it’s not magic, it’s a chemical reaction

Characters: Darcy Lewis, Fred Weasley, & George Weasley
For:  @huskiesfan-olicity-wintershock
Prompt:  #24.  Farmer’s Market

In my little pocketverse where SHIELD, MACUSA, and MoM are aware of each other and work together on occasion…

Darcy frowned as she approached the table.  She knew both of these guys.

“Guys, you gotta stop doing things that make my face do this,” she gestured towards her eyebrows.  "I’m gonna get frown lines.“  

"Not our fault, love…”  George said with a wink.  

“You could just… lighten up a bit?” Fred suggested.  

“Or you could stop selling exploding chewing gum in no-mag farmer’s markets…”  

“HA, it’s not exploding chewing gum…”  George countered.  "It’s hard candy.  And it just makes smoke come out of your nose.“  

"SHIELD is cracking down, fellas.  Don’t make me call your ministry.”  She flipped their open sign to closed and shooed the kids waiting in line away.    

“It’s not even magic, it’s a chemical reaction!”

She arched an eyebrow.  "Hand it over, then.  Let me take it to be tested.“  

Grumbling, they started shoving their wares back into a suitcase that really shouldn’t  have been big enough to fit all of it.  

Imagine Ginny Weasley walking through the halls and getting catcalled by a few boys. “Looking hot, Weasley!” One of them yells. Behind her, Fred and George start doing ridiculous poses, blowing kisses to the unsuspecting boys.

“I know,” they say in unison.

Molly Weasley watched her third oldest son turning his back to their family but never gave up on him.

Molly Weasley saw her husband at his weakest moment as he laid wounded in St. Mungo’s hospital. She never understood what muggles thought when they started praying to their god(s):                                                                         But that night as she sat at her husband’s hospital bed she couldn’t help but fold her hands, close her eyes and just hope that there was indeed a greater deity that could bring her husband back to her family.

Molly Weasley put a bandage around her fifth son’s head when he was bleeding onto her sofa, his ear ripped away. She did not let her heart and actions be ruled by panic and fear. She would not  risk her son’s life like that.

Molly Weasley saw her son that wasn’t her son dead in Hagrid’s arms and did not show how she broke inside. Instead, she gripped her wand a little tighter, bit her lip a little stronger and started to fight a lot grimmer.

Molly Weasley cried over her fourth son’s cold body, his last laugh still etched into his face. She witnessed her fifth son crumbling right then and there. She saw her family grieving and crying. She went through hell but reminded herself to keep going.

Molly Weasly got up and stared straight into the eyes of Narcissa Malfoy. 

Proud woman, blonde hair, pale skin.

Split lips, bloody cloak, sad eyes.

They did not exchange one word.

But one glance was enough.

Narcissa’s eyes darted to Fred, to Harry, then back to Molly. Her lean finger’s tightened indiscernibly around her son’s bony shoulder.

A nod.

The war had taken enough lifes. Enough children.

And as one mother to another, Molly Weasley nodded back.

*crying in the corner*

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Fred and George have had the Marauder’s map for awhile and not once did they question that someone named “Peter Pettigrew” was sleeping in Ron’s bed with Ron