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“I’m dead right?!”

“No honey you’re too beautiful to die at this age”

Look, I’ve been a fan of grey’s for a looong time. The reason I’ve come back for more each season- even after my favourite character was killed off after a season of sidelining, even after sandra oh left, was that I still cared about the story being told. 

I was ok with grey’s not being the same it was in its glory days (seasons 1-3) because even if the storytelling was flawed, it was there, and it managed to keep us interested. 

What grey’s anatomy managed to pull off after t.r.knight and katherine heigl left- those were two MAJOR characters- was incredible. Yeah, maybe it felt like a different show, maybe I the first seasons will always belong in a different place in our hearts, but it was still good. The show reinvented itself, time and time again. Even season nine, which everyone thought was soo bad at the time, managed to keep us enthralled- everyone who was gonna give up on the show because of slexie couldn’t, because damn it, Remember the Time killed us as a fandom and gave us New Life. The performances were strong as ever. 

But now I think grey’s has lost that ability of adapting to any adversity- it’s just on auto-pilot, creating unnecessary drama, pushing characters into corners and leaving them there…

I’ve never been against the love triangle trope in itself. When it’s done well, the payoff is huge. But Grey’s is playing a game of combinatory analysis of “who hasn’t done it yet”. And yeah, this show can write a love triangle right when it wants to (slexie and jackson, japril and stephanie) but right now it makes no sense

I’ve always thought that the beginning of the end of the great Grey’s Anatomy was when the writers came up with George x Izzie out of nowhere just to shake things up

I may be on the minority here, but I liked George x Callie. I think the writers didn’t even give them a chance; they were so set on creating drama for everybody. And for what? You make george cheat on his wife, who he did love, only to have him and izzie break up like 5 episodes later? It made. No. Sense. 

Then the whole Lexie x Alex x Mark triangle on season 6? In which Lexie told Alex she loved him and Mark had to hear it? For what?

The love triangle between meredith x riggs x maggie was annoying and dragged out. Still, it made more sense than maggie x japril because 1. meredith and riggs didn’t have a history 2.maggie and riggs actually had chemistry

right now they’re just pairing people off and on and there’s no explanation

I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually went through with Meredith x Alex just for the kick of going There

And what I’m most pissed about is that 13x24 paraleled the 9x24 moment where april realizes she loves jackson. I mean. If you want to ruin your show go ahead, but don’t undermine what it used to be. This was a sacred japril moment and you’re using it to provoke us. Fuck this. I’ve been reticent about japril ever since last season when jackson was the Worst™ and for a moment it looked like things were getting adjusted but april kepner deserves better

fuck everybody

This is not a golden globe winning show


Lois’s Top 50 Ships

#48 - George/Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy)

So, I totally shipped these two in Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5. I loved loved loved their friendship, and when Lexie started to fall for him I thought I might be in luck. Sadly, they got dropped and Mark/Lexie came along (which, if you don’t know by now, I’m very stubborn with my ships, and took me a long time to warm up to). I hate that they had nothing most of Season 5, but I’m so very glad that we got to see Lexie’s reaction to George’s death. It was a somewhat nice bit of closure for me.


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Do u think jakckson and Maggie is actually happening

Well, tbh I’m not great at predicting stuff. Those last few weeks when everyone was worried af that they were gonna be a *thing* I was nonchalant telling myself that it’s useless to worry until it happens- only THEN can we evaluate the situation. 

The problem is, it is already happening. They might drop the storyline and never bring it up again after like 3 episodes, but there’s a reason this made the finale: people are talking about it. It is an actual SHIP. Even if nothing substantial (like a relationship) happens, this is all damaging to the japril fandom especially when considering the lengh of the summer hiatus. 

Last episode was laying some groundwork either for a relationship between them OR a reconciliation between april and jackson. And tbh I’d be ok with m*ggie and j*ckson having a relationship if they let april be happy too and the show recognised her as the superior being that she is, but this is not and has never been the case. 

“Oh, but japril is the last main ship they got left…” well, that’s EXACTLY why they’re doing this. If this season has taught us anything, it’s that the writers don’t give two shits about the stories they’re telling us. There are some things on the season plan and some one liners™ they need to fit in there so the show doesn’t look completely reckless, but the storylines are aimless and meant to bait the audience. And, in the end, we’re all BACK to where we started. Literally none of the storylines they came up with this season changed anything. Plot-wise, they were all irrelevant. 

Also, even in its best days, Grey’s Anatomy never really knew where to draw the line when it comes to ships, as evidenced by george x izzie, alex x lexie. There isn’t much to expect from the same show that brought you cristina x shane, leah x arizona and callie x penny (and can we talk about how wrong jackson x lexie was). Nothing is off limits. I’m not even censoring this stuff because there are virtually NO shippers. 

I think tv show writers don’t realize the impact they have in our lives. Sometimes a TV show is your safe place, and they ruin it. So, I wouldn’t trust the journey, anon. At this point, I just want for april to be happy and for the narrative to stop villanizing her/singling her out as the black sheep. I’m over ships- if japril ends up tgt, great. I just HATE the idea of her pining for him- because, let’s be honest, if jackson can’t see that she’s the best his sorry ass could ever have then he doesn’t deserve her. 

And then, next time he crashes her wedding on a plus one invite and declares his undying love for her and beggs her to take him back she can just call security