george wada


Okay so I had a really cool day today! <3 I went to the Japan day at the Hebrew University and it was really fun! 

The main attraction of the event was a screening of the first two episodes of Attack on Titan, followed by a Q&A with George Wada, one of the producers of the series. 

I was kind of disappointed by the Q&A since the answers were very brief (I personally asked what the Japanese production thought of the newly released English dub, and the answer was just that they thought they did a good job), but at the end everyone in the auditorium stood up and saluted, SNK style and it was really exciting ;;w;;

There was also a cosplay competition, and the Levi in the picture won a prize from the producers. They really liked her xD The other picture is me and George Wada, with some chick in the back photobombing us >w>;

All in all, I had a good time <3