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So I just checked out your blog and that story about the bear killing demon in the woods with the girl and the St. Bernard had me dying of laughter
(Also shipping those actual ships so cute)

A Life for a Life

Hey, guys! This is a pretty cool request and I hope I do it justice. Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader

Requested: Yes

@innocentignorance Requested: I have a request :) if you don’t mind, could you write a fic about George having a girlfriend who’s a Seer and before the final battle she Sees Fred is going to die, and to save her boyfriend’s twin brother she dies instead? (George and her were very much in love and planned to get married.) Pretty please :)))

Warnings: Death, swearing

Distantly, you could hear things breaking and exploding, but you really weren’t sure why. Fred and Percy were fighting someone off. You weren’t sure why you knew it was Fred, but you had no doubt that it was. You watched as dirty, terrified people ran past. Why were they running? Where were they going?

Fred turned and looked at Percy, cracking a joke that you heard very dimly in the back of your mind. He then turned, backed by a stone wall, and grinned. Then everything slowed down and came into a sharper focus. You could see every move that Fred made, you could hear Percy scream something, and then there was an explosion. The only sound that wasn’t held back. Loud, destructive, and no less terrifying knowing that it couldn’t touch you. Fred’s face moved into a terrified stare as his body was shoved harshly forward by the blast.

Fred’s eyes remained open as he lay on the ground in a broken heap, bleeding from somewhere, but already gone. You knew because they were totally hollow. They stared into nothing, into you, for you were nothing and everything in that moment. You were nothing more than a cosmic third party observer. You had no power to help, nor could you harm. All you were meant to do was watch. See. Then, as though you were being thrown down a well, you saw the picture flying away from you. Maybe you away from it. Blackness surrounded you and there was truly nothing. 

You shot up out of bed, panting, sweating, and scared half to death because of the dream you had. Most of you visions happened through dreams and you knew damn well what you Saw. Fred was going to die. In the final battle for Hogwarts and the wizarding world, Fred would die. Tears slipped down your face as you got out of bed. 

“Fuck, fucking fuck, this can’t be happening,” You muttered, shaking hands running themselves through your hair. 

“What’s wrong, love,” George mumbled, picking his head up. You looked at him, wondering what to tell him. You shook your head. You couldn’t bear to see that sweet, sleepy face all twisted up in agony over something that hadn’t even happened yet. 

“N-Nothing, bad dream,” You said. He sat up, suddenly alert. 

“Did you See something?” He asked. You shook your head. As much as you hated lying to him, you just couldn’t tell him. 

“No, just a nightmare.” He held his arms out to you and you crawled into them. He rested his chin on your head, beginning to pet your hair. You cried for a little while longer before finally falling back asleep. Sleep had been so elusive lately that you’d just take what you could get. 

The entire next day, you couldn’t look at either of them without tearing up. You knew full well that George couldn’t live without Fred. Every time you saw them, you’d have to turn around and walk away. You didn’t know what to do. If you told them, sure they would be prepared, but then Fred would be careless in the battle. If you didn’t, then you’d have to carry around the guilt for the rest of your life, knowing that you could have helped them prepare. Eventually, George caught you while you were stocking things in the shop. 

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” He asked, cupping your cheek and forcing you to look him in the eye. 

“Nothing,” You said, pulling away. 

“It’s not nothing, love. You’ve been avoiding me since that dream of yours,” He said, gently. 

“Okay, okay, I guess I’m just worried about losing you guys,” You said. Not technically a lie. You really were worried. 

“You’re not going to,” He laughed, kissing the top of your head. If only he knew. If only you’d tell him. 

“I’m still worried.” He smiled softly at you. 

“I know. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you or Fred either,” He said. You winced, trying to hide it so he wouldn’t know. You’d have to find a way around Fred’s death. Sometimes the future could be manipulated. You smiled at him. 

“You won’t lose me,” You said, pecking his lips. 

“Promise?” You nodded, linking your pinkies together with a tired smile. 


Then came the battle. You knew the exact day it was going to happen and it did. Things went haywire. People were dying, going missing, and fighting for their lives. All you could think about was Fred. You knew he was going to die. You gripped George’s hand, looking up at him. 

“I have to find, Fred!” You yelled over the chaos. Sure you were fighting in the same area, but you weren’t close to him. George gave you a strange look. 

“Freddie’s going to be fine, (Y/N). Stay with me so I know you’re safe,” He yelled back. You shook your head, tears springing to your eyes. Now you had to come clean. You pulled him behind something and tried to avoid his eyes. 

“He’s going to die today,” You said. 

“You’re too worried. My brother’s a big boy, he can take care of himself,” George reassured, placing a hand on your cheek. 

“I Saw it, George.” Shock took over your boyfriend’s face. 

“What?” You closed your eyes and let the tears run over your dirty cheeks. 

“I Saw it. I think if I can find him I can prevent it. I have to go, George,” You said, evenly. A curse broke off a chunk of whatever you were hiding behind. He nodded once. 

“You really suppose you can save him?” He asked. 

“Yes,” You said, standing up. “And, George, when this is all over, will you marry me?” He stared at you for a long minute before grinning. It felt odd to see him grin at a time like this. You found yourself grinning back. 

“Where’s my ring?” He joked. You laughed, pressing a kiss to his lips. 

“I love you, George.” Something felt wrong, like this was the last time you’d ever say it. You shook off the feeling as you bolted towards another redhead. 

“I love you too. Give ‘em hell, (Y/N)!” He called after you. Another round of tears poured from your eyes, but you weren’t really sure why. When Fred realized you were running at him, he gave you a huge grin. Then you knew. This was it. He was backed by the same stone wall with that wild grin on his face. 

“Fred, move!” You screamed. He furrowed his eyebrows the question ‘why?’ forming on his lips. 

George can live without me better than him, you thought, grabbing Fred’s hand turning your body to the side to throw him away. He landed on his hands and knees a safe distance away, but you kept going. You felt your back hit the wall and you squeezed your eyes shut. Time felt as though it had gone wonky. Fred stared at you like you’d lost your mind, Percy yelled something, and you could only hope, for the split second you had left, that it would be painless. 

Everything went dead silent. “I’m sorry, George.” And the wall blew. 

You felt only a split second of mind numbing pain and heat before you were gone. Your body landed exactly where Fred’s would have in the same broken heap. It was odd. You could see yourself, your body, but you knew you were dead. You looked down at your clothes to see that they were just like new. Unseen, you watched as things began to unfold. 

“(Y/N)?” Fred asked. By the quiver in his voice, you knew he was sure you were dead. Percy appeared next to him and helped him drag your body somewhere safe. 

“Merlin, (Y/N), why’d you go and do that? You’re gonna break Georgie’s heart,” Fred muttered, pushing the blood matted hair from your blank eyes. 

There was a small period where you weren’t sure what was happening, you were just shrouded in darkness and everything was quiet. When you came back, you were laid out in the Great Hall with the part of the Weasley family standing over your body. You stood behind them, watching. You wondered vaguely how much longer you’d get to stay. You could feel yourself getting tired, but you knew you had to wait. So you waited. Soon enough, George came along. 

“Where is she? How badly is she hurt?” He yelled, panic evident in his eye. 

“I’m not hurt,”  You said despite the fact that he couldn’t hear you. Somehow, it didn’t feel like a lie. You just felt sleepy. 

“She was trying to save me, mate,” Fred started. George watched him with pleading eyes. He was begging his brother not to tell him what he knew he’d hear. 

“Please.” That one word. That one simple word. It was a plea. Fred’s eyes teared up and, probably for the first time in his life, he couldn’t look at his twin. 

“She was gone the second that explosion went off,” Percy said, shaking his head.

“C-Can I see her?” They parted and let him sit next to your body. 

The shaking started in George’s hands as he ran a single finger over your cheek. Soon it escalated to his entire body. You hadn’t meant for this to happen. Hurting him was the last thing you wanted but, between your death and Fred’s, you figured he’d be able to come back from yours. You stood next to him, stroking his hair.

“Fucking hell, I’m so sorry,” You breathed. 

Fred knelt next to him and, as though a rubber band snapped, George began sobbing. Molly stooped down next to him (through you) and wrapped an arm around him. No one knew what to say. There was nothing to say. You were gone and there was no making that better. You watched as George held Fred in a death grip, like he might go next. You hoped that he wouldn’t. George couldn’t handle losing both of you. A tear fell down your cheek. 

“That should have been you,” George whispered. Fred blinked, unsure of what to do. 

“I know you loved her but…” George shook his head. 

“No. It was supposed to be you. (Y/N) Saw it,” He sobbed. Everyone looked at a loss for words. 

“My poor boy,” Molly murmured, stroking George’s hair. 

“She wanted to get married.” The words hung thick in the air. You felt terrible for leaving him after that. You hovered over your body, kneeling to meet his eyes. 

“Still want to,” You hiccuped. 

“Oh, George,” Molly whispered. He leaned forward and took your hand in his with an angry look in his eye. The expression on his face was totally wrecked, but his eye were blazing. 

“You promised. You promised me I wouldn’t lose you,” He whimpered. That hit you like a knife to the heart. 

“You need him more than me,” You said. He placed his lips delicately on the back of your hand, like he was afraid he’d wake you. The thing was, you did look like you were sleeping. 

“You promised.” 

“I know.” 

You felt an icy hand on your shoulder and you jumped. As you turned, you saw Death standing behind you. You gave the creature a smile and cast a glance back at your heartbroken boyfriend. It was time, but you had to wonder if death would do you a favor. You looked up into Death’s hood, finding that it wasn’t nearly as scary as people say. Death didn’t really look like anything, at least, nothing distinguishable. It was dark, but beautiful in a terribly morbid way. You stood and faced it. 

“Can I please just say goodbye?” You asked. Death shook its head, but you persisted. 

“Please, I have to. I need to tell him I love him one last time before I go.” Death stared at you for a long moment. It felt like looking down the barrel of a gun while playing Russian Roulette. You didn’t know what to expect. 

“Please,” You urged one last time. Finally, Death nodded once and waved a great hand over you. The family gasped, so you figured they could see you. You knelt down in front of George, placing a hand on his wet cheek. 

“(Y/N)?” He asked. You smiled. “I thought…” 

“I am. God, George, I’m so sorry,” You said. He took your hand in his. 

“What am I supposed to do without you, love?” He asked. 

“Move on.” Everyone stared at you like you’d lost your mind. Maybe you had. You were dead after all. Not much left to lose after that. 

“I can’t,” He said, voice cracking. You brushed his tears away. 

“You can. If it had been Fred you couldn’t have, but it was me. I want you to move on and find someone who makes you happy,” You said, evenly. He shook his head and you caught his face again, making him look deep into your eyes. 

“I love you,” He mumbled, brokenly. You kissed his lips one last time, attempting to imprint the feeling into your brain and his. 

“I love you too.” Death reached for you. You’d said what you needed to say. You looked at Fred.

“Take care of him, Freddie. I didn’t save your ass for nothing,” You laughed, with a light smirk. Fred nodded and you faced Death again. Something in its indistinguishable face looked apologetic and you smiled at it. It was okay. You weren’t scared. Death picked you up as though you were little more than a doll and carried you away. Your last thought was a vague hope that they knew you were at peace. One last smile came to your face before you felt yourself slip from existence entirely. 

Out of My League (King George III x Reader)

Hello! This is my first fic (and, to be honest, I’m not very good at tumblr) so any feedback will be much appreciated! I’m not really sure about ideal length so this is just more of a test. I wrote this since I’m a Brit through and through so obvs George is one of my fav characters in Hamilton!

You had married George about a year ago. For a while, your life was bliss. You had a husband who loved you and showered you in whatever you desired (not that you’d ever actually request anything). You loved each other, and that was all that mattered. However, your ‘loyal’ subjects did’t see it that way. You were born and raised a commoner. Obviously, your courtship and marriage had caused quite a fuss, particularly within certain elitist circles, but George quickly ordered them to quieten their mouths.

Only, recently, the gossip had started up again. Maybe you had broken some kind of etiquette? Maybe you had offended someone? All you knew was that it was back, and worse than ever. When they thought you weren’t listening, they called you a 'whore who’d spread her legs for anyone, as long as they had money’. They accused you of sorcery, bewitching the king and clouding his judgement. Many of the comments were in a similar vain, spoken by nobles who were jealous that you had managed to catch the King’s eye. They didn’t affect you nearly as much as the other comments did.

“She’ll never be fit to be Queen”.
“She’s a distraction”.
“She’d never have the courage nor the intelligence to make any real decisions”.
“She’s nothing more than a pretty face”.

Every word pierced your heart. They attacked one of your worst insecurities. Sure, you’d never had a formal education but you had read your father’s books and taught yourself everything you needed to know. You had learned through sheer tenacity and force of will, and ended up with knowledge that rivals even your husband’s. But, you weren’t raised to rule. You didn’t know the ins and outs of high society. You just tried your hardest and hoped for the best. Still, the fact that people thought you weren’t good enough upset you more than it should have.

“My love, what troubles you?” asked George, seeing an expression of worry mar your beautiful face.
“George, I need you to answer this honestly”.
“What is it dear?” he said, feeling slightly apprehensive as to what affected you this much.
“Am I a burden?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself.

After saying it out loud, it seemed like everything came crashing down. What if they were right? What if you were a burden - useless to George and the country? What if he hates you? What if it was all pity and he never truly loved you? 

You couldn’t stop the tears streaming down your face or the sobs escaping your lips.

You found yourself encapsulated by his arms. He cradled you close, with your head resting on his chest, his slightly musky scent tickling your nose. This was the feeling of safety, of warmth. The feeling of home. He just held you there in a protective cocoon.

“Shh, you silly girl. Dry those tears” he said, drying your eyes with his robe. “Whatever could have given you that idea?”
“I-I’m sorry. I ju-just.” You hiccuped and broke down again, the horrible words still swimming in your mind.
“Shh, my sweet. I’ll be here as long as you need me”.
“Sorry, I’m useless. Pathetic. Weak.” you mumbled, as you tried to pull away from him. He held you tighter.

“Look at me” he demanded. You managed to pull away this time, avoiding his eye contact and mumbling some sort of excuse.
“Look. At. Me.” he demanded, more forcefully this time. He put his thumb under your chin, lifting it so that your eyes met. You stared into his captivating blue eyes, a feeling of guilt bubbling up. His eyes softened.
“What am I going to do with you?” he sighed. “[Y/N], I love you so much, can’t you see that? I would move the heavens for you”. At this, he stole a sweet kiss. 

“Please, what’s gotten into you?”
“I-I heard some pe-people talking about m-me”. Your voice wavered and you lost the courage to go on.
“What did they say?” He spoke softly and comfortingly, trying to coax you to go on. You told him everything you had heard. Every last insult, mean comment and snide remark.
“Oh [Y/N]” he whispered, as he held you close. “You didn’t need to face this alone. I’m here. I’ll always be here. Please, speak to me next time.”
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bother you or waste your time.” you stuttered.
“My sweet, I would give up my entire kingdom if it meant your happiness”. He smiled as you blushed prettily under his intense gaze.
“B-but all those people said-”
“Never mind what they said. You are what’s most important to me. What do those people know?” he whispered.

Then, upon the realisation that it was his subjects that caused this, his gaze hardened and sparked with anger. “Who are these people who dares cause you such grief? I will execute them immediately!” His eagerness to jump to your defense warmed your heart.
“George, it’s fine. Drop it. It’s just people in the court gossiping”.
“But, my love-”
“It’s fine George. Yes, their words hurt. Yes, I won’t forget them. Yes, they were horrible and uncalled for, but it was just gossip. Nothing more, nothing less. We can’t convict them on human nature. Just let it go, for me?”
“How did I ever convince someone like you to be my wife?” he asked in awe. “You’re just plain amazing, you know that right?”
“George.” you said, exasperated at his attempt to sidetrack you.
“Ok, I promise I won’t do anything. For you, my sweet, I give my word.”

“But seriously, can’t I chop a couple of heads off?”
“Sorry, dear.” and the King of England, ruler of millions, meekly complied.

every steve/tony argument ever

the world: is fucked and in immediate peril

tony: how about this pragmatic but morally dubious solution

steve: TONY NO that’s imperfect and therefore wrong

tony: ok, what should we do instead then?


anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do a George one shot thing? Where y/n and The Twins are both in the same year in Gryffindor, but are well known for being enemies and hating one another (especially George and y/n)? They have similar personalities, but always go out of their way to make the others lives as difficult as possible, and are often found arguing or causing some kind of scene and annoying eachother? But then George and y/n end up in detention and somehow end up finding out they like eachother? 😝😝

Here it is! Will try to post the next one soon and thank you for all the notes on my last one! x Really hope you like it and yeah, I included a bit of fluff at the end!! x Enjoy! 

It was a the rain today that made a big lot of Hogwarts students take care of their homework in the Great Hall instead of outside today. You were amongst them, brooding over an assignment professor McGonagall had given to the Gryffindors before. Just when you felt like you could finally concentrate properly, loud voices drowned most of the talking that was going on at the Gryffindor table. “New, original Puking Pastilles, fresh out of the kitchen! Who’d like to test them?”, George Weasley shouted and wandered around, jokingly offering everyone one of his novelties that he kept in a small wooden box. “Maybe swallow one yourself so we won’t have to endure your blabbering anymore”, you said just loud enough for him to hear. Some of your friends turned around and giggled, passing glimpses at George, who was now joined by his twin brother. They laughed patronizingly before stopping next to you. “Trust me, we have had enough of them already”, Fred said. “Besides” - he put the box into his pocket - “We don’t even need Puking Pastilles anymore. Looking at people like you will do as well”, George finished his brother’s sentence. Fred seemed to be quite surprised at his statement but nevertheless, he roared with laughter a second later. The Weasley twins were usually being rather witty and clever than plain rude, but when it came to you, they had no mercy. Your rivalry was famous, for both Weasleys and you had tried to embarrass, ridicule and pester each other countless times. There was just something about them that annoyed you to death, but still, you had to admit that their wit kept you busy. Some were snorting when they heard what George said and turned to you. He had countered very well, indeed. The twins were still smirking, whereas you couldn’t help but blush a bit. You looked at them darkly as your brain searched for a thing to say next that would rout them somehow, but you were interrupted by Angelina Johnson, who called the twins eagerly to discuss the next Quidditch practice. With a giggle, George turned to you and gave you a winning smile. “What a lousy prick”, you muttered again, just loud enough so he would hear you.

It had been a hard day; after three more hours in the afternoon, you finally returned to the Gryffindor common room around early evening time. First thing you did when walking into the Common Room was checking the ceiling – Fred and George had set off enlarged spiders on you once and eversince that had happened, you always kept your wand steady to avoid getting a brutal shock like in those days again. Everything seemed to be fine, though, so you put your wand into your pocket again and walked toward the girl’s dormitory as you saw the twins coming down the stairs. Something about George’s evil grin that appeared on his face as he spotted you made you furious and, to your own pleasure, brought out your cunning. He walked right past you – a terrible mistake of his – and bumped your shoulder. In return, you quickly stretched out your left foot. George Weasley fell and stretched out his arms just before his face hit the floor, but nevertheless, there was a loud thump that made pretty much everyone look around. Fred stumbled slightly but he was able to keep his balance. George’s face was almost the shade of his hair. “Oopsie, so sorry, Georgie”, you said teasingly and quickly got away with a chuckle before he the twins could return the favor.

The next day started off quite well since you had breakfast with your friends; furthermore, your schedule today would be more or less pleasant. But what you didn’t think about was that it was practically Fred and George’s turn to hassle you, so what happened in the afternoon actually left you speechless. You were walking down the corridor when something hit your cheek strongly. Within a matter of seconds, it doomed to you what was happening. “Merlin’s beard, I-“, you muttered, but something hit your cheek again. This time, you were able to catch what had bumped you so harshly, but as you opened your hand, your eyes widened. It was a big, fat beetle, but as you stared at it, it doubled. More and more insects and nasty, weird looking slugs were appearing on your hand and sliding down your arms into your clothing. They just kept evolving, even as you tried to drop most of the animals on your hand. Some were making their way to your shoulder already and you turned around several times, trying to shake them off. “What the-“, you wept and stopped to pull out your wand. As you tried to remove a slug from your arm, it only enlarged. Now, people were starting to notice you, skipping and turning around hastily, crying out from time to time. And when they started to laugh, you got so furious you just squashed some of the animals crawling on the floor with your foot. Desperately, you tried another spell on the animals and to your relief, it worked. You shook off the last slug sticking to your arm before angrily turning around. Fred and George were standing behind a pillar, laughing so hard their voices went silent. “You stupid, disgusting little gits!”, you shouted and ran toward them, pulling out your wand. Both didn’t stop laughing. With a brush of your hand, you removed your (now) tousled hair from your face and glared at both of them. And as they still didn’t stop laughing, you seized your chance and aimed at George. “Y-Your face when you s-saw them”, George snorted, gasping for air. A second later, a bird made of fire evolved from your wand and poked George in the face. “WHAT-“, he cried out, looking painfully startled, before shielding his face with his arms. Fred was trying to help him, but George had already raised his wand at you. Before he could do anything, though, he was pulled back by a figure in a black robe. People around you seemed to be more silent than before; some even left the scene as quickly as possible. “What have we learned about using spells on the corridor, Weasley?” a monotone, sunken voice asked him from behind. George did not answer. Professor Snape was grabbing his shoulder tightly as he made the bird you had conjured disappear with a single flick of his wand. “Impressive, Miss (Y/L/N), very impressive. Not appropriate to use on a corridor, though, you should know. Detention, both of you, this evening, 6 o’ clock, my office.” he stated, barely moving his thin lips. “But, Professor, he teased me-“ - “DETENTON. Haven’t I made myself clear already? Maybe taking 20 points of Gryffindor will do.” Snape violently let loose of George’s shoulder again. “For each one of you, obviously”, he added and left again in a stiff walk. “Great job, idiot”, you said furiously and walked right past George, who was looking angry and confused as ever.

“You will clean my library. Each of you will do 3 shelves. I expect highly studious work from both of you, so if I find one book that is covered in a layer of dust, I will make sure you do everything once again. And if you dare to bugger off… You can start taking time to clean the whole library downstairs for the rest of the year.”, Snape declared quickly. His dark eyes stared down at you as you nodded grimly. At least he wouldn’t patrol you two too much since his library was in an extra room, but as you examined the shelves, you knew that there was a lot of hard work coming towards you. George didn’t look at you once; he just started cleaning books – without magic, of course. Both of you were absorbed in the rage and bitterness over what had happened and what you were forced to do now. After what seemed like hours already, you heard a loud thud from Snape’s office next door.                                             “Probably fell off his chair because he realized he’s only had two detentions today, that poor soul”, you muttered under your breath without really thinking about it. Everything was making you mad right now; it felt as if no matter what you said, it was automatically turning out to be negative. Your anger was cut off though – not by Snape, but by George, who was silently chuckling. He was actually, truly, honestly laughing at your comment. You just stared at him in disbelief. “Or maybe he got a letter from the Ministry”, he grinned, “They want him to pair up with Umbridge because they would make such a perfect duo” – “Or, Umbridge fancies him”, you added, now joining his quiet laughter. George actually gave you a friendly glimpse there for a moment, but his face froze again since he seemed to recall what had happened before. He turned away again, cleaning his shelf, but you couldn’t get over what had just occurred. “That was quite… funny, to be honest, Weasley”, you said suddenly, to your own surprise. He, on the contrary, raised his eyebrows. “Oh, I’ve said much funnier things, believe me” His look softened suddenly. “But I mean, you don’t seem to have such a bad sense of humor as well”

You were absolutely astonished by his words. He didn’t sound so blatantly arrogant anymore and suddenly, you could imagine him talking to his friends like this. “Well, you’ve got the pranks to proof it. After all, we have one common ground, at least”, you responded. Whether it was the heat in the library or the actual happenings right now you did not know, but you were pretty sure that you were starting to blush. “You may or may not be right there”, he smiled mischievously, “Actually, you’ve kept Fred and me busy for a long time. Some of our ideas are based on certain events involving you” “You mean like the Puking Pastilles?”, you asked, actually thinking he had only messed around with you. “No, that was just a really… bad joke of mine”, George responded quickly. You couldn’t believe the tone of his voice; he was actually sounding quite ashamed of himself. “Well, it definitely was a good counter”, you said and turned to him. It was strange how you never really looked at each other in privacy, without the intention to harass the other one. But how come you were suddenly low-key chatting to the person you had an especially bad connection to?  George snorted slightly and looked down on his feet. He had more or less said he was sorry about the joke with the Puking Pastilles and he was actually willing to talk to you, how could that happen all of a sudden?

“Who are you and what have you done to George Weasley?”, you joked. George looked up again, grinning nervously. “It’s so weird. But I’ve just been thinking, you know, after all, we are quite-“, he stammered – “Alike?”, you said. Footsteps were audible from Snape’s room, so you remained in silence for a moment. As the steps vanished again, George nodded. “Perhaps. It just made me think how we’re practically wasting a lot. Only hypothetically, of course, but imagine if we worked together” You smiled. “Are you suggesting we should start working together?”- “No, that’s n-not what I said-“ – “I’m only joking, George. But you’re right. How did we even start out hating each other?”, you asked and it was a question that you really couldn’t answer at the moment. “I don’t know, I guess there was just something about both of us that drew our attention, after all?”, he said and shrugged. Obviously, he was right, but that easily could’ve turned out to be a good thing as well. It was then when you understood that you only chose to hate him, that you had this playful rivalry going on, but it didn’t lead you anywhere. Both of you seemed to be so startled over what was happening, you just stared into nowhere for a second. “Are you planning to go to Hogsmeade this weekend?”, George suddenly asked. “Hm?” – “I mean, do you have any plans for the weekend? Maybe we can meet up somewhere”, he repeated, blushing so violently it almost made you giggle. “Um, no, not really. Um, maybe, yes. Perhaps. If we can endure hours in Snape’s library, I guess Hogsmeade will work as well, right?”, you replied clumsily. You couldn’t even put into words how stupid you felt for doing this, but there was something about George’s voice that told you he was being serious with you. “No pranks and no bullying?”, you asked and held out your hand to George. He took it and shook it, seeming quite confident again. “Deal”, he said. “Although, I might accidentally slip a Puking Pastille into your butterbeer”, he added quietly before both of you started laughing out loud. “Merlin’s beard, how am I going to explain to Fred?”, he muttered and chuckled. You grinned at him. “How are we going to explain the entire school?”

-A few weeks later-

“Is that-“, Ron stammered as he saw his brothers Fred and George walking down the busy, snowy pavement of Hogsmeade. “(Y/N), Fred and George, yes”, Hermione finished, but she sounded quite unsurprised. They were walking down the road, George being very close to (Y/N), discussing something eagerly. “How? Why? What has happened to Fred and George, I thought they hated (Y/N)”, Ron know howled dramatically. “They have found their common ground, Ron. I always knew they secretly liked each other a lot. Angelina told me it happened in detention. George and (Y/N) kind of talked about things, as far as she knows. And it left them surprised too, but they have more or less forgiven each other. I even suppose that George kind of asked (Y/N) out last week”, she explained, looking quite happy since one more source of friction would vanish from the Gryffindor common room now. “They’ve gone mental”, Ron sighed and walked toward his brothers. “Are you joking?”, he said as he slightly pulled Fred to his side. “No, mate, you’re probably the 20th person to ask us that today. I thought you had known already, though”, Fred responded, grinning at his younger brother. “Had known what?”, Ron asked. Fred sighed again, but he seemed to be very amused over Ron’s utter confusion. “We’re friends now. Amigos. We’re good, no pranks anymore, no bullying, no shouting. Well, we will still prank others together, but not quite as harshly”, Fred explained quickly. Ron just stared at him in disbelief. “The tables have turned, Ronnie”, he now grinned slowly. “Yes, even we get sentimental. We have recognized her potential as a friend and consultant for our shop”

Ron just nodded and looked around to search for Hermione, who was still standing in the middle of the pavement, giggling. “I even think George fancies (Y/N)”, Fred grinned as he leaned down a bit, but George bumped his chest a second later. “Stop it now, you git”, George said. You couldn’t suppress a smile as you saw him blushing. It was true, he kind of asked you out very clumsily last week after you had spent a good time laughing alone down by the lake. “I bet my life they even snogged already”, Fred whispered. George gave you a nervous, but sweet look before telling Fred to shut up again, even though he had been very much right about the assumption he made about you two.

Is this a Joke to You?

Part 1 here (x)

Warnings: Teen Pregnancy Anxiety

A/N: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. Italics are flashbacks

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“I for one am quite tiered from our day trip today aren’t you George?” you smiled as you set your bag down. You and George had spent the whole afternoon shopping for nursery items, and you were downright exhausted. Flopping down on the couch, you turned to face George who hadn’t moved from his spot by the door. He looked furious, and you didn’t understand why.  

“Every day you seem to joke around and say you wish we never slept together Y/N,” George huffed. “Is that how you really feel?” You opened your mouth to reply, but nothing came out. That wasn’t the way you felt at all. You enjoyed that night you finally gave into your desire to be with George, if just for one night. You thought about it for weeks, though you never said anything to George. You believed your thoughts gravitated toward that night because you enjoyed the thrill of being with someone without having to worry about the emotions the day after. However, the more time you spent with George, the more you thought about how that night would’ve been if you were together. He would’ve held you through the night and placed gentle kisses on your face before meeting your lips. Perhaps he would’ve taken you out to breakfast instead of dissaperating after making sure you were ok.

The more time he was around you, the more you loved the little things he did to care for you. You loved how George would rub cold lotion on your stomach, and always wished his fingers would linger longer on your skin. You adored how he would spontaneously show up at your door with your favorite dessert and your latest salty craving. There was no doubt in your mind that you had fallen for George, but the odds as him seeing you as something more than a hookup were slim to none.

“No George I don’t regret sleeping with you,” you reached out for him but he backed away from you.

“Why do you keep acting like it Y/N?” George stammered. “Don’t you think I feel terrible about what happened?” Your face fell. You felt bad enough when you walked through the hallways, and heard people whispering about how sorry they were for you. Not a day went by that you didn’t blame yourself for being so careless with protection. You hopped to eventually out grow your guilt, but with George’s confession, that guilt felt ten times heavier than before. Before you could stop yourself, you felt tears falling; this was way too much for you.

“I’m sorry George,” you chocked in between sobs. “I didn’t plan for any of this to happen. It was supposed to only last a night.” George wrapped his arms around you, brushing your hair back.

“You have nothing to apologize for Y/N. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I’m just as responsible for this baby as you are.”   You relaxed a little, your sobs turning into sniffles. “Now, how about I give you a nice foot message for all the trouble I caused you today?”

“I think you owe me way more than a foot message George,” you laughed. “Grab me some ice cream from the fridge.”

“Whatever you say Y/N,” George teased. Your mind drifted off to thoughts of you and George together, but for now, you were just glad you had the support of the red headed boy. You wouldn’t be able to get through this without him.  

Mistake - George Weasley Imagine

Heyo! I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is close friends with the Twins and trio, shes a slytherin and is daring draco but then one day George professes his love for her and she ends up dumping draco for george?

~(Y/n)’s POV~

“Hi (Y/n)” Draco whispered from behind putting a light kiss on my head. “Hi Draco” I said turning around and putting a quick kiss on his lip. I seemed pretty happy on the outside but I was dying in the inside. Draco isn’t the right person for me, This relationship with him was a big Mistake! He was extremely rude to people even if they didn’t do anything at all to Him. He thought all Gryffindor’s were horrible when really they’re super sweet and they’re basically my best friends. He would always plan romantic dates but he can never go because he rather spend time with his stupid goons, Crabbe and Goyle. “I was wondering if maybe we can go to the Three Broomsticks this weekend?” He asked “That sounds lovely Draco” I said happily “Okay see you tomorrow, I love you” he said placing a kiss on your neck “I love you too” I said plainly returning to my Potions essay.

~The Next Day~

“Hi babe! Ready to go!” Draco said excitedly as I walked down the stairs from the girls dormitory ‘Wow were really going somewhere!’ I thought in your mind “More than ready!” I smiled widely at him. He locked our fingers together and we both slowly made your way to Hogesmead. He opened the door for me and bowed lowly “My lady” I giggled “Oh thank you my kind sir” we both laughed as we sat in a booth. We talked and drank Butterbeer for a while enjoying the time together until Crabbe and Goyle ruined the entire date! “Um M-Malfoy we have s-something to tell y-you” Crabbe stuttered out “What is it?” He asked curiously. Goyle leaned down and whispered in Draco’s ear.

Draco’s eyes widened at what Goyle was telling him. He turned to me still in shock “Um… (Y/n) I’m r-really sorry I-I” he started but I finished for him “Have to go” I said not Suprised at all “yes I’m really sorry” he said sadly “it’s okay Draco” I assured him “see you later at the castle” he said kissing me on the lips. 'I can’t believe him!’ I mentally screamed in my mind, I stood up and quickly put on my coat. I walked out the door and started to make my way up to the castle. I only made it a few steps before I heard a voice telling me to stop “(Y/n)! Wait! Hold on!” I turned around to see one of my favorite Ginger friends “Oh hi Georgie!” I said walking up to him and hugging him tightly as he did the same.

He pulled back and looked me in the eyes “Okay I have something to tell you. When I say it you might not want to be my friend anymore” he breathed out “George whatever it is I’ll always be with you I promise” I said giving him a light smile. He took a deep breath in “(Y/n) I really really like you… Like a lot. I love the way you bat your eyes when you want something or when you smile widely at random things. I know you have a boyfriend but I see how sometimes your unhappy with him. If I was your Boyfriend I would treat you the right way, I would never take my attention off of you, nor would I leave you in the middle of a date. I love you with all my heart (Y/n) (Y/l/n) and I hope that you would give me a chance please” he said deeply.

I just stood there with my mouth wide open 'George liked me’ I thought in my mind. “Um… (Y/n)” George said waving his hand in front of my face. I was brought back from my thoughts and looked at George’s face. “I love you too” I whispered “what? (Y/n) what did you s-” I cut him off when I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a kiss. It was passionate and I felt sparks, I’ve never felt sparks when I kissed Draco. The kiss was so amazing I didn’t want to pull back but, of course we needed some air “I said I love you too” I panted. He kissed me again making us both smile widely into the kiss. “I guess I’m gonna have to break up with Draco” I said gloomily knowing how Draco would react. “I’m sorry (Y/n) for telling you so late” George said sadly feeling ashamed of himself.

“No it’s okay Georgie! You’ve let me see the clearer picture of things, I can’t be with Draco if I don’t love him, it’s the right thing to do” I said giving him a light kiss on the lips before heading up the castle to tell Draco my thoughts. Once I reached the castle I wandered the empty corridors looking for Draco. It’s been only half an hour until I found him talking to Crabbe and Goyle on the 2nd floor Corridor “Draco!” I yelled walking up to him. He shooed Crabbe and Goyle away before turning to me “Hi babe. Sorry I didn’t stay to long for our date but I guess we can do it again on next s-” “No. Draco. I can’t do this anymore.” I whispered to him “You can’t do what? What’s wrong?” He asked trying to hug me. I lightly pushed him away “I can’t be with you anymore!” I felt a tear run down my cheek 'I liked Draco but like a friend’ I thought in my mind.

“(Y/n) what’s wrong? Are you seeing someone else? I liked what we had!” He said confused and a little angry “Draco I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with you. It’s just me!” I cried a little “No! (Y/n) tell me! Are you seeing someone else?!” He yelled making me cry more. I nodded slowly which made him even more angrier. He punched the wall “You know what? Leave I don’t ever want to see you again!” He yelled. I ran as fast and as far away as I can, I cried a lot while running not even looking ahead of me. I bumped into a tall and thin figure and fell back flat on my butt “I-I’m sorry” I cried not looking at the person “(Y/n)! What’s wrong?” I turned and met George’s brown dreamy ones. He kneeled down and cupped my face while I tried to stop crying “Shhh. It’s okay sweetie” he said lovingly and wrapping his long arms tightly around me and putting kisses on top of my head. “Shhh” he kept saying while stroking my hair as I slowly calmed my tears and my breathing.

“Now tell me, what’s wrong?” He asked “It was Draco. He wasn’t so happy I can tell you that” I said sadly “what did he do? Did he hurt you?” George asked worried checking your face for any damage. “No he didn’t hurt me. It’s just that I’ve never seen him so angry before” I sniffled “I’m sorry. For making you do that” he kissed my forehead “no it’s not your fault. It was the right thing to do” I told him “I love you” he said trying to light the mood, I smiled widely at him “I love you too.”


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Idiot (Philip x reader College!AU)

 This is a request from someone but it’s a quarter past 12 AM and I’m tired so you know who you are

You sighed as you sat at the bar, relaxing with a nice drink in your hands as Philip was rambling about political views on the candidates. You had sort of zoned out, just enjoying the first weekend of summer break in this semester. Philip was your roommate, and he never shut up about politics. He was a triple major, son of a politician, and a speech and debate freak. The kid was off the hook, but you had a crush on him anyways. It was mostly platonic bro hugs and debating between you two, but you had fallen hard for the little wad of energy and pride. 

You snapped out of your little flashback when you heard an unfamiliar voice say your name. You came back into reality the second time. “(Y/N)?” You turned to see head of the school theater department’s student cooperation organization and overall prissy know it all jerk George Eacker sitting next to you. “What do you want, George? You’re 20 you shouldn’t be here anyway.” You said flatly. George waved some tickets in front of your face. “Look what I bought. With all my money. Two tickets to the best seats in Richard Roger’s Theater to an all-star cast of Phantom of the opera. Pretty cool, huh? If only I had a beautiful girl to go with!” He threw his hand over his forehead dramatically and pretended to tear up. 

God you hated Eacker, but you really loved Phantom of the Opera. “I get it, okay? What do you want me to do? Those tickets are like almost 1K a pop, you know I’m not going to turn one down.” You cursed under your breath, knowing what you would get yourself into with this. “Oh the price is small. In fact, it’s practically just another favor for you. Be my girlfriend for the night of the show and you can come with me!” Philip spat out his drink in surprise and protest. “HA!” Philip taunted sarcastically. “As if she would ever let a guy like you put our hands on her for tickets to a show!” Eacker shot a death glare at Philip. 

“No I’ll do it.” You said lowly. Philip took another drink only to spit it out again. “What?! (Y/N) you know better than that!” You sighed at Philip’s blind anger and attempt to reason with you. “They’re really good seats, bro. I’ll meet you at the theater, okay Eacker?” Eacker chuckled at the defeat in your voice. “I’ll be waiting for you, my sweet. Don’t be late!” You could have thrown up then and there. He didn’t even pretend not to be a Scooby-Doo villain. Philip grabbed you by the arm and pulled you out of the bar. “You’re drunk, (Y/N). I won’t let you make these decisions under the influence-“ “Phil I’ve had half a geisha girl I’m not drunk they are really good seats bro.” You told Philip, who was oddly concerned. “I won’t allow you to sell your body to a man you hate for theater tickets!” 

A white hot stinging spread across his cheek. He looked back at you to see your hand still where it had struck him in the face. “I’m not having sex with him I’m not a goddamn prostitute we’re two people in college and I’m just trying to see a show even if it means I have to call Eacker friggen sugar lumpkins all night! What is your problem with this situation anyways?!” “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU FOR REAL AND EACKER DOESN’T!” You froze. Everything got quiet very quickly. Philip Hamilton, your crush, your roommate, your best friend, returned your affections. 

“Excuse me.” You said, walking into the bar. Philip winced as he heard Eacker screaming at the top of his lungs and some glass shattering, as well as the screech of bare skin sliding on a wooden floor. You walked out looking normal, with two tickets in your hand. You kissed Philip on the lips sweetly. “I love you too, idiot. You should have told me sooner. Now let’s go rent some fancy clothing and watch the phantom of the opera like 50 times before we go see it.” Philip laughed and kissed you again. 

“This is why I love you, idiot.”

anonymous asked:

can you do one after the war with george and ron taking care of www and fred being their bodyguard?? like maybe the reader can be with george or sth idc i'm just leaving it up to you thank you so much!!

I actually had a very similar request about this as well, hope you two are fine with how it came out! x Oh and btw, I doubt that Fred would turn into a ghost, but it’s fanfiction, so everything’s possible hahaha x Sorry for the wait and I really hope you enjoy reading! x 

“Seeing Georgie?” a voice asked from behind as you stretched out your arm to reach Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes’ entrance. You gasped with fright before turning to the misty figure grinning at you – “Actually, I’m helping out today, Freddie” you replied dryly, whereupon he raised his eyebrows. “Helping out? That’s new to me. How come I didn’t know until now?” – Fred circled you, looking playfully offended. “I thought George would tell you, but since he obviously didn’t, I s’pose there must be a reason for his decision” you smirked. Fred gave you a grumpy glance until he understood what you were referring to, whereupon he wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh yes, I remember… just doing my work and checking if everything’s alright, and then I see you two havin’ a good snog between some shelves… I think it’s fair to say that I will remain traumatized” – “I must admit it wasn’t exactly a decent thing to do, but you’ll get over it, Fred; I believe in you. You’d better check for people trying to steal stuff from the back entrance, though, don’t you think?” you replied, blushing slightly when he looked at you with his eyebrows raised. “Nice try, (Y/N), but I will bring this up within the next 100 years, if necessary. But you’re right, work is ahead, and if I see one more little scaredy pant trying to pinch a Skiving Snackbox, I might as well call myself the next Peeves” You laughed at his comment while shaking your head. “Great, Fred, have a good day then. I s’pose we’ll see each other-“ – “Definitely, I’m keeping an eye on you two lovebirds; I think I’ll die once again should I see you two all touchy-feely-“ – “Oh, shut it, Fred” you laughed, proceeding to open the door, but his misty figure was gliding through you playfully - he liked teasing you a lot since he knew that seeing a ghost from inside wasn’t exactly pleasant. “FRED!” – the only thing you could hear was a chuckle; he had vanished promptly to take care of the back entrance of the shop. Shiver was running down your spine due to the coldness that was a ghost’s body as you stood in the doorway, your arms stiff from displeasure. Suddenly, you saw someone lurking from behind a shelf at you with raised eyebrows. “Done his usual trick again?” – “Yes, went straight through me” you said, giving George a sarcastic smile when he chuckled at you. “I think that’s Fred’s way of telling you that he likes you” – George put on a rather loving smile before walking up to you to place a nippy kiss on your cheek. “If you say so, but still, he could think of different ways to express that” – Your hand found his when you looked at each other for a moment while in the background, you could hear someone opening boxes. “Morning, Ron!” you said loudly, whereupon he lurked around the same shelf as George had before, and to your amusement, he had a very similar look on his face. “Oh, righ’- Morning, (Y/N)” he said a bit languidly and waved. George, on the contrary, asked for your attention by placing another kiss on your cheek – “Your waistcoat” he mumbled, handing you a magenta piece of cloth with the “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” logo on it. He watched you putting it on, and when you had finished, he smirked. “Now you’re officially a staff member and I must say… I chose these waistcoats wisely” – You rolled your eyes at his cockiness before walking up to some of the shelves to fill them with newly-arrived products, but you did give him a loving glimpse here and there.

Even before lunch hour the shop was packed with people. Fred made sure everyone was sticking to the rules; he stayed in front of the door most of the time, but whenever he entered the shop, kids gathered around him, hoping he’d tell jokes and stories. You watched both Fred and George whenever you had nothing to do for a moment – it was just so relieving to see them together sometimes, even though Fred wasn’t human anymore. “(Y/N)” someone said from behind – it was Ron, smiling lightly at you. “George wants you to take care of the counter for a moment, he’s upstairs consulting people. You really chose the right day to help out, shop’s bloody packed today” – “Yes, I must admit, everyone’s quite busy… But yeah, I’ll be right there, thanks, Ron!” – “No snogging yet? Keep going, (Y/N), I’m very pleased” someone said from behind; Ron chuckled slightly before leaving again, whereas you turned around to face Fred once more. “You know, sometimes I think you want to see it, Freddie” – You crossed your arms, whereupon Fred frowned. “Over my dead body” he answered, his lips forming into a smirk now due to the, in your eyes, very macabre joke he just made. As a reply, you rolled your eyes and made your way to the counter, but not without looking back one more time to shake your head at Fred, who was laughing at his own brilliance.

You slowly reached a point where you could actually feel exhaustion in your body – your legs hurt from standing and you felt hot; but still, there was quite a big queue on the counter that you had to deal with. It was probably worth it, you thought, but when a buff, strange-looking wizard faced you next, you found yourself feeling rather irritated. “How much is this?” he asked flatly, showing you some Extendable ears and 5 packets of Instant Darkness powder. “That would be… one galleon, 2 sickles and 5 knuts, please” you replied, but to your displeasure, the man just looked at you with his vibrant eyes, slightly clenching his hand to a fist. “Outrageous prices you have; I bet these products don’t even work. Can we make a deal? I’ll give you 13 sickles for all of it” he said loudly. “No, sir, I’m afraid I can’t do that. These are probably the cheapest novelties you’re going to find in this area-“ – “But I am a costumer and I have a right to protest” – “Of course you do, sir, but I can’t change the prices for products we import. Either you buy them or not, that’s the best advice I can give. Or maybe you just give up on one or two packets of Instant Darkness Powder-“ – “How dare you talk to me like that? I need 5… Bloody unqualified you are, I require talking to someone more trustworthy” You narrowed your eyes at him in disgust, but nevertheless, you decided to remain calm with him. “You’re not going to find anyone in this store who’s going to bargain with you about anything, sir” – “Didn’t they tell you how to behave with customers? I demand talking to a staff member” – “I am a staff member, sir” – The man was looking at you in an odd manner; you slowly started to feel very suspect about your opponent. When you noticed him slightly twitching his hand, you were pretty certain about what kind of person he was. “Sir, may I ask what you’re planning to use these for-“ – Before you could finish, he had drawn out his wand, whereupon you felt a thump against your chest and flew backward against a shelf. A gasp of pain escaped your mouth; your vision went blurry for a moment, but then you realized how some kids were screaming and scurrying through the store; within seconds, the only thing you saw was a big hash of people – but where was the man you considered to be someone connected to the Dark Arts? You tried to get up as quickly as possible, but you couldn’t spot him anywhere. It was all about weighing up now – in the end, you decided to take care of your customers first. Panting, you brought your wand to your neck and tried to sound as calmly as possible when you asked all customers to stop running. “There’s no need to be scared, we are taking care of the incident. Please remain calm and leave the store so we can investigate. Thank you for your understanding” – People were mumbling when you finished and slowly made their way outside; some seemed to be really frightened, as it seemed. You looked around in confusion and anger – where was the man from the counter? Suddenly, you heard someone saying your name over and over again, and a second later, George was facing you, his cheeks reddish. “What happened? (Y/N), your forehead…” – He looked around once again when Ron appeared behind him. “What-“ – “Some idiot at the counter. Looked quite insane to me; he wanted to buy some stuff and was upset about the prices, and just when I asked him about the purpose behind his choice he casted a spell at me and now he’s gone” you said angrily, whereupon both George and Ron put on a dark glare. “Bloody idiot, if I catch this one he’s going to get a nice punch in the face” – George was visibly angry about his store emptying and having to reassure people that there was no permanent danger, but what seemed to bother him most was that someone harmed you and he wasn’t there to help you out. “We had the same 2 months ago, but I knew he was one, they just have this odd stare and stuff, always freaks me out somehow“ Ron threw in, looking rather indifferent since he had faced quite a lot of dark magicians eversince his first year at Hogwarts. “Well, we’ll have to make sure dimwits like him don’t enter this store anymore” – George traced his wand over your forehead; you seemed to have had a little wound from the spell there. You gave him a slight smile in return before he put a quick kiss on the place you could feel your skin closing.

Suddenly, you heard a loud thump from outside – “Think you can attack a staff member? Nice bloke you are, what’s your name?” – “I-I d-didn’t-“ – “Don’t try pulling this one, chap. I saw it with my own eyes” – “I d-didn’t m-mean to-“ – “Sweet boy you are, all innocent ‘n whiny. If I ever see you entering this store once again, or, to be extra-precise for your peabrain, if you ever come near any staff member, especially (Y/N), I will do the very same thing to you like before, only a few more times. Now better bugger off” – Another weep from the man was audible outside before he seemed to run away as quickly as possible. “There he goes, our little boy” Fred commented when he flew through the wall of the store to face all three of you. “Educated him a bit about his behavior, flew through him a few times and made sure that he fell down while trying to flee. What a pathetic dimwit” – George and Ron smirked at their brother. “I’m serious, (Y/N), if he ever comes near you once again, just call my name and I’ll make sure he’ll stay away. I was very soft with him before, I must admit, I would have had so much more in stock” Fred sighed playfully, and when he looked around for a moment, you could actually see him giving you a quick, warm smile. “Thank you, Fred. You may or may not be the best bodyguard ever” – “Well, it’s certainly nice to hear that someone agrees with my own evaluation” You rolled your eyes like you had so often this day and could feel George putting his arm around you. Without hesitation, you turned to him and put your lips on his for a moment, whereupon you could hear Fred groaning and turning away. “Ugh, I might reconsider protecting you, (Y/N)” he said darkly, whereupon both George and you laughed, for you knew that Fred was actually immensely happy about you two being together.

Assimilated Half-Indian in Victorian London

anonymous asked:

I have a story that takes place in an alternate Victorian era London. My protagonist is half-Indian, Half-British. Her mother died when she was very young, and she was heavily raised in English society. I’ve been told she seems perfectly white, to my annoyance, although her cultural identity isn’t the focus of the story. I have a few things to connect her with it: wearing her mother’s jewelry, her appearance, some food preferences, her annoyance when referred to as ‘exotic.“ Any suggestions?

It’s well known historically that people of color from all across the British Empire and beyond found their way to London and other big cities, so it makes perfect sense for this character to be where she is.  It’s also well known that many of these immigrants found status by assimilating closely into English society, something that would have happened easier for a person who was half British.  There are a few more things I’d have to know to give you a really good answer, such as which half of her is Indian, which half is British?  Was her mother who died the Indian or the British parent?  Is her father still part of her life?  What was their social class (your use of "society” makes me think upper class, but maybe I’m wrong)?

It wouldn’t be uncommon for an assimilated person of color to be “perfectly white” (or perfectly British) in their behavior and habits.  Nonetheless, the institutional racism of British society would still be there.  Ever see the movie Belle?  The main character is black and the period is George III, but it could be a similar situation to what your character faces.  The protagonist is independently wealthy and raised as a perfect member of high society England but because of her race she’s derided and denied opportunities despite her British behavior.

I know your character’s cultural identity isn’t the focus of the story, but with regard to the way people around her behave, it could be hard to get away from, and I think in the reaction of society to her, rather than a perceived exoticism in her character in particular, is where most of her cultural connection would come from.  She might act perfectly assimilated, but the larger society would still treat her as somehow different.

~ Mod Nikhil