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After Lucy left I swear to god that Lockwood and George used Lucy for all their problems indefinitely.

They fail a couple of cases after she leaves because they’re all a little shaken up. Lockwood from a distance is muttering to himself, “This wouldn’t have happened if Lucy was still here.”

When George runs out of milk in fridge, “We NEVER ran out of milk with Lucy here.”

When Lockwood can’t get his hair perfect in the morning, “My hair ALWAYS looked good when Luce was around.

When they both get flustered, “It was never like this! If only old Luce was still around…

Ok so Lockwood and co might be getting a TV series and well it better not turn out like Percy Jackson

My requirements:
-George has to be chubby
-if George ended up being some hot guy guy who’s a snob I’m not gonna be ok
-lucy can’t be a perfect model
-but she still needs some elegance and beauty, but like I said NOT A MODEL
-Lockwood has to be tall
-and hot
-very charming
-and jawline please
-the skull better have good animation
-as well as any of the other ghosts
-but like not toooo scary, cause like then I’d be to scared to watch the show..
-I’d also like the skull to have Ryan Reynolds with a British accent
-and the skull better the sassy and sarcastic ghost he is
-you gotta start the series with the annoying snobby kipps that we all used to hate
-but then later on show his soft side (like ok the books)
-Holly better be pretty (cause like she is)
-we need like to have parts where you can here Lucy Narrating (like the intro to each episode maybe??)
-then we also need the perspective of Lockwood and George when lucy first talks with skully
-when lucy is experiencing a psychic thingy we need those creepy flash back things
-but then again, not to scary
-actress of Kat needs to have a Pointy chin ok
-and flo
-flo gotta have white teeth
-and she gotta have her blue puffer jacket
-and Barnes has to be like Barnes

Ok guys add on if u like:

ghosthunter kids for Inktober day 3. the gang from @jonathanstroud‘s Lockwood & Co series which I’ve loved for years and was sad to see end!!!! (though it was a fantastic ending…)

I’d highly recommend if you haven’t read em

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Lucy Carlyle

Also known as:

-idk why she hates me what have I done (by Holly Munro)

-bgff (best ghost fighting friend by George Cubbins)

-“I thought I was your bgff” (Anthony Lockwood’s response to George Cubbins)

-family issues secondary

-badass heroine (by everyone)

-my only friend (by skull)

-the girl who keeps stealing my business (by Fittes)

-most likely my future wife (by Anthony Lockwood)

Okay, but did anybody else notice this

Spoilers for The Creeping Shadow ahead.

So one of the most brilliant parts of “The Creeping Shadow” was Quill Kipps receiving the Orpheus Society’s ‘prototype’ goggles. And as we know, he was (adorkably) rather excited upon finding out they actually worked and used every spare moment he could to see the spirits lurking around Aldbury Castle.

So, did anyone notice that after Steve Rotwell’s visit, in the next chapter when Kipp’s is describing the ghosts he was seeing, he pointed out one haunting that I thought was particularly interesting.

‘And there!’ Kipps rotated, squinting through the goggles. ‘Two cloaked figures on the green. They’re standing close together, hoods down huddled like they’re sheltering from the cold. Ghost-fog’s rising from their capes. Now they’re breaking into a run…..They’re gone!….’

Upon first reading this, the capes he described brought to mind Lockwood’s parents’ Spirit Capes. Later however, when Lucy and Lockwood are, unknowingly, on the Other Side and begin to discover they haven’t made it back to the human world, their actions begin to mirror what Kipps addressed earlier.

‘As one we began to run. We pressed close together, hoods low over our faces against the cold. We cut across the green, boots thrumming on the hollow, frozen earth. Smoke poured from our icy capes, extending behind us like a comet’s tail.’

The sheltering from the cold, the smoking of the capes and the running across the green all match with Kipp’s earlier sighting!

As we know in the Lockwood and Co. universe, and as recently reinforced in “The Creeping Shadow”, the Talent that the children possess actually allows them to, essentially, enter the parallel land of the dead. When they utilise these gifts they connect with the world of spirits, however this travelling is less immersive and dangerous compared to Lucy and Lockwood’s accidental arrival through the Iron Chain. All of this is told to Lucy by the skull.

‘You sense the other world all the time – you’ve always had glimpses of it…’

We’ve also addressed in “The Hollow Boy” George’s ‘time sickness’ theory and his hypothesising and affirmation of Lucy’s question at the end of the third book, that yes, it is possible for ghosts to show both past, present and future. This reiterates the idea that time, for the children using Talents and the spirits that are haunting them, is circular.

‘They’re fixed in a particular place, but able to roam back and forwards across the years. If you follow that argument, why couldn’t they make predictions? Why shouldn’t they see things we don’t?’

 So yeah, I definitely think Kipps had a prophetic sighting of what was going to happen to Lucy and Lockwood hours before they actually ventured into the ‘place of blood’ or Rotwell facility and then later on with the Iron Chain to the Other Side.

Anyone else notice this?

p.s after lurking the Lockwood and Co. tags for like 3 years, I have finally decided to make a Tumblr account to share stuff like this and be involved with the fandom before the last book comes out, so hi. 


My Lockwood and Co colour pencil illustration of the gang, and also in black and white coz I thought it looked cool… Drew it for the fan art contest Jonathan Stroud is holding atm so yeah… Hope you guys like!

A  sketchy thing I  did, its been  sitting in my folder  forever so I’m  just gonna leave it here. Might edit it later or maybe not. Anyway, thanks Stroud for the adventure even though you haven’t released the last book in australia yet! 

HCs for thought

-Lucy and George get bored while waiting for a Visitor to appear on a case, so in the middle of their chain circle they’re seeing how many ponytails they can fit in Lockwood’s hair (answer is 27, by the way)

-Either George is an amazing cook or his cereal catches fire while pouring milk depends on the day

-Lockwood is the definition of sass and class

-While waiting around during cases, Lucy sketches out Lockwood in various poses while he’s walking around, checking the surroundings, reading the latest gossip magazine, etc.. He’s unaware of Lucy’s drawings

-You can catch George taking naps on the couch with a comic book sprawled over his face if you come at the right time

-Lucy helps Holly out during rapier practices

-Lucy opens the basement door to find Lockwood crouched underneath the stairs. He whispers, “George and I are playing hide and seek. Mind bringing me my gossip magazine? He takes an awfully long time.”

-Holly actually loves gardening and cleans up 35 Portland Row’s backyard with new flowers and lavender

-Kipps randomly likes to invite himself into 35 Portland Row and sit around but no one really does anything about it  

Good stuff aside,

No one really gives any of the Lockwood and Co characters enough credit. Remember how Lucy lived in an abusive household, then watched all of her friends die before coming to London? Remember how Lockwood was in the house with his sister when she died, him being only five at the time? Remember how Holly was the only survivor of the poltergeist attack, where her friends were battered to death with ceramics? Remember how Flo spent the night with only an iron cross to protect her from the same Rawbones who killed all her friends? Remember how Quill Kipps felt he was responsible for Ned Shaw’s death, and was fully aware he was doing a job where he was fundamentally useless? Remember how George was almost beaten to death by relic-men? Do you remember all that?