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May I please ask which two US Presidents (past or present) would make the most hilariously Epic buddy comedy duo?

Definitely Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Every year, Clinton and Bush have a sit-down conversation at the Bush Center for the graduates of the Presidential Leadership Scholars program (sponsored by the Presidential Libraries of Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, and LBJ) and it’s almost always pretty great. It’s very clear that they not only have a lot of respect for each other but that they genuinely like each other and enjoy being around one another. It seems as if they even have some of their own little inside jokes and it’s just flat-out fun to watch them together. The conversations are also substantive and interesting to watch because they are two former, two-term Presidents from different parties with very different personalities and political backgrounds, but they have a similar understanding and belief in the Presidency as an institution and as a force for positive action if occupied by leaders who recognize the importance of the position and the dignity that should help guide whomever is occupying it.

The Clinton/Bush conversations at Presidential Leadership Scholars graduation events have taken place since each year since (I believe) 2014 and they are all available for viewing on the Bush Center’s YouTube channel:


Michael Rodriguez is both a military man and a muse. Years after President George W. Bush sent him into war, the two men now call each other friends.

Rodriguez was a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret who served from 1992 to 2013. He’s featured in President Bush’s book of portraits of more than 60 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who served in wars under his watch. It’s called Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors.

A Green Beret Sits For A Portrait By His Former Commander In Chief