george x luna x neville


         they say that time’s supposed to heal you,
                  but i ain’t done much healing…         (insp.)

Waving through a window (a bit of Draco x reader)

[Y/N has invited Draco, Harry, Hermione, Ron, George, Fred, Ginny, Luna and Neville]

[Y/N has logged on]

[Harry had logged on]

[Draco has logged on]



[Hermione has logged on]

Hermione: Can you guys not fight for once?

Harry: NO

Draco: NO

Hermione: You guys are like old couple.

[Ron has logged on]

Ron: Hell NO, Hermione!

Hermione: But look at them! They are like those quarrelsome lovers in the romance comedy!

Harry: EW NO

Draco: My breakfast… They are wasted BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU SAID, MUDBLOOD!



Ron: Wut

Hermione: Seriously

Harry: Did I say something?

[George has logged on]

[Fred has logged on]

[Ginny has logged on]

Ginny: What is this? Wtf is wrong with that conversation!?


Fred: Are you thinking what I am thinking now, George? *evil grin*

George: Absolutely *evil grin*

Hermione: I hope this chat room can be normal. Just for once.

[Neville has logged on]

Neville: Hi guys!

[Luna has logged on]

Luna: Good Afternoon everyone :D

Luna: I hope there’s pudding for dinner.

Neville: Hi Luna :DDDD

Ginny: What did I just witness *evil smirk*

Ron: What?

Hermione: Ron, I don’t want to be rude but sometimes you’re really an idiot. Can’t you see akdosneoejf9wjdofjs


Ginny: No worries, I just tackled her on the ground :D

Draco: Why did Y/N invite me here? With all these people


Hermione: Don’t, Harry. You don’t know how to make sarcastic comment.

Harry: I do know how to make sarcastic comment!

Luna: I just scrolled up to the read all the messages.

Luna: Harry said slippery snake.

Luna: Does that slippery snake means Draco?


Fred: IKR

Ginny: Guys, do you even realize how quiet Y/N is?

Hermione: Yea, this is not good

Ron: Y/N, said something before this conversation becomes awkward

Y/N: I’ve learned to slam on the brake

Draco: What is brake?


Hermione: Stop, Harry

Y/N: Before I even turn the key

Draco: Key to my heart?

Fred: WUT

George: WAT

Harry: WTF

Hermione: What is this!?


Ginny: OMG

Y/N: Before I make a mistake

Hermione: What did you do?

Y/N: Before I lead with the worst of me

Harry: You’re not that bad, Y/N

Y/N: Give them no reason to stare


Ginny: You’re embarrassing yourself

Y/N: No slipping up if you slip away

Luna: Do you need help, Y/N?

Y/N: Oh I got nothing to share

Harry: We are best friend! WE SHOULD SHARE EVERYTHING!

Hermione: Not everything, like-

Ron: Hermione, don’t.

Y/N: So I got nothing to say

Neville: Are you in trouble?

Y/N: Step out, step out of the sun, if you keep getting burned

Ginny: We’re in the castle, Y/N

Y/N: Step: out, step out of the sun, because you’ve learned, because you’ve learned


Y/N: On the outside, always looking in. Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?

Draco: We will, Y/N

Harry: How can I unsee this

Ron: Mental that one, I’m telling you

George: I think I know what is she doing

Y/N: Cause I’m tap, tap, tapping on the glass. I am waving through a window

Luna: Did wrackspruts manage to get out to the window? That’s awesome.

Ron: What is wrackspurt?

Hermione: You don’t want to know.

Fred: Yea, Georgie , me too

Y/N: I try to speak but nobody can hear so I wait around for an answer to appear.

Neville: If you want someone to talk to, you can talk to me. I will try to help you

Hermione: That’s true. Even though sometimes you’re annoying but you’re still our friend.

Draco: You can tell me, Y/N. I SHALL CRASH THOSE WHO HURTS YOU

Y/N: While I’m watch, watch, watching people pass. Waving through a window.


Y/N: Can anybody see? Is anybody waving back at me?

Draco: I will wave back at you.

Harry: OMG

Ron: IKR


Hermione: She’s just sad.

Ginny: She’s sensitive, you know

George: She is quoting a song

Draco: WAT


Fred: Didn’t you guys pay attention to her this whole week?

George: She’s been singing this song for a whole week.





Fred: Yea, whatever.

Fred: George and I need to plan a prank. So, bye.

[Fred has logged off]

George: Bye

[George has logged off]


[Ginny has logged off]

Hermione: Ginny and I were going to bring you some gummy bears. But I don’t think you need them now.


[Hermione has logged off]


[Ron has logged off]

Y/N: I think I should put spider on his bed again

Luna: I think I should go now. Goodbye.

Neville: Yea, me too. See you later.

[Luna has logged off]

[Neville has logged off]

Draco: You want some gummy bears, Y/N?


Draco: I’m in front of your common room’s door now. With gummy bears.


[Y/N has logged off]


[Draco has logged off]

Harry: NO



Harry: Although gummy bears are yummy.


[Harry has logged off]

Snape: Ah, yes. Harry Potter. Our new — celebrity.

Harry: Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine..?

Slytherin x Ravenclaw Friendship Would Include…

- both of them being way ahead of everyone else so they bond over that

- skipping class to go smoke (or eat food they snuck out of the kitchen) in the prefects bathroom

- being rebellious and doing dumb shit but also never getting caught

- and filch always knowing it’s them, but he can never get any evidence

- always being together so some people start relationship rumors, but they just understand each other the way no one else does

- having dark things in their past, but neither of them are pushy about it

- trusting each other a lot

- really complicated secret handshakes

- dying each other’s hair weird colors

- spray painting each other’s initials inside the headmaster’s office and not even the gargoyle knows how they got inside

- ravenclaw inventing all kinds of things to help them on their adventures

- like wristwatches that have a little bulb that lights up when filch or his cat are near by

- the two of them setting up a business with said gadgets

- slytherin handling the sales (and driving the price way up for people they don’t like)

- skipping the yule ball to hang out with the house elves in the kitchen

- just spending a lot of time in the kitchen in general, which means the house elves help them out with their schemes sometimes

- “god, james is a dick”

- “you know, ravenclaw, I was just thinking to myself that it’s been a while since we’ve cracked out the old laxative potion”

- “slytherin, I was thinking exactly the same thing”

- all in all it would a beautiful, if not more than a little formidable, friendship



Kiss (Neville Longbottom x Reader)

Request from @rogue–rebel:

Hey! Could i get a Neville x reader? Maybe one where he’s really nervous to kiss you first so u end up kissing him and end up pushing to hard and falling over on top of him? And then the gryffindors walk in on you and tell u to “get a room” and Neville gets really embarrassed? Thanks <3   

A/N: Sorry it took longer then expected!! It’s not exactly what you asked for but I hope you enjoyed it anyways!! I am still working on a few request I’ve just been in a little funk and I haven’t had much time to work on them.          

You walked into the Gryffindor common room hoping to find you sweet boyfriend Neville. And there he was in front of the fire place head buried deep into a book. Smiling to yourself you walked over to him and sat close.

“Hello love.” you wrap an arm around him placing a small kiss onto his shoulder making him blush.

“Hello” his sweet voice rang into your ear.

Your head continued to rest on his shoulder as you watched the fire. He continued reading his book when his hand moved to your thigh. He does this when his mind is too caught up in a book to think about his actions, you loved it, it made you blush. His thumb drew circles on your inner thigh nothing sexual about it, just absent minded actions.

“Neville” you whisper.

“Hmm?” Not looking away from his book.

“Neville” you say once again with a gentle voice. He looks at you this time.

“Kiss me” you tell him. He gulps but slowly leans towards you. Your eyes flutter close once his lips finally connect to yours.

A warm sensation took over your body. His lips left yours but not wanting it to end you pushed your lips onto him a little too much, causing him to fall back and you fell on top of him. Surprisingly he deepened the kiss, moving his hands to your hips. Letting out a little moan; some students walked into the common room.

“Oh would the two of you get a room!!” Laughed Dean.

Slightly embarrassed you got up off of Neville and saw his cheeks were flushed it made you laugh and he joined you. He had sat up and you placed one more kiss on his lips and re-positioned yourself next to him as he grabbed his book and began reading again. Hand on your thigh, thumb rubbing circles.

Your Shawn Mendes song (Harry Potter Preferences)
  • This gave me an excuse to listen to Shawn Mendes, so I'm pretty happy.I haven't edited this yet, so forgive me for any mistakes.
  • Draco:
  • Treat You Better;You were already in a relationship when Draco had entered your life. He was instantly smitten with you,but you resisted. Your boyfriend was abusive and got jealous very easily. You didn't want to even think about what would happen if he found about Draco. Not that there was anything to find out. Draco was relentless in trying to convince you to be with him. "I know that I could treat you better than he can" he said. You knew that you definitely had feelings for the Slytherin, but you just didn't want him to get hurt.
  • Harry:
  • Stitches;Your's and Harry's relationship was toxic. He was too caught up in being a hero and you were clinging on to something that you new was hopeless. It took months before you two finally broke things off. It was disastrous and horrible, every pent up feeling that been kept secret, was suddenly let out. You were foolish to think that it could've been better.He was foolish to think that you actually loved each other. The heartbreak was a pain that you would both carry your entire lives.
  • Hermione:
  • Imagination;You had admired Hermione from afar, watching as her ginormous hair was lifted by the breeze that flown though that day. The way her eyes brightened with such light, that it could never be extinguished whenever she read a book. Her intelligence ensnared you, reeling you in as your mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of her. You had wanted to tell her you dreamt of the two of you being together, that you loved her, but what if she rejected. Maybe,maybe this was all better left in your imagination.
  • Ron:
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer;You don't know how it started. One minute, you were madly in love.The next, you were letting someone else's hands run along your body.You slept with them, repeatedly, always thinking of Ron but never doing anything about it. Ron has suspicions, you know that, but you could never tell him. It was killing you, eating away at your soul bit by bit,patiently waiting for you to break. You and Ron struggled to keep the relationship together, in spite of all that happened, you two had been through everything together. You just didn't know how much longer you could last.
  • Luna:
  • Life of the Party;You and Luna had always strived to be happy no matter what the world threw at you. You both knew that life was short, especially for people like you. There wasn't time for apologies, nor was there time for not making mistakes. You only had one life, and you weren't going to waste it. When you're with Luna, it's like the entire world fades from existence, leaving only you two. It had never mattered what was happening or who you were with, as long as you had Luna, everything was going to be okay.
  • Neville:
  • Never Be Alone;You were a muggle, which meant that Neville was away often. He would visit you as often as he could, if he had only a minute, he would choose to spend it with you. The night before he left was always the hardest, you clung to each other, holding on so tight, you might snap in half. You never got much sleep, you spent as much time with Neville as you could.The moment that he left he would tell you the same thing.He would tell you that no matter what happened, if you ever felt alone, all you had to do was look up at the night sky and find a star. Every time, you looked at that star, you'd be reminded that Neville saw the very same stars.
  • Fred:
  • Something Big;Your lives were a series of twists and turns. Events that were so unpredictable, you could never fully plan them. Fred had this feeling in his gut that something was going to happen,something big.That feeling was confirmed as soon as he met you. You were very shy and conservative,having a plan for your life since you were young. When you met Fred, it's like you burst out of your shell.He showed you how much fun it could be if you lived life with uncertainty.He showed you how it was okay to let go once and awhile. He never stopped having that attitude,and it inspired you.He changed your life,and so many others, who were all grateful for what he (and George) had taught them.
  • George:
  • Aftertaste;You were happy once.You were in a wonderful relationship with the boy you loved.Which is why he'll never understand why you left him that particular Friday morning. You had just spent your first night together,not regretting a single moment,or so he thought. He woke up around nine am,his arm searching the spot where you were supposed to be.When he had found nothing,he had shot up from the bed, frantically looking around the room but finding nothing. He collapsed on the floor once he realized what had happened, you had left.He thought that you loved him, but apparently he was wrong. He hoped that you felt guilty about your actions, that he was all you would think about for the rest of your life. You deserved to know his pain,you deserved to be left,with the aftertaste.
  • James:
  • Mercy;You were stuck, floating in an abyss that you weren't sure could ever be filled.James had entranced you from the moment you met, making your knees violently tremble whenever you were around him.You loved him, and he loved you, but he kept things from you.He didn't tell you the reason he was gone for the entire night once a month.He didn't explain the deer and other various animal hair you had found. As soon as it looked like he might open up to you, he completely shut you out.You knew that he didn't mean to hurt you, but he kept tearing you apart. You silently begged him to release you from his hold.He was the love of your life,but he needed to either open up,or let you go.
  • Sirius:
  • Show You;Everyone thought that You and Sirius would never last.A day at most,some said.A week,said others.You two were determined to show them that they were wrong.You were determined to show them that you would last, because you loved each other, and that should be all that matters.If you had to walk a hundred miles only on your hands to prove it, you would. Deep down, you felt that it shouldn't have to be proven, they should trust in your relationship. You and Sirius soon abandoned the foolish crusade,and spent the rest of your lives focusing on making only each other happy.
  • Remus:
  • A Little Too Much;Sometimes,life can be a bitch. Sometimes, you get knocked down and you don't want to get back up again. Whenever, things like that happen to either You or Remus, you have to tell yourselves that it'll get better,somehow it always does.Your always there to help the other out and to be there for them. You've helped Remus with his self hate towards being a werewolf,and he's helped you with your breakdowns over school.Without each other,you confident that you'll either die,or have a severely broken heart.
  • Lily:
  • Kid in Love;You and Lily had met during your first year.From the moment your eyes locked, you knew,even though you were kids,it was love.You asked her out during fourth year, and her saying yes had you even more convinced.You two ended up dating for the duration of your Hogwarts years and long after that.You were growing up,and you hated it.The older you got, the less time you got with Lily.Even after all these years,she still made you feel like a kid in love.So as long as the two of you were kids in love, you never really grew up.
  • Regulus:
  • I don't even know Your Name;He was lost,searching the crowd for an exit somewhere.He had no reason to stay,so he wasn't going to.Then,there you were.Your vibrant red dress was form fitting on your body,showing off every curve and edge.The strobe lights bounced off your irises, making them appear brighter and full of color. Regulus started to make his way to you, only for you to disappear in the crowd.He had searched all night for you,but with no luck.It still kills him to this very day,because he tends to dwell on what might've been, if he had found you.How could he,he didn't even know your name.
  • Severus:
  • The Weight;He was cheating on you with Lily,simple as that.He's tried to tell you that he's happier with her,yet he still wants you to stay.He's told you that he's needed time, yet he pushes you away.He's even tried to take you back dozens of times.It's like a game that goes back and forth messing with your mind,and you hate it.You can't take the pain that it's causing you, so you decided to leave Hogwarts, forever.He wasn't worth sticking around for in a place you never wanted to be in.
  • NEXT GENERATION (maybe for now)
  • James Sirius:
  • Running Low;Your relationship was doomed from the start.He had thought that he was brave enough to handle it,but he wasn't.His energy was slowly draining away,he couldn't do the things someone else could do for you.You only wanted him,but it was like he didn't care about you at all.He thought that it wasn't worth it if you could easily find love with someone else.He never meant to hurt you, but he did.He realized too late that you were the only one for him.You could never go back to him.
  • Albus:
  • Bring it Back;You broke his heart,told him that you never loved him and left, taking the pieces of his shattered heart with you.You two tried to get back together despite everything, but it would've been much worse.One day, at a party, he saw you.You were sulking in the corner staring at him intensely.You walked towards him, but he only went to find Scorpius,leaving you to look at him in bewilderment.You thought you had another shot with him, and that he would immediately take you back.He knew that it would be dangerous if it was brought back.
  • Scorpius:
  • One of Those Nights;You were young and you were in love.That was all either of you ever really needed.You ventured out in the middle of the night to swim in the black lake or to just wander the halls.Time is slipping away from us, so what can we do but live during that time as fully as we can.You didn't know what the future held for you and Scorpius, you only had hope that it would be something good.You two would take random road trips and go wherever the wind happened to blow that day. You would dance under the light of the stars,letting them watch as you glided along the ground, creating your mark on the earth.
  • Rose:
  • Air;It wasn't supposed to end like this. You were supposed to live life together, not strain to even ask how the day went.You loved each other, there was no doubt about that, but you were trying too hard.A relationship takes a lot work, but not that much.It isn't even worth a second if neither one of you is willing to put in any effort. You're stringing each other along,and it has to stop. You were supposed to just take things slow, but things sped up way too quickly. It was getting too much for both of you.You just didn't want to Admit it to Rose.She was putting more effort into it than you were,she just had more hope.

Some people say nothing defines us but our personalities. But it is our personalities that define us because those are how we get into our houses.

How Harry Potter Characters Would Ask You Out
  • <p> <b>Harry:</b> *awkwardly* would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me? You're the chosen one in my eyes, Y/N<p/><b>Ron:</b> *excitedly* wanna sit with Harry, Hermione, and me at dinner tonight? I promise to not eat quite as much as I would so there's enough for you too!<p/><b>Hermione:</b> studies show that people with a natural chemistry towards each other tend to have relationships that last longer, I found that out from a bit of light reading this morning. I feel like we have a natural chemistry, so do you want to test that theory and study in the library together later?<p/><b>Luna:</b> Would you like to come feed the Thestrals with me in the forbidden first later? I'll protect you from the Narguls.<p/><b>Neville:</b> *stutters nervously* h-hullo Y/N...W-would you fancy meeting me after herbology class? W-we could take a walk by the lake if you want, o-or really anywhere you like, I l-like you and just want to spend time with y-you. *blushes*<p/><b>Fred/George:</b> Ey Y/N! We're planning the best prank yet on Professor Snape! Wanna be a part of it? You're wicked hot and plenty awesome and a good pranker! Wanna snog later?! *high fives the other brother when you say yes*<p/><b>Snape:</b> *in class* Class, turn to page 394 *when you open up your book to the page there's a little note that says "see me after class, miss Y/LN, I'd like the pleasure of your company." *Smirks as you blush and carries on with the lesson*<p/><b>Draco:</b> *confidently strides up to you and kisses you right on the mouth* Fancy a shag in the broom closet later, Y/N *gives you a shit eating grin*<p/></p>

Imagine Draco noticing you, as you enter the Hogwarts Library

*Draco is staring at you, intensely*

Y/N: Hello, my name is Y/N. I’m new.

Draco: Hello…My name is Draco. 

Y/N: Nice to meet you. 

*You smile at Draco, but he doesn’t smile back. He just stares at you.”

Y/N: I should go, it is getting late.

Draco: It is? I haven’t noticed. I don’t usually, say this…but, do you need help finding your dorm?

Y/N: Yes, that would be great. Thank you.

*He smiles at you, while you exit library, he holds your hand. And you feel happy.*


Request: Draco and Reader request? The reader (who is a pureblood Slytherin) is under the impression that Draco is planning on asking her to the Yule Ball, come to find out he asked Pansy at the last minute. So to make Draco jealous, she convinces Harry that they should go together since neither of them can go with the person they wanted. And she neglects to tell Harry who she is hoping to make jealous. Lots of fluff at the end, please and thank you!!


“Draco’s gonna ask me today, I just know it,” you told yourself as you were getting ready that morning.

Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince, had been flirting with you nonstop for the past month, and you were sure he would ask you to the Yule Ball. But the ball was in 2 days, so time was running out. But he would ask you today, for sure.

You went down to breakfast and started eating. You noticed Draco approaching you and your heartbeat sped up. This was it.

“Hey Y/N,” he said with an easy smile.

“Hi Draco, how are you?” You returned the smile.

“Great, actually. I’m about to ask Pansy to the ball.”

Your smile faltered a bit but you said, “That’s great…I hope she says yes.”

“Thanks, Y/N!” He then went over to Pansy and you watched as a huge smile covered her face and she stood up to hug him.

You weren’t hungry anymore so you got up to leave. You walked out the doors and accidentally bumped into golden boy Harry Potter. You never had a problem with him like most Slytherins, but you weren’t really friends.

“Oh, sorry Harry,” you said while trying to get away quickly. Of course Harry is too nice, so he tried to strike up a conversation.

“It’s okay! Why are you in such a hurry?”

You had tears in your eyes and you looked down so he wouldn’t see.

“Um no reason,” you responded.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” He asked.

You sighed and looked up at him. “I was expecting to be asked to the Yule Ball by someone, but they just asked someone else.”

“I’m sorry to hear that! If it makes you feel any better, the girl I asked said no,”

Suddenly you got an idea. “Well, if you want, we could go together?”

There was a moment of silence before Harry responded. “Sure! I’ll meet you outside of Slytherin Dorm at 7:00 on Saturday!”

“Okay! Thanks Harry,” you said with a sad smile and started to walk away.

“Oh and Y/N?” He called after you.

You turned back around.

“Whoever it was that didn’t ask you is really dumb.”

You gave him a real smile. “Thanks Harry. And same goes for the girl who said no to you.”

You turned back around and walked to your dorm. You were going to make Draco jealous no matter what it took.

It was the day of the ball and Harry would be there to meet you in 20 minutes. You finished the last of your makeup and put on your emerald dress.

You went down to the common room and the first people you saw were Draco and Pansy. You rolled your eyes at them acting like a couple and crossed the room.

“Hey, Y/L/N? Do you even have a date?” Pansy taunted.

You cringed at her voice and clenched your hands into fists, but didn’t acknowledge her. The two of you had never gotten along, and this made it even worse.

“Pansy leave her alone,” you heard Draco murmur.

You shook your head and left to wait for Harry.

You were still angry when he arrived and it was very obvious.

“Hey, Y/N!” He called.

“Hi,” you responded shortly.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Harry. Let’s just go, okay?” You said and forced a smile.

The two of you went and you honestly had a good time, even if you were thinking about Draco the whole time. You looked over at him a few times and he looked annoyed and like he wasn’t having fun at all. Towards the end of the night you saw he wasn’t even with Pansy anymore.

The ball ended and you hugged Harry and thanked him for a good night.

“I hope things work out with whoever it was you really wanted to go with,” Harry said.

“And I hope Cho comes to her senses and sees what she’s missing out on,” you replied with a wink.

Harry was about to deny the Cho accusation but before he could you said, “Everyone knows, Harry.”

You both laughed and said goodbye.

You were walking back to your dorm when you heard someone call your name. You turned and it was Draco. You rolled your eyes and kept walking.

“Y/N!” He yelled and ran to catch up with you.

You sighed and looked at him. “What?” You snapped.

“Potter? You really went to the ball with Potter?”

“Yes Draco, I did! Although I don’t know why you seem to care.”

“I care because it’s Potter and you’re a Slytherin!”

“Unlike you, Draco, I don’t care. I have no reason to hate Harry. Now if we’re done.” You turned and were about to walk away but Draco grabbed your arm.

“No, we’re not done, Y/N! How could you go to the ball with him?!”

“It’s really none of your business Draco, but if you must know, I couldn’t go with who I really wanted to go with because he asked a stuck-up bitch to go with him even though he led me on for a month!” You shouted. “How dare you say anything about me going with Harry when you went with Pansy fucking Parkinson.”

“I didn’t want to go with Pansy! My father made me!” Draco responded.

You looked around. “That’s weird because I don’t see your father anywhere around here.”

“Y/N, you of all people know how my father is and that I don’t really have a choice after he tells me to do something.”

He was right, you did know, but you weren’t going to admit that.

“Whatever, Draco. It doesn’t matter,” you said in a calmer tone.

“Yes it does. I’m sorry, Y/N.” He grabbed your hand. “I should have asked you. The whole time all I could pay attention to was how beautiful you looked and how unfair it was that Potter was the one who got to enjoy it. I dislike Pansy almost as much as you, but our parents are friends so I have to act like I don’t. She got pretty mad at me tonight though because I just kept talking about you.” A light blush covered Draco’s cheeks and you gave him a small smile.

“Ah, there’s that smile,” he said. “It’s been too long since I’ve seen it.”

You blushed deep red and Draco laughed and pulled you in for a hug. You rested your head on his chest and couldn’t help the grin on your face.

“Be my girlfriend, Y/N. Please?” He asked.

You looked up at him.

“I suppose…” You joked.

“Wonderful,” he said and leaned down to give you a quick kiss. “I can’t wait for Pansy and my father to find out.”

You laughed.

“Me either, Draco.”

Loving him no matter

Draco x Reader

It had been a couple of days since the argument you had with Draco, you cant remember what it was about but you know damn sure it was childish and stupid. He hasn’t slept in the bed the two of you shared since and I think that’s what upset you the most. Despite being angry with each other you wanted him to be by your side at the end of the day.

You laid in bed reading a book, while Draco was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. When he finished he walked past the bed with his head down but you can see him trying to look at you from the corner of his eye. He was sad, you can tell, and he walked out the bedroom door.

You missed him too much all you ever want to do is hug and kiss him all the damn time.A few minutes had passed before you decided enough was enough. You got out of bed and grabbed a big blanket. You walked down the hall way, down the stairs and to the living room where Draco had been spending the past couple of nights.

He was sitting on the couch watching TV. You walked around the couch and stood next to him, yanking the blanket you had been dragging all over the loft you two shared. All the while silent, you spread the blanket so it would cover the two of you, you sat very close to Draco. He had his arm around your waist by the time you laid your head on his shoulder. Cuddling up next to him you looked up to him and found him looking down to you. You raised yourself a little bit to give him a soft warm kiss on the lips. He gave you one back once you pulled away from his lips. You cuddled in much closer and got yourself comfortable on Draco.

“I love you,” Draco tells you as he kisses the top of your head.

“I love you more.” You reassure him while looking into his beautiful eyes.

More kisses had been exchanged until the two of you drifted off to sleep, holding one another so very close.

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His hand absentmindedly touched the lightning scar on his forehead. The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well…

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High (Draco x Hufflepuff Reader)

Requested by anon: can i get a draco imagine where the reader is a muggle born hufflepuff and she comes into class high and she becomes really obnoxious and the teacher has draco escort her to the infirmary and she has an open filter and wont stop talking the whole way there and ends up saying she likes him, thank you i love your imagines

You sat in the hufflepuff common room trying to compose yourself as you watch everything move slower. When realizing the time you grabbed your things and headed to class with the bounding headache you had you thought maybe having an edible wasn’t the smartest idea especially before Potions.

Finally making it to class you scanned the room not watching where you were going and bumped into a table. You apologized to the table and laughed to yourself. Looking up you made eye contact with Professor Snape, you quickly looked away and tried to avoid anymore eye contact.

Making it to your table you greeted your partner Draco, he just brushed you off as per usual but this time it hurt and you showed emotion by placing your hand to your heart and leaned back into your stool… a little to much and fell off.

Bursting into laughter yet again Professor Snape walked over to you to see if you were alright.

“For goodness sake Y/N pull yourself together.” Draco said slightly annoyed.

“Do you need to go to the infirmary?” Professor Snape asks, but you just watched his lips move and since he already talks slow it was even slower so you nodded your head flowing his mouth open and close.

“You do?” He asks and you snap out of it.

“No I’m ok.” you sat back into your seat.

“Alright class start your assignment.” Professor Snape quickly turns back around having his long coat swish really fast around him causing you to jolt a little making you fall of your chair.

“Mr. Malfoy, please escort Ms. Y/L/N to the infirmary.”

Annoyed Draco helped you up, you grabbed your things and followed Draco. He was probably walking at a normal speed but you had a hard time keeping up to him.

“Hey would you slow down a bit.” you annoy him. he grabs a hold of your hand and pulls you along with him. This causes you to get a bit more dizzy.

“woah wait slow down.” you stop in your tracks. he still held your hand the two of you were half way to the infirmary already.

“Ok lets go.” you tell him.

“Filthy mudblood.” he mumbles.

You stop once again, “Hey! That’s such a bad word,” your finger was on his lips.

“You shouldn’t use that word.” you hit his lips after each word.

“You have really soft lips” you rub your thumb across his bottom lip and licked yours, Quickly you snapped out of it. But you did earn a smirk from Draco.

“Sorry” you laughed.

“Hurry up let’s get you to the infirmary.” He laughed. You two finally got to the infirmary and Draco had you get into one of the beds and he sat next to.

“You have really pretty eyes.” You cup his cheeks.

“Thank you for taking me here, it was really nice of you. I always thought you had a nice side. I like you I really really like you, but you’re mean sometimes.”

“I don’t mean to be.” he tells you.

“I know, you’re so cute.”

You pinch his cheeks at the end. He laughs and tells you to get some sleep. Just as you drifted off he got up off the bed but you woke up and held his arm telling him not to go anywhere.

“Ok I won’t I’ll lay here with you.” He cuddles up next to you.

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Draco Malfoy

You and your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy, get into a fight. Hermione, being the protective best friend she is, goes up to him and punches him for starting the stupid argument “I’ve always wanted to do that” She told you smiling.

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See you soon (Draco x Reader)

You sat at the top of the astronomy tower watching the rain pour down. It was peaceful to you, you loved the smell, the sound, the view. As cold as you felt on the outside, you felt warm in the inside. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, when you exhaled you saw a blue eye boy.

Embarrassed you apologized.

“Ever since I met you, you always apologies.” he tells you.

“sorry” you say once again out of habit shaking your head once you realized you did it again.

“What are you doing up here by yourself?” he asks giving you a smile. Why is he smiling at me? you thought.

“Um just enjoying the rain” you smile back at him, “what are you doing here?”

He shifts his body to lean against the railing, and you copy him.

“I don’t know actually. I just had a sudden desire to come up here.”

This is the longest conversation you’ve had with Draco. Besides the bickering back and forth because of not only the rivalry your two houses share but also the fact that you were best friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. The rain slowed down a little bit, and slowly a rainbow formed.

“So beautiful.” you thought out loud.

“Yeah you are.” he must have been thinking out loud too.

“Whats that?” you ask, knowing exactly what he said thinking it must have been a mistake.

“Nothing” he quickly says.

It had been a few minutes of silence between the two of you. It wasn’t an awkward or uncomfortable. It was actually the opposite, you were enjoying the presence of Draco because if you were going to be honest with yourself you’ve always had a major crush on him but contrary to who you’re friends with none of that could be said. That’s why you came up here to be able to freely think.

You finally decided it was time for you to meet up with your friends before they start looking for you.

“I’ll be going now.” you gave him a shy smile.

“I hope to see you up here again soon.” he gave you a smile that warmed your whole body.

“You definitely will.” as you descend down the stairs.

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Jealous (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Winter holidays were always fun, no matter which family you spent it with, yours or the Weasley’s. This year your parents decided to visit your brother and send Charlie his parents love in Romania. You decided to spend it with the Weasley’s this year.

You sat in front of the fire place trying to keep warm. You felt someones arm wrap around your shoulders, thinking it was Fred you rested your head on his shoulders.

“Comfortable are you?” George asks, you sat up quickly.

“Sorry! I thought you were Fred!” you tell George shocked.

“No worries y/n, Fred is in the kitchen helping mom.” he reached his arm out inviting you in. You thought nothing of it, you were close to all the Weasley’s, George was like a brother to you.

You happily entered his arm and laid your head back on his shoulder. The two of you talked about anything and everything, like you usually do.

“Dinner’s read my loves” mama molly informed us. We both stood up, George pushed you and you pushed him back as you made your way to the table. You sat next to Fred as per usual and George sat next to you as per usual.

George continued the conversation the two of you were having which turned into a debate, everyone said their opinions on it laughing at the matter when you notice Fred hasn’t said a word.

“How about you Fred?” You asked rubbing his arm.

“Um, yeah, whatever.” Is all he says and goes back to playing his food. The table went quite till Ginny mentioned something about something. You weren’t paying attention because you were talking to Fred.

“Is something wrong?” You ask.

“No I’m fine.” Fred answers right away, indicating that that was that. Not wanting to cause a scene you turned back towards the conversation everyone else was having but not really engaging.

When dinner was over you helped mama molly, Ginny and Hermione clean up the kitchen, watching Fred walk up the steps and assuming, into his room. Once you finished cleaning, which took quite a while because of the mess Ron left behind, you made your way up to the twins room.

Seeing that George was talking to Ron and Percy downstairs you knew Fred was alone in his room. Despite the knowledge of that you knocked and slowly opened the door.

“Fred?” You say in a soft voice. He sat at his bed and stayed quiet. You closed the door behind you and walked over to him. Sitting to the left of him you placed your right hand on his back and began to rub it, with your left hand you grabbed his right hand and rubbed your thumb across the back of his hand.

“What’s wrong baby, tell me.” You rest your chin on his shoulder. His eyes were closed.

“It’s nothing.”

“I’d believe you if you weren’t tearing up.” You lifted your head off his shoulder and let go of his hand to lift his chin.

“It’s stupid.”

“Babe if it has you all worked up like this then it’s not stupid, so talk to me.” You wiped his tears.

“I was, I guess you can say jealous of you and George.”

“Why?” You questioned genuinely confused.

He got up off the bed, “Because you were like cuddling with him!” His voice rose a little.

“It meant nothing if that’s what you’re worried about” your voice still.

“I would hope so.” He says rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled thinking of how cute Fred looks when he’s jealous.

“If you’re really jealous don’t hide it, I think it’s really cute.” He looks at you and shakes his head chuckling. You stood up and walked over to him,

“I’m yours and only yours. George is my best friend and brother, there will be time where I go to him for comfort and wanting to spend time with. But don’t you ever think that I don’t love you. Don’t ever think anyone is gonna get kisses from me the way I kiss you. ok?” You cupped his face and kissed his lips slowly.

“Yeah, but I think you might have to show me every kind of kiss no one else will be getting but me.” He smirked.

“Gladly!” You jumped into him and began kissing Fred, giggle as he carried you to his bed and setting you down. Lips, tongue and hands invade your body.

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