grinned.  

“Gin, don’t curse me with drama please,” you retorted. “I just want to help Fred get on his feet.”

“I’m sure that’s not how Elliot will see it,” Ginny warned. You playfully shoved Ginny. You were sure that Elliot would understand why you had to help Fred. Even though Fred broke your heart, you were still committed to being friends. You would work through the pain of your past if that would make him the Fred you used to know.

“Elliot, will understand and if he doesn’t I’ll make him understand,” you countered. Ginny lifted her hands in surrender and the two of you ate in comfortable silence for the rest of the dinner.

When you arrived at home Elliot was waiting to hug you if necessary.

“How was dinner Y/N?” Elliot inquired.

“It was actually normal. It felt good to be back at the Weasley’s again. I don’t think I’ll purposely miss those dinners anymore,” you informed. Elliot’s furrowed brow suggested that he was studying you carefully. He was silently coaxing you to discuss the taboo topic.

“Elliot, tomorrow I’m tagging along with George and Ang for baby items. Fred’s coming along and I’m going to use the time to talk to him,” you divulged. Elliot paused, words turning over in his head. He was choosing his next sentence carefully. “I think I’m ready to talk to him. After what he saw at the hospital he deserves an explanation. Also I deserve more details of what he was doing when he was away.”

“Are you sure you’re ready to hear him out? Last time you had a panic attack,” Elliot rubbed your arms, a tactic he did when you were worried. However, this time he was the worried one.

“I can’t move on if there are unanswered questions and neither can he. We both owe it to ourselves to at least try to talk things out,” you reasoned. “If it’s too much, George can always get me out. Please have some faith in me.” Slowly a small smile formed on Elliot’s face, sure he wasn’t happy about what was happening but if it brought you peace he’d accept it.

“I believe you can do anything you put your mind to,” Elliot assured finally pulling you into a hug. “Promise me you won’t overdo it?”

“I’ll try my best. Now I have some extra pie for you. Would you like to have a slice now?” you smiled.

“I’d love that, but right now I’m in the mood for something sweeter,” Elliot winked. “I’d like to kiss you first. No dessert can compare to you.” How you two could switch from deep conversation to a flirtatious one was beyond you. You were up for anything. Things were starting to look up for you.

The story continues (x)


Pairing: Fred X Ravenclaw!Reader

Request: Hi love!!! I know you’re on a trip but when you get back I would love if you could write something about a sassy ravenclaw and Fred who are both super flirty and funny with each other but it never really occurs to them that they really like each other and somehow between all of the cute banter and flirting one of them realizes that they could be good together and it’s just super cute and fluffy and adorable???? please and thank you!!! Also you’re writing is amazing and I adore you :)

A/N: Thank you anon who sent this. You are too kind. Feedback is always appreciated!

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Beatles Relationships: John Lennon + George Harrison

“To me they’re not the Beatles. I don’t look at George and think he’s a Beatle. I look at George and I think he’s George, and I love George.” - John Lennon

“He’s great, and I love him. But at the same time he’s such a bastard…but that’s the great thing about him, you see.” - George Harrison

“I could always get George to rebel with me.” - John Lennon

“There’s nobody who does anything that’s that neat; that fun and unusual and loving…he was great, he was brilliant, and he was a great soul. Still is.” - George Harrison