george wyman


“I’d like to just list what we (The Beatles) did and what the Stones did two months after on every fucking album and every fucking thing we did. Mick (Jagger) does exactly the same, he imitates us” - John Lennon


Part Two of the classic rock card thing- I felt bad about leaving the rest of the band members out!

I don’t think it’s about who’s ‘better’. I think that the Rolling Stones were a better rock and roll band and the Beatles were just a better ‘band’. Like, obviously there are two different types of music going on because the Stones were sort of like interested in rock and roll and R&B and blues music and the Beatles were functioning more as this band that was being magical and interesting and beautiful. So I think it’s like two different colors in the same spectrum of a rainbow. Like, you can’t say orange is better than red, but dammit, they’re both beautiful.
—  Ryan Adams

The Bradbury
Izanami Photography, 2015.
Digital Photograph