george with hat

i doodled this super quick washington in class today because priorities

I have this headcanon that on the Weasley twins first day at Hogwarts, when Fred’s name was called for sorting, George went up instead, and the sorting hat realised, so told him off. George ran back to Fred sniggering, and the kids found it hilarious and the teachers just rolled their eyes/facepalmed at what they’ll have to put up with for the next 7 years.

Hamilton Wisdom Tooth Removal Headcanons

Me and @cutemooselissie made these headcanons so check her out too she is also trash

Alex: Tries to fight the dentist and throws scalpels at him while screaming and then sleeps for three days

John: *stares at the dentist for like five minutes* I’m gay

Lafayette: *screams in French*

Hercules: hums the soundtrack of hercules while trying to knit George a new hat (it isn’t working)

Burr: starts yelling his actual opinions and everyone hates him now

Jefferson: Cries about wanting mac and cheese and then starts singing “rubber duckie”

Madison: stares into nothing for a week

George: Starts yelling about how the British are trying to take over America and then realizes that the dentist is British and. scREAMS

Angelica: starts ranting about feminism and trump with 123% more swear words

Eliza: cries while watching the office

Peggy: *softly* Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer

Charles Lee: Yells about missing his dogs and when he gets home he tries to kiss them