george x martha

  • John: Thanks, Alex. You're the best
  • Alexander: No problem, anytime
  • *Alexander and John hug*
  • Lafayette: *watching from afar behind a bush with binoculars* Now....kiss

“Look into your eyes, and the sky’s the limit I’m helpless! Down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em”

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Stuck In Time (Lafayette x Reader)

Words: 5700

Warnings: Cursing, angst

Prompt: Day One of @helplessforbroadway write-o-thon! (Soulmate AU)

A/N: This was really fun! Glad I’m participating! <3

You broke it.

You stared at the broken glass, the clock forever stuck on four days, three hours, fifty-six seconds. Alexander looked at you, a sorrowful expression on his face. You ran into his arms, clutching the jacket between his fingers.

“What, what did you do?” He whispered, his lips brushing the skin on your neck. You shook your head.

“I, I couldn’t, I can’t lose you. I can’t. I don’t care about the stupid soulmate system, I just want to stay with you. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you,” You said, tears rolling down your cheeks, “I love you, Alexander. And no one else is going to stop me from doing so.”

“But…Y/N,” he started, but you shushed him, pressing your lips against his. He placed his hands on either side of your face, your combined tears making the taste salty.

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I’m gonna get deep for a moment here, but one day I hope to be able to visit John Laurens’ grave because I would like to, in a sense, talk to him. The dead have a tendency to listen to the living, and I want to sympathise with him. It sounds odd, I know, but to be able to talk to someone in a predicament similar to my own, in matters of hiding who you truly are from those around you, it’d be nice. I want to tell him about life now, how he and Alexander could walk down the street holding hands and not have to face death penalties in the country they fought so hard for. I’d tell him how his one true wish of the abolishing of slavery came true, even if he didn’t live to see it. I’ll ramble on and on about how the fight for freedom is continuous, and his love for Alexander is widely known but not shunned. I’d tell him that maybe, just maybe, we won’t have to fight for freedom anymore because then, truly then, would we be the nation he died for.




A/N: I don’t know if this is any good. It is way longer than expected but I finally finished it. I hope the Anon likes it. I was asked to write this imagine based on the song roses by the chain smokers. I haven’t edited it but if you find any mistakes just let me know. Make sure to continue send me asks.

Title; Roses

Rating: G

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Warning: Extreme sappy fluff

Word Count: 1602


Alexander Hamilton and I had been dating for a couple years now. He worked at the white house as a presidential adviser and I could tell that he really enjoyed his work. It was hard for me to fathom how he could possibly enjoy himself in a boring room all day talking about politics, but I never questioned it. Both of us worked in different states so we visited each other on the weekends when he wasn’t working. I worked as a florist most of the time while I taught different classes at the community center with some of my old high school friends. I lived in a small town where everyone knew each other well and everyone was fun and chill except for the occasional traditional old fart. I loved it here. It was beautiful and surrounded in farm land. It was quiet and peaceful. It begged the question as to why you even met Alex in the first place.

I had met Alex when my best friend had convinced me to visit the big city with her on vacation. I played on my phone for most of the time and didn’t really care for the tourist sites she continued bringing me to even though I would have been happy to sit in the bedroom and just rest. One day she insisted she had to go to the Washington monument. I had rolled my eyes and slumped in my chair at a local coffee shop I had sped into when we saw it in hopes of a decent cup of coffee.

“You can stay here.” She stated. “You can just relax and type away at your phone. I will be gone for maybe an hour at most.”

I had nodded and got comfy beside the window in my booth while she got her bag and left. I heard and saw movement at the corner of the eye across the booth from me. I looked up thinking that maybe she had forgotten something when I saw a handsome man with shoulder length hair pulled into a pony tail. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans at the time so you had no idea he worked at the white house let alone was a politician.

“You’re pretty, you know that right?” He had smiled at me. It wasn’t the flirting that I was used to though. He just seemed really genuine as if he was speaking his mind. I smiled back at him. “My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“Y/N L/N,” I chuckled. His leg was bouncing with excess energy but he seemed extremely confident.

“Could I take you out sometime?” He said gently placing his hand on the table. I was a bit taken aback by his request.

“I mean I don’t really know you. Not to mention, I don’t live here I on vacation with a friend.” I said carefully. His eyebrows shot up and then furrowed before his face relaxed back into a smile.

“When will you be leaving? We could go out before you leave. I don’t want to come on to strong but you seem interesting. I know you’re not from around here. Everyone around here just seems to blend together but you stand out.” He rambled pointedly. He continued on like that for a few minutes before he seemed to realize what he was doing and looked at me sheepishly. I remember wishing that he never stopped talking because I had been so entranced with his words as he seemed to say everything that was on his mind.

I am sitting on my coach curled in my blanket as the people around me laugh at the movie we were watching. The apartment felt cosy and warm as my friends around me joked and started playing a card game .I just chuckled. My friend Brittany leans over and nudges me in the side. “So how are you and Alex doing? He is always so busy with work. I know you hate it.” She asks.

“He is always busy with work but I don’t hate it. I know he loves what he does. The guy is just non-stop.” I say leaning over to check my phone as it chimed. “Speak of the devil he is calling.” I hit accept on the call just as I hear the door bell ring. I get up and walk out of the back room where my friends and I had been watching the movie as I bring my phone to my ear. “Hey Alex baby. Whats up?”

“Oh nothing. At lunch today I just realized I would rather be spending time with you than going over the latest plans with George.” I hear him chuckle breathlessly.

“Well you can talk to me now.” I laugh tightening the blanket around me while I pad out into the front room.

“I can do you one better.” He said. I scrunched up my nose in thought.

“What do you mean by that? Wait hold that thought someone is at my door.” I say in confusion as I pull open my door without looking properly through the glass. I gasp and drop the phone in my hand as I see Alex standing there. He looks tired but the minute he sees my shocked face his eyes and smile come alive as he pulls me into his arms. I feel a crinkle and notice he has a set of orange roses in his hands. I grip him by the shoulders and pull him into my house and shout excitedly towards the back, “Alex is here guys.” Before pulling him into a kiss with both my hands on the sides of his face. He smiles into the kiss and drops the roses to pull me closer by my hips.

“I missed you.” He mumbles as he breaks the kiss to rest his head on mine with closed eyes. I smile and step back to look him up and down. He is still in his work suit, which means he must have left for here right after he got off work. I heard a fast set of thuds make their way around the corner before all my friends slide into the room and greet Alex with a pat on the bag or a hug. They say we are all watching a movie in the back and that we should join them. He smiles before saying that he would love too.

I grab his hand and he kicks off his shoes and shrugs off his suit jacket and tie practically throwing them to the floor as he makes his way to the back room. He knows I don’t care where they end up. My friends stick to the floor, love seat, and chair in order to give us the sofa. He lays down and spread his legs out so that I can fit in-between them and lay on his chest.

About an hour later my friends are completely asleep and the next movie had already been put in. I feel Alex run his hands through my hair. “What made you decide to come all the way out here tonight?” I whisper as I gently shift in his hold and continue to watch the movie.

“I was just so tired all day. I just wanted to see your face. I kept distracted while I worked with George and he notice. I told him about you and how I felt like hearing your voice tonight just wasn’t enough. He had started telling me about him and his wife Martha and their long distance relationship before she moved. I felt like he really understood. He told me is I really needed to see you that I should just do it. No questions asked. So I did. I came all the way here to see you. It was worth every second it took.”
He mumbled some parts of his explanation but his hand never faltered and took his other arm to wrap around my waist and hold me tightly to him. “I had never been so eager to leave my work and take a break. I wanted to see you. I have been scared lately anyway.”

“Why are you scared?” I asked slightly shocked at his confession. He had never been scared of anything. He wrote, protested, and fought every day without a slightest hiccup,

“I am gone all the time. I can’t move here to be with you even though some days that’s the only thing I want to do. Have you ever just wished you could live a completely different life for one person? I am terrified one day that you will think this won’t work and decided to let go.”

“I would never do that Alexander.” I whisper

“I know. It’s just hard not to think about when you are always so far away from me.”

I look up at him. “ I am scared too. I am scared you will find someone pretty, educated and closer. One day you may let me go. ”I say with tears in my eyes.

He looked down at me shocked. “That’s not possible. I can’t even look at other women. I love you more than I have loved anyone. Every time I am around you I feel warm and secure.” His eyes darted back and forth before he looked at me almost lost. “Say you will never let me go.”

“I will never let you go Alexander. I promise.” I breathe out looking him in the eye.

“I will never you let you go. I love you.” He says as he leans forward to kiss you passionately.

Mario Reynolds (it’s my favorite)

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Fight or Flight (Lafayette x Reader) Chapter 2: A Whole New World

Chapter 1

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Word Count: 1,646

Martha led Y/N back to her home and Y/N couldn’t help but gape. The building was huge. Compared to what Y/N was used to, it looked like a palace. Her thoughts were confirmed once they entered the Washington Estate. The entryway itself looked as though it had come out of a storybook, with several doors leading to various other rooms, and a grand staircase right in the centre. Y/N had noticed that everything was decorated thoughtfully, and she couldn’t imagine the amount of time it must have taken to design and execute it all. There were small detailing on everything that Y/N could see, including the railings of the stairs. The walls were filled with paintings and portraits, some of which were of Martha, and a man who Y/N guessed was her husband. Martha smiled at Y/N fondly as the young lady took in her surroundings, looking absolutely awestruck.

“Come, you can take a bath while I find some clothes that might fit you.” Y/N smiled softly.

“Oh Mrs. Washington-”

Martha,” she corrected, not for the first time since their formal introductions. Y/N smiled a bit more.

“Martha, I am truly grateful, but I will be alright if I stay in my own clothes.”

“Nonsense! Now follow me.” Y/N rolled her eyes fondly as she followed Martha, her heart warming due to Martha’s motherly tendencies that seemed to only grow the longer she remained in the kind woman’s presence.

After an extremely relaxing bath (honestly, when was the last time she had ever been able to take so much time cleaning herself?), Y/N walked into the room Martha had told her was hers (for as long as she’d like, she had added firmly). Y/N’s eyes widened as she saw the dress that Martha had picked out for her hanging on the door. It was absolutely gorgeous. Y/N was torn. She couldn’t possibly allow herself to wear it, after all there was nothing wrong with her dress, and the fact of the matter was that she could not allow herself to grow accustomed to such luxury…

But perhaps one night indulging in a fantasy couldn’t hurt. After all she would be on her way out first thing tomorrow. Besides, when was the last time she had had the opportunity to wear such a beautiful dress? If she passed it up now, how long would it be before another opportunity such as this arose? Ultimately she decided to wear it, another reason being that she did not want to insult Martha, who had already done so much for her, by deliberately wearing her own dress again. Smiling to herself, she reasoned that it most definitely would not hurt to wear this gorgeous dress.

Y/N’s smile only grew as she put it on and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn’t help but twirl and giggle, she hadn’t felt so beautiful perhaps in her whole life. She was so wrapped up in twirling she didn’t notice that the door had opened and Martha was watching her with a smirk.

“I’m glad you like it so much.” Y/N stopped spinning abruptly, nearly tripping in the process. Her cheeks reddened and she looked flustered.

“Sorry, I suppose I got carried away.” Martha smiled and extended her hand toward you.

“Oh please don’t apologize. I am simply happy that this dress fits you so well. Better than it ever fit me, if you don’t mind my saying,” she added with a wink as you walked over to her and took her hand. “Now, there is someone I would like you to meet before supper.” Y/N’s stomach tightened a bit, either from nervousness or hunger, she couldn’t say. As she descended the stairs she saw a man dressed in a general’s uniform. Y/N stood up straighter.

“Y/N, this is my husband, George Washington.” Y/N curtsied.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr.- um- General? Washington. Sir.” Y/N stuttered. “Your wife has treated with me with such kindness, I cannot thank her or yourself enough for opening your home to me for the night.” The man smiled, his features softening, which in turn made him seem less intimidating than when Y/N had first seen him from the top of the stairwell. This helped calmed her nerves. Slightly.

“It is my pleasure, Miss Y/N. My wife has told me about you already and I am glad that she has been able to have helped you. And please, you can stay longer than the night. You are welcome here for as long as you’d like to stay.”

The thought made Y/N’s stomach turn a bit. She hadn’t planned on staying any longer than tomorrow in the early morning. While the offer was very tempting, she didn’t want to impose on these kind people for too long. After all, she would have to find a way to make her own way in the world again after taking a break tonight. The sooner she left, the less it would hurt to leave these people behind.

Although, a small voice in the back of her mind noted, it might already be too late for that.

After dinner, which was the most pleasant that Y/N had had in recent memory, they all retired to the lounge room, where both George and Y/N listened attentively as Martha played piano. The music was the only sound that floated throughout the whole house for several minutes until she looked up at Y/N.

“Do you play?”

“Only a little, and very poorly.”

“Come, and let’s play together.” Y/N’s eyes widened.

“Oh I don’t know Mrs.— Martha.” She corrected upon receiving a pointed look from Martha.

“Come now Y/N, humour an old woman.” Y/N smiled as she crossed the room.

“You are nowhere near old, Martha. Believe me.”

“I happen to agree with miss Y/N,” George Washington stated kindly. Martha Washington smiled at her husband.

“Of course, because if I’m old, that would make you old, dear.”

“Precisely,” he grinned.

Y/N watched the exchange with a soft smile, as she had been all night, and felt a small pang in her heart, knowing that they were clearly very in love. She hoped to one day have something even half as caring. She knew deep down though, that it was highly unlikely. She was always on the move, and any sort of feelings would only end up hurting her in the end. They always did.

As Y/N began playing piano alongside Martha she started to realize that perhaps she had not forgotten all that her mother had taught her, so many years ago. Martha grinned as they began playing more complicated tunes.

“This is not what I would call playing poorly, Y/N. You are far too modest.” Y/N simply smiled as they continued on, only to be interrupted by a servant moments later.

“I apologize for interrupting sir, ma’am, but you have a guest.”

The Washingtons stood and you followed suit. George Washington fixed his shirt and thanked the servant as he followed her to where the guest was, and Y/N took a small step back from Martha.

“I will go upstairs, so as to not disturb you and your company.” Martha all but rolled her eyes at you.

“My dear when will you understand that you are no bother whatsoever. Come with me and I will introduce you,” she smiled as she led you to the front parlour, where the General was speaking with someone else, also in a General’s uniform. Due to his back facing you and Martha, the only things discernible from him were that his curly hair was in a pouffy bun, and you could make out a French accent. George Washington saw you two approaching and smiled.

“Lafayette, there is someone I’d like you to meet.”

The man turned around and in that moment you weren’t certain if you had stopped dead in your tracks, or if it was time itself that had stopped altogether. The man had the most expressive brown eyes you had ever seen, which held yours intently as you finished making your way toward him.

“Bonjour ma chéri, my name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette,” he said as he kissed your hand. “But you may call me Lafayette,” he said as he took in your wide eyes at his extremely long name. Your cheeks reddened as you realized you had been merely staring in awe at this man for the past few seconds and had not yet introduced yourself.

“Y/N L/N,” you said as you curtsied.

“Y/N? What a belle name. The name of an ange,” he smiled fondly at you as you blushed more.

Y/N did not speak French, she really only knew a handful of words, but she had understood what Lafayette had just said. Angel? Now that was something new. Your stomach continued to do flips as George Washington explained to Lafayette that you were staying with them for a while, and your breath hitched slightly as it was implied that you would be staying longer than the night, but you could not possibly correct them, especially not in the company of this gentleman. You were thankful, however, that he did not reveal how you came to be in the temporary care of the Washingtons.

George then turned to you and smiled, “Y/N, Lafayette is a close friend, and he will also be staying here while he’s in town.”

Y/N nodded and her heart sped up, though she tried to keep it at bay, hoping that the noise of its beating did not reveal how she was already instantly taken to this very handsome Frenchman.