Going to the Yule Ball with Fred Weasley would include:
  • He’d ask you out to the Yule Ball
  • But only as friends
  • cause he didn’t want to take a real date to the Ball.
  • And you said ‘Yes’
  • Because you had a crush on him.
  • George would tease you, because he knew about your feelings for his twin
  • And Ginny would help you pick out a dress.
  • A big, flowing one
  • Red of course, for house pride
  • And because it looked amazing on you.
  • And Hermione would do your hair and make-up.
  • So on the day self, you looked like a princess
  • And Fred couldn’t believe his eyes.
  • “wow, Y/N, you … You look amazing!”
  • Your cheeks would turn crimson
  • And it was that moment that he realized that he wanted to be more than friends.
  • You’d dance all night and Fred would get you drinks
  • It would be so late, almost everybody would be gone to bed
  • And there would only be 2 teachers left and the two of you.
  • And Fred would want to tell you about his feelings
  • But didn’t know where to start
  • So he’d be awkward and sort of shuffle back and forth on his shoes.
  • “What’s wrong Freddie?”
  • And he just leaned in and kiss you
  • and he’d pull back before you could kiss back
  • And you were so shocked you couldn’t say anything.
  • And Fred would look at you, his face in a frown.
  • “I’m sorry, I’ll just go” “Fred, no, I-I feel the same”
  • The teachers would want to send you away cause it was 4 A.M.
  • But they realized what happened
  • “well, I think a few more minutes couldn’t hurt”
  • And the during breakfast you regretted staying so late
  • You’d be tired and look like a zombie
  • But Fred would hold your hand the whole time
  • Making everybody look at you
  • And there would be whispers
  • “are they together?” “I thought they were friends” “look at Fred and Y/N”
  • And Fred would grin at you and kiss you
  • So everybody knew that you belonged with him now.
  • And George would cheer for Fred
  • Cause he finally had the balls to do what he should have done long ago.

A/N I want to thank all of you for your support. Last night wasn’t going as planned but because of you guys I feel lots better and I’m not even thinking about deleting my blog. I never will, I love all of you so much. ♥ 

Winter Love - George Imagine

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: George x Reader

I´m sitting at the Hufflepuff table in the Great Hall reading a book when suddenly I feel someone slide in the seats next to me. I look up and see Fred on my right and George on my left.

“Hey Y/N.” They say at the same time.

“H-hey guys.” I say sadly. I never liked that I am so shy but I can´t help myself, it´s even worse when I´m around my crush whom happened to be sitting next to me right now. George Weasely, the famous prankster, brave and confident Gryffindor…he would never go for someone like me, shy, insecure, muggleborn Hufflepuff.

“Is everything alright?” Fred asks me with a worried expression.

“Yeah.” I say simply but I don´t think they believed me.

“Y/N.” Fred says sternly and I sigh.

“It´s just that my parents had to go in Spain because of my fathers job and they won´t be at home for 5 months. I have nowhere to go for Christmas.” I explain and they both put an arm around me, George around my waist and Fred around my shoulders.

“Come to the Burrow with us. Spend the whole winter break with us.” George says happily and my eyes widen.

“W-what? I can´t do that. I don´t want to be a burden. I´m just going to stay at Hogwarts.” I say and they shook their heads.

“No way. We insist. You are our friend and we want you to spend time with us.” Fred says smiling and I look at George to see him smiling too.

“You would really do that for me?” I ask and they nod.

“Of course.” They reply at the same time again and I hug them tightly.

“Thank you guys, it really means a lot.” I say happily and they grin. After I realized that I´m still hugging them I let them go and blush while they chuckle.


“Why am I so nervous?” I whisper to George and he chuckles.

“You have nothing to be nervous about. Everyone is going to love you.” He says smiling at me and I blush.

“T-thanks.” I stutter. God he really makes me nervous with just one look. I guess I got my answer.

“George, Fred!” Mrs. Weasley says happily and she hugs both of her sons.

“Ow mom, we can´t breathe.” Fred complains and she let them go.

“I´m sorry, I just missed you.” She says and I smile, she loves them all so much and it´s so wonderful, “And you must be Y/N.” She says looking at me with a smile and I nod shyly.

“It´s nice to meet you Mrs. Weasley.” I smile and she hugs me.

“Please dear, call me Molly. Come in, come in, don´t want to catch a cold.” She rushes us in.

“Wow.” I gasp as I see the house. I never saw something like this since I´m muggleborn.

“I know it´s not much but…” Fred starts saying but I cut him off.

“Are you kidding, this is amazing.” I say still looking around. I catch George´s eyes and I blush, immediately looking away.

“Hello. I´m Arthur.” The older man says and I shake his hand smiling.

“I´m Y/N, nice to meet you sir.” I say and he looks me up and down.

“Are you a muggleborn?” He asks me.

“Um yes. Is that a..a problem?” I ask awkwardly.

“No of course not dear. It´s perfect. Can you tell me what´s the function of the rubber duck?” He asks quite happy that I´m muggleborn but I just look at him confused. I open my mouth to respond when George cuts me off.

“Dad don´t bore her with that questions. Come on Y/N, I´m going to show you your room.” He says and grab my hand. I blush again and look down shyly.

“Ginny this is Y/N. She´ll be staying here.” George says introducing me to a young girl. I smile at her and wave and she stands up.

“I´m Ginny. Finally some girl to hang out with.” She says and I grin.

“You can unpack and Fred and I´ll meet you in the living room, alright?” George says putting my suitcase down and I nod.

“Alright.” I say and he leaves to unpack himself.

“What house are you in?” Ginny asks me helping me with my things.

“Hufflepuff.” I smile.

“I always liked Hufflepuffs.” She smiles back.

~A week later~

It passed seven days since I came to the Burrow and I´m already having the time of my life. I relaxed and I´m not so shy anymore, I get along with everyone and I really love the whole family. I even relaxed around George and we kind of started having a flirty relationship.

“Hey beautiful.” George says sitting on the couch in the living room.

“Hey handsome.” I say back grinning.

“You know, I really like this side of you.” He says leaning his elbows on his knees.

“Oh yeah? Which one?” I ask raising my eyebrows.

“The relaxed, funny and flirty one.” He says grinning back and I smirk.

“I didn´t know you liked the girls who flirts with you.” I say.

“Not all of them, just you.” He winks and I bit my lip.

“Hey you two, what´s up?” Fred says sitting next to George on the couch.

“Nothing, we are just talking.” George answers and Fred looks between us suspicious but he shrugs it off, “Where are everyone?” George asks.

“They left to sleep. It´s midnight.” Fred replies and I look at the clock. The time here is passing really fast. Well I guess it´s true what they say, time flies when you´re having fun.

“Why it´s so cold in winter.” I mumble shivering a little and they chuckle. George sees me shivering and he stands up.

“Where are you going?” Fred asks him.

“I´ll be right back.” He says and leaves upstairs. After a minute he comes back caring two blankets and one of his jumpers his mum made him.

“Here put this on.” He says trowing me the jumper.

“Thanks.” I say putting it on. I feel his scent and I wish I could keep the jumper.

“Okay I think I´m going to call it a night. Goodnight.” Fred says leaving to his room.

“Night.” I say.

“Come here.” George says patting the spot next to him on the couch. I stand up from the armchair and sit next to him, he wrap the blankets around us and I lean my head on his chest while he wrap his arms around me.

“Better?” He whispers and I nod against his chest. I feel his heartbeat and I wish this moment could last forever, “Y/N?” He says after some time of peace and quiet.

“Yes?” I whisper.

“I need to tell you something.” He says and I move so I can look at him properly.

“Go on.” I say.

“Well I…I like you, a lot. You are so sweet and I loved it when you were so shy, you were cute but now I like you even more when you opened up and relaxed. And I was wondering would you be my girlfriend?” He confess and I feel my heart beat so hard that I thought it would pop out of my chest.

“I like you too George, and I would love to be your girlfriend.” I say and he grins and put his hand on the back of my head. We both lean in and our lips meet in a passionate kiss. After we pulled away we both had the biggest smiles on our faces.

“I´m really glad your parents went to Spain.” He says grinning and I laugh.

“To be honest, me too.” I say and we lean in for another kiss.


A Bit Of Competition

Requested by: Julie_771

Plot: both Draco and Harry have massive crushes on Y/n, a 6th year Gryffindor, and when they find out, it becomes a competition on who can win her over first

Pairing: Harry x Reader x Draco

Warnings: bad/corny pickup lines and mild swears

A/n: Trying out the 3rd person perspective again so let me know if you guys like it :)

Y/n was sitting next to her best friend Hermione Granger in potions, her feather pen dancing up and down as she secretly sketched a picture of a blooming flower, quite flawlessly, in her notebook as Snape described where the ingredients of the Polyjuice potion could be found in the world.

“For next class, I want a at least a page and a half about what we just discussed in this class. You’re dismissed.” Snape said and Y/n closed her book slowly before raising out of her seat. She followed Hermione out of the room quickly and the two hurried towards the Gryffindor common room where they would begin their assignment in hopes to finish it today and not have to worry about it later.
They were stopped by a voice calling Y/n’s name from down the hall. Both Y/n and Hermione turned around as the sound of jogging footsteps got louder and louder until none other than Harry Potter stood before them.
“Um…” Harry trailed, the words had left his mind the moment his eyes landing on Y/n. He had liked her since the first year and had been trying to get with her since then. They were all sixth years now and he knew he was running out of time. “You forgot this.” He said, the words finally coming back to him. He extended his hand, holding out a small piece of folded paper with her name scrawled out on the front. She furrowed her eyebrows as she took the paper. She had never seen it before in her life but she knew, no doubt, that it was a note.
“Thank you Harry.” She gave him a small smile as she carefully put the note into her pocket. Harry nodded and started to turn around again before quickly spinning around to face her once more.
“Y/n, I wondered if….” He hesitated.
“I wondered if, maybe, if you would like to go to hogsmeade with me sometime,” He finished, finally being able to look into her eyes without forgetting what he needed to say.
She exchanged glances with Hermione before responding. “Thank you very much for the offer Harry, but I really have a lot of work to do. It’s not that I don’t want to, just with finals coming up…you understand right?” She asked, sincerity filling every word.
Harry nodded. “Yeah, Not a problem. Maybe some other time then.”
Y/n nodded before Harry turned back around and started back off down the hall.
“He’s fancied you since the first year.” Hermione says quietly as they continue the walk to the Gryffindor common room.

Once back in her room, Y/n climbed onto her bed and dug into her pocket, carefully pulling out the note. She turned it around in her hands, examining its creases and folds before studying the handwriting on the front of the note. She opened it slowly until the paper was flat. She smoothed it out and held it in front of her as her eyes scanned the words that were written.

You’ve been on my mind again

Y/n’s eyes trailed to the bottom of the paper where two letters were sketched messily. DM
She smiled as she realized It had been none other than Draco Malfoy who had written the note. Draco had been after Y/n for just as long as Harry had. But because he was the Slytherin Prince, and Y/n was cherished by everyone in the Gryffindor house, he had to approach in much more subtle ways. He had only ever talked to her once when they had accidentally, and literally, bumped into each other in the halls. Draco had apologized quickly which caught her off guard and once she had gotten over it, the two parted ways and didn’t bump into each other again. This didn’t stop his growing admiration for her though and he made sure to confess it in whatever way he could, while also keeping it on the downlow. This meant, he had written her notes, letters, and poems. Some signed with his initials, and some remaining completely nameless.
Y/n folded the note once again and slid off her bed to her dresser. She pulled out a small cookie container that Ron had given her and popped the lid to reveal about twenty more small pieces of folded paper. She added the new one and put the container back into the drawer before pulling back the sheets of her bed and slipping in. She thought about the note as she slowly fell asleep. She thought about Draco and the many notes he had written. She then thought of Harry and the many offers she had received from him, inviting her to hogsmeade and quidditch matches. She knew that no matter what she decided, someone’s heart would be broken.

“Hey Y/n.” Harry called as the girl walked down the large empty halls away from the potions room where she had just came from. “Harry.” She greeted as the boy joined her side.

“Uh-” Harry’s voice was stopped by a much more demanding and shrill voice from behind them.
“Walking Y/n home I see Potter.” Draco was leaning on a door frame behind the two, a cynical look sketched across his face.

“What do you want Malfoy.” Harry spat as the blonde boy pushed himself off of the wall and strode towards Harry, stopping only inches away from the boy.

“Don’t sound so snark Potter. I want know what you were going to say to Y/n here.” Malfoy said slowly as he nodded towards the girl slightly, his eyes lifting up to meet hers. She looked away, a small blush tinging her cheeks.

“I was just about to ask her to come to the Quidditch match.” Harry responded, confidence suddenly reaching him. He turned back to Y/n. “It’s Gryffindor versus Slytherin. You should come watch me beat this git’s ass.”

Harry was pushed aside violently as Draco took his spot in front of Y/n. “Don’t listen to that bloke. We all know who is really going to win. And he couldn’t beat me if he tried. As for his ass, it’s going to end up on the ground within the first ten minutes.” Draco scoffed as he looked at Potter.

“Okay listen guys.” Y/n sighed as she pushed Draco back and took a breath. “You both like me. No one is going to deny it-”

“This git likes you?” Harry said as he pushed himself in front of Draco once again, as he eyed Y/n as if she had just told him the earth was indeed flat.

“Why else would he be here Harry. He’s been sending me notes since the beginning of this year.” Y/n sighed.

“Let’s compete then.” Draco interrupted. “Y/n will be with who ever wins her over first.”

“What?” Y/n said not liking this idea one bit.

“Deal.” Harry nodded. Draco nodded as well before winking at Y/n.

“You’re all mine.”

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”

“Are you cold because you could use me as a blanket.”

“Did you sit in a pile of sugar because you have a pretty sweet ass.”

“Y/n! Do you have a bandaid. I scraped my knee falling for you.”

“I’m feeling a little off today, but you’ve definitely turned me on.”

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.”

“You don’t need to. N and O are already together.”

Y/n tried to push past the tall blonde boy but he wasn’t letting her through.

“That was snark.” Draco paused as he itched his chin. “I almost would have thought you knew I was going to say that.”

Ever since the two boys agreed to the competition, Y/n ran into both Draco and Harry more than she had in the past six years she had been attending Hogwarts. They were both nearly impossible to escape from and were both desperate, tracking her down every chance they got in attempt to win her over. She didn’t know how much longer she could take their awful pickup lines.

“You’re very predictable Malfoy.” She rolled her eyes as she finally passed him and began walking back towards the Gryffindor common room.

“Where are you going?”

“The common room.”

“Okay okay but first, I need to ask you something.” Draco jumped in front of her, stopping her again. She sighed, giving up and letting him speak.

“You know what this shirt is made of?” He gestured to the black shirt he was wearing.

“What.” She said as she rolled her eyes slightly.

“Boyfriend material.” Draco smirked as Y/n scoffed lightly. She pushed past him again but this time she didn’t stop. She kept walking until she got inside the Gryffindor common room.

“Hey Y/n. Did it hurt?” Harry asked the moment she stepped into the room.

“Did what hurt Harry.” She sighed.

“When you fell from Heaven.” Harry winked. Y/n scoffed before storming out of the common room and into the hallway once more only to run straight into Draco’s board chest.

“Look at that. Already running into my arms.” He smirked as she regained her balance. She had a mean scowl on her face.

“As if Malfoy.” Harry scoffed as he joined the two in the hallway.

“ENOUGH!” Y/n shouted and both boys stepped back, surprise strewn on their faces. “I can’t bear this any longer! The only thing this competition has done is made me dislike you both more than I did before! If this is how you plan to win a girl over then good luck ever getting a girlfriend.” She turned on her heel quickly before disappearing into the common room once again.

“So I guess she isn’t going to choose either of us.” Harry said quietly as he watched her storm towards the staircase to the girls dormitory.

“Nope.” Draco said simply. “Guess tormenting her with pickup lines wasn’t the best idea though…”


Your Song

Please send in requests for imagines or preferences if you have any!

(You can submit them here (x) or send them to me in my ask box)

A/N: I haven’t been able to write in forever omg :(((( My classes are kind of taking over my life but I’m trying to write as much as I can <3 This preference isn’t like other ones I’ve made but I like it idk you guys should tell me what you think about it :) All of the songs in this preference are songs that I chose are just what I picture being their song so sorry if you’re not happy with them but it makes me happy to picture them dancing around the room with the person they love listening to these songs <3 Also I put a link to the youtube videos for each song in case you don’t know them and want to listen :) [also some of these gifs have Emma in them but I thought they were really fitting so I used them anyway]

Warnings: None :)

Link to my Masterlist

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Harry Potter: Remind Me by Conrad Sewell

As cheesy as it sounds this song is so special to you because it was the song that you first danced together to. Any time it plays on shuffle he grabs you hand and dances around with you. Even during the hard times this song makes you smile at all the happy times you’ve had with Harry.

Originally posted by thiscolorfultwilight

Ron Weasley: Like Real People Do by Hozier

Ron wouldn’t have anything against muggle music but he would absolutely love it after you showed him this song. It wasn’t really the song he loved so much though. What made it “your song” was the way your face lit up when you first played it for him so now he plays it as many times as he can.

Originally posted by thelonegryffindor

Fred Weasley: Different Colors by WALK THE MOON

Fred would absolutely love this song. Not only does it give him an excuse to jump around with you, it makes him genuinely happy. Whenever he hears the first few notes he makes everyone around him stop talking so that he can grab you and listen to the song together (this ‘tradition’ of him grabbing you every time it played eventually led to the song becoming “your song,” but neither of you are sure when it really happened)

Originally posted by iamweirdblr

George Weasley: Memories by Shawn Mendes

You and George would have been cleaning or something while listening to the radio when he first heard this song. Out of the blue he would come up behind you and start slow dancing around your living room together. Although it only lasted a few minutes it created a memory that would replay in both of your minds whenever you guys hear it play.

Originally posted by hogwartsfansite

Neville Longbottom: Surprise Yourself by Jack Garratt

The first time you guys would hear the song is while watching “Me Before You.” After the movie ended all you could think of is trying to figure out what the song was. When you finally found it, it was the only thing you would play for months. Any time Neville would hear it he would think of you and smile, remembering how much joy it brought to you.

Originally posted by lenhndrx

Draco Malfoy: TALK ME DOWN by Troye Sivan

I feel like Troye in general would be something Draco would love (is it only me? ok) He would relate so much to this specific song though and would play in on repeat while holding you close and playing with your hair. You would play it whenever he got stressed out or worried and he would do the same thing for you. That’s how it became “your song.”

Who would you choose?

So I think I’ve got my request that I mentioned to you….can you do one where y/n is best friends with the twins and does a lot of pranks with them. The twins both like her but she is oblivious until they both tell her and she has to choose. Request from @faith6140

It was no secret that the twins did everything together. Well not everything, don’t think so dirty you! They never pallend on falling in love with the same girl. they used to have compeletly different tastes in girls. That was until Y/N came along, their best friend, who helped them during pranks.

And the twins found out about their common crush not too long ago. They both tried to make Y/N fall in love with them, no matter what it takes. She wanted chocolate? Here have 6 different kinds. Oh, you didn’t do your homework? Have mine. It was cute at first, but Y/N had enough now.

“George, I’m sure I can open a door”, Y/N said, slightly annoyed as George opened the third door for her. “oh, really, it’s nothing”, George said, his cheeks red. “hey Y/N, I was looking for you! Here, I got you some every flavoured beans, I know they’re your favourite, don’t worry, I got the bad ones out”, Fred jogged towards the two of them. “um, yeah, thanks Fred”, Y/N said as she took the Jellybeans. Fred and George glared at each other, both thinking the same, ‘go away’.

“Um, I’m going to my class”, Y/N said, slipping from between the twins and speed walking to the dungeons for potions, she never felt more relieved to see Snape’s face. “just in time”, Hermione said as Y/N got seated next to the bushy haired girl. “sorry, the twins were being … odd”, Y/N said as put her hands in her H/C hair. “I heard they fancy you”, Hermione said. Y/N laughed. “Fred and George … fancy me? Oh Please Hermione, I think I would know that”, Y/N chuckled. “I’m not joking, ask them yourself”, Hermione said and turned her attention towards Snape, who started his class.

George was in the common room, working on his plan. What plan, I hear you think. Well, see, today is Y/N’s birthday and George wanted to surprise her. He let the elves bake a cake, and little pastries, with lots of butterbeer and a big banner in her favourite colours with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N” on it in bold letters. George was proud of himself.

Potions had ended and Y/N was searching for the twins, she needed answers. It was when she walked towards the common room that she saw George lean against the wall. “hey you”, George said, with a big smile.

“George, I want to talk”

“we can talk later, I have to show you something”

“show me something?”

“yeah, you’ll love it”

He took her hand and leaded her through the portrait hole. The common room was filled with balloons, confetti falling from the ceiling as everybody in the common room yelled ‘SURPRISE’. Y/N was shocked when she saw this all. So many people, so much food, the banner, the confetti.

“George, I …”

“Yeah, pretty wicked huh, now you wanted to say something?”, George turned his face towards you, a big grin spread across it. “where’s Fred? He needs to know too”, Y/N searched for the same mop of red hair and spotted hip across the room. Y/N waved at him and Fred walked towards her.

“Fred, George, we have to talk”

“what’s the matter”, They asked, clearly worried.

“somewhere private”, Y/N sighed. She walked out the common room, the twins following her. They walked until they were in a corridor that was empty. There was nobody in sight.

“I-I need to know”, Y/N said as she rubbed her arm awkwardly. “anything you want love”, Fred said. “Hermione told me, well she said that you guys liked me, that’s crazy right? I mean I would notice it, no?”, Y/N asked. The twins looked at each other and then at the ground. The dust that laid there were suddenly a lot more interesting than Y/N’s face. “you tell her”, Fred finally broke the silence. “no you do!”. Y/N looked at the twins, their eyes focusing on her. “fine”, Fred said, clearly not amused with his twin,

“Hermione is right, we both fancy you”

“But I would’ve noticed! How can I be so blind, bloody hell”, Y/N said, turning her back towards the boys as she grabbed her hair and slightly pulled it.


“so this was the reason you all acted so odd? You were trying to impress me or something”

“we got a bit carried away, we sort of made a competition out of it”

“oh, so I was like the price you would win? That’s what I am now?”, Y/N said. George hit Fred on his arm and walked towards Y/N. “of course you’re not just a price, but we just really wanted to impress you, well I’m pretty sure I did, but look, we’ll stop but we need to know, who would you choose”, George said, his voice quiet and caring, trying to calm Y/N down. She sighed as she looked at the twins. just the way they looked at her made her heart ache. Like they were lost puppies that got kicked. “I-I … George”, Y/N said. George smiled and hugged Y/N tightly. “I promise you, no crazy things anymore and I’m going to take you out, to make it up! if that’s alright with you, of course”, George said once he calmed down a bit. “I’d love to”, She smiled. Fred looked at the pair in front of them and he realized, his brother did deserve her more than he did. George is a lot more romantic then he is and he’d take good care of her. “I’m sorry Freddie, still friends?”, Y/N asked. “I’d be crazy of I said no to that”, Fred chuckled as he hugged her. “Now, let’s go celebrate your birthday, birthday girl”