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I know you're a reporter but please don't call Donald a president, don't give him the title he doesn't deserve it at all

While I no longer consider myself a reporter, I do still adhere to calling Donald Trump President, as he is. Whether we like it or not, I certainly don’t, Agent Orange is the President, no more or less than George W. Bush and Barack Obama were President. Yes, his election was not what I would consider legitimate, but until he is removed from office, he is still the President of the United States.


Watch: Bad Lip Reading has produced an alternate transcript for Donald Trump’s inauguration and hilariously it…makes a lot of sense

Just when we thought the accidental BBC subtitles were the best thing to come out of last week’s inauguration, a video of President Trump calling President Obama “a funny wiener” comes along to prove us wrong. That’s right, folks: Bad Lip Reading is back, and boy has it outdone itself. 

Gifs: Bad Lip Reading


About 371 Donald Trump scandals ago, headlines ev-er-y-wh-e-r-e reported that he had gone on stage and dismissed veterans with PTSD as weak. It occurred during an event for combat vets on October 3, and immediately after, people with knowledge of PTSD took the opportunity to say that PTSD sufferers are good, honorable folks who need better healthcare, not being called a bunch of pussies by a hate-mongering reality show host.

No one doubted the story, and not just because for any random horrible statement, there is a greater-than-50-percent chance Trump has said it. This was, after all, the guy who said John McCain wasn’t a hero because he got captured, because capture means failure. It plays right into the existing narrative.

That’s why reading what he actually said is all the more surprising.

6 Political Gaffes That Were Taken Way Out Of Context

You know, I really do think that in recent years the majority of the United States stopped caring about the issues and just vote for whoever’s cool. Obama was cool. Bill Clinton was cool. Bush wasn’t really “cool” but he was cooler than his Democratic opponents were, by a narrow margin. And sadly, even though Trump is a fucking asshole, if you disregard everything so morally bankrupt about his character and his attitude he’s got more charisma than Hillary who is not “exciting” - she just puts her head down and does the fucking work like she has for the past 40 years.

But by all means, go back to watching Kardashians and Teen Moms and don’t critically think about how most of our country doesn’t care about the critical issues that are important to our lives and livelihoods, they just want interesting reality TV. Vote for Trump, watch Dancing With The Stars, and sing “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” when People of Color and LGBTQ+ are dying in the streets because you couldn’t pull your head out of your ass. Because guns and charisma were more important to you.

I hope you fucking choke on your Big Mac. That’d be cool.

What Country is This?

The last several days have been difficult for me.  I don’t recognize where I am right now.  I know about changes in administrations having now lived through eleven of them. Some have been exciting and others difficult.  None of them have caused me to doubt our rightful leadership of the free world…until now.  Right now I don’t recognize the country I live in. I don’t recognize the people we have become.

The country I grew up in was a place of boundless optimism.  I was given an education and an opportunity that I could not have gotten anywhere else in the world. I rode on the shoulders of great men, who gave their lives fighting tyranny so that I might have just that opportunity.  I was inspired by leaders with expansive visions of our role and our potential.  John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. I didn’t always agree with their politics or policies, but I was inspired by their visions of our greatness.

Now we are led by a president who plays to our fears and ignores our inherent optimism and generosity of spirit.  He is not of us and he does not represent me.  I loathe his pettiness, his self-aggrandizement, his immaturity, but most of all his lack of understanding of who we are as a people.  We are the people we fought two world wars to make the world safe for democracy and then spent our own treasure to re-build the economies of our former enemies. That is who we are. Now he would have us believe that we are cowards, afraid of a few refugees consisting mostly of women, children, the aged and infirm, fleeing the sort of tyranny we have always opposed.  That our irrational fear of harm outweighs our generosity of spirit. That is not who I am, and I don’t believe we are.

Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative we have always been an optimistic and generous people.  Please cause us to remain so.  Join me in opposing the un-American ban on travel from seven Muslim countries and the closing of our borders to refugees, so that our children and grandchildren can grow up as we did, with faith in our future and unafraid of our role in the world.



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