george strait

George Strait for Your Mood

Figuring out your next step?
I Got a Car

Wondering if they love you?
Check Yes or No

Need to let her know how you feel?
Write This Down

Enjoying yourself?
Here for a Good Time

Thinking about her? Missing her maybe?
She’ll Leave You With a Smile

Lose the love of your life?
Living for the Night.

Feeling like you’re meant to be?
It Just Comes Natural

Taking a big step? Need a little help?
Easy As You Go

Having a rough day?
I Hate Everything

Making that special promise?
I Cross My Heart

Need love that’s unconditional?
Love Without End, Amen.

Need to laugh?
All My Exes Live in Texas

Need to cry?
The Cowboy Rides Away

Amarillo by Morning

Feeling that genuine love?

There’s never a bad time to listen to the king.

I think someone should take me on a date to see the longest ride, then we can park the truck out in the middle of no where and dance to Brantley Gilbert and George Strait songs with the light of the camp fire reflecting off our skin, then we can cuddle up and fall asleep in each other's arms in the back of the truck, and then wake up entangled in the blankets of the truck and watch the sunrise...

Now if only I can find someone to do that with..