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Butterflies AU (Hamilton)

I’ve only ever done one AU before, but that was Undertake and with a friend and we kind of ditched it. So yeah. - You know the term ‘butterflies in your stomach’… - We know it’s when you’re nervous, you feel tingly, like a swarm of butterflies have just erupted, sometimes making you feel nauseous. - They get to you a lot of the time. Representing worries.. fears… Or, well, they do in Steven Universe’s season 4 episode ‘Mindful Education’, where Garnet talks to Stevonnie about her problems, which were represented by butterflies throughout the episode, mainly in the song 'Here Comes a Thought’. - I still really like the idea of butterflies representing fears.. bothering you as they fly around your head. Though I’m not a big fan of real life ones, I still like the concept. - So, I propose the idea of an AU we’re everyone goes on their normal lives, but are constantly reminded of their bad decisions and fears, each one having its own butterfly, fluttering around their head. Though other people cannot see others’ butterflies. - •Alexander Hamilton Alexander has a lot of stress, and a lot of regrets, though most people do not realise this, assuming he has it easy going, that he seems to just thrive without putting any effort into things but still being number one. Well.. that’s not the case at all. He’s constantly reminded- no, taunted by these butterflies, how his father left, mother and cousin died, everything wrong he’s done since he moved to New York- it just keeps getting worse. And the butterflies only go away once the problem has been resolved… Only a few people actually acknowledge this- his closest friends, and his wife. He doesn’t like to seem weak because of them, so he pretends to not worry about anything. - •Aaron Burr Mr. Aaron Burr has too many things to regret or hold a grudge against. A lot of his problems revolve around Alexander, but he only looses his temper once, and like how it actually happens, he ends up only making things worse for himself. This man seems to be the kind of guy who attracts bad luck. Will he ever see some of these butterflies go away? They just keep coming.. and coming.. and coming..! Appearing and buzzing around him. He tries to lay low, but that doesn’t work either… - •George Washington President Washington has many fears and anxieties, but his butterflies fly away, because he is not afraid to embrace them and accept them. He is able to talk about them, and he is able to resolve his problems. Something that took a lot of time to be able to do, and something not a lot of others can do. - •Angelica Schuyler Angelica has many things she needs to worry about. She could let it go, but she can’t if she is going to move on in life. Butterflies come, and butterflies go, but there is only one thing that she regrets most, and may regret that for the rest of her days, no matter what. That was obviously the night she and her sister met Alexander, originating from the line “I remember that night, I just might regret that night for the rest of my days”., which was also part of the inspiration for this. She lives life without showing her fears or opening up, as her standards for herself are too high, and she cannot sink below them. Little does she realise that her standards keep getting higher and higher… - •Elizabeth Schuyler Eliza doesn’t have many fears to show, but when she does, like her sister, she tends to keep it to herself unless it’s something too important to risk not speaking up, like when in 'Let it go’ (though taken off the soundtrack) she fears Alexander might kill Burr the second he finds out about him running against her father, she visits him in town with Philip to stop the homicide, and succeeds with a little help of Washington. - •Peggy Schuyler Peggy doesn’t have to many things to worry about, sometimes fears of punishments from her father if they stay out too late, but are not serious problems and she gets over them pretty quickly. What she really fears the most is being forgotten, not just by the world but by her friends and family. She was always known as “and’ Peggy’. Not just Peggy. It was always her two sisters before her, and though she didn’t say it, she was envious of them. - •John Laurens John was a bright person for the most part, never having too much stress, of his own. He liked to take on other people’s’ problems without thinking of the consequences, which lead to two main problems, one being that people few dependent on his help, though he couldn’t help everyone, and two, the fact that acting on others’ problems caused many of his own. He wasn’t being taken for granted, but the matter of not telling people that he couldn’t help, or that he needed some time really gets to him. - •Lafayette Marquis de Lafayette is powerful, and popular. He can go about life without a care in the world, or well, in America. He moved to America to help the revolution and the war, yes, but he had a lot of rouble over in France, and when he arrived back, only bad things seemed to happen. Though he did have his wife and child to help him, which was much appreciated, he longed to go back to America where he was considered one of them, almost. - •Hercules Mulligan This man moved from Ireland of all places to go to America, be apprenticed as a tailor, and became a spy for General George Washington with his own right hand man! What could possibly get to him? Little do people realise it’s more so the little things that get to him. He could be facing a problem as big as the state of Texas, yet he’d always have some other small thing on his mind, like worrying about where a friend is instead of dealing with something perhaps way bigger. (I mean no offence to Ireland- I’ve lived there my whole life.) - •Thomas Jefferson Thomas is not a man to let his fears get the worst of him. He wouldn’t know what to do if they did. Saying that, he didn’t have many anxieties, but the ones he did have were oh so bothersome. He ignores them, pretends they’re not there, even when they are literally in his face and there’s no escape. He is secretly envious of how Alexander seems to have no problems whatsoever, so perhaps without realising it, he’s trying to act like that too. - •James Madison James was never one to speak his full mind, reserving himself to let more important people do things instead. He may not have too much butterflies that fly around in his mind, but there are some, and those some aren’t usually your typical personal problem.. Still, he doesn’t speak up to get rid of the butterflies like some, though not for honour or pride. Like Burr, he waits them out, though perhaps it isn’t the best thing to do. - •Philip Hamilton The son of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler. He may be just like his father in grades and attitude, but he has the caring side of his mother. He only have one or two things that bother him so, but until he is older he does not realise what the butterflies are or why they come. When he grows older, his worries grow more serious, and he ends up a little like his father with many, though decides to be like his mother and confront those problems.. problems like someone badmouthing his father, challenging him to a duel, and we all know how this ends. - •Maria Reynolds Maria has a lot of issues that need dealing with, but she refuses to, or her husband won’t listen to her, instead forcing her to do his dirty work, which she doesn’t want to do, too nervous of what might happen, but she does it anyways, and regrets it all. (The Reynolds Affair) - •Theodosia Sr and Jr Mother and daughter, never far from one another. Theodosia Sr being the wife of Aaron Burr. She hasn’t had too much to worry about. The affair with Burr at the start was difficult to deal with, but they eventually worked it out. Then came her falling ill, and everything raced through her mind at once. How would Burr handle it? How would her daughter cope? - •After the death of her mother, Theodosia Jr became more aware of death, and though she was still young, she matured very quickly. Butterflies would come and go, but the only things she worried about really was life. Her own, her father’s, life in general. - •King George ||| Fears? Worries? Anxieties? What are those? This man has no concerns whatsoever! Or… does he…? His biggest fear was losing power, so when the Americans rebelled and won their 'independence’, more and more of his nations were rebelling… France, Ireland, and many more. What would come of it? - •Samuel Seabury He was always quite open about his opinions, mostly praises for the King, but when someone spoke up against him, he knew he’d lose that debate.. Worries are not what this man lives on, but they might just be the death of him. - •James Reynolds The only this man focuses on is wealth, even if it means using his wife and treating her some sort of pawn in his game of chess, where he always wins… So even if he does have something to fear, it doesn’t get to him, only annoys him. - •George Eacker He was always very opinion based, unafraid of the outcomes if he spoke his mind until the day he was confronted by the young Hamilton. He shot too early, and ended up killing the poor boy, something he didn’t intend. Since then.. he thought twice before saying anything, becoming a little more filtered. - •Charles Lee Fears often got the best of Charles Lee, which became evident in the Battle in Monmouth where the butterflies became so vicious they almost blinded him, forcing him to retreat. When he was left behind he let his anger get to him and bad mouthed Washington, leading to being duelled and shot in the side. He was always seen as cowardly since then. - (My motivation for this was my fear of butterflies…)

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“I can’t think of any one reason why I’d want to be a surgeon, but I can think of a thousand reasons why I should quit. They make it hard on purpose. There are lives in our hands. There comes a moment when it’s more than just a game, and you either take that step forward or turn around and walk away. I could quit, but here’s the thing… I love the playing field.”

A Hard Day’s Night, Grey’s Anatomy 1x01

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Top Row: Boutalat (Toddler) Corey Carrier (ages 8–10) River Phoenix (age 13) Middle Row: Sean Patrick Flanery (ages 16–21)  Harrison Ford (ages 36–39 Bottom Row Harrison Ford (50-58)  George Hall (age 93)


Nothing has daunted her. Neither the wastelands of a barren childhood with its bitter memories to give her unconscious longing. Nor the orphanhood with its irrevocable sense of loss. She has triumphed over a nagging injury which time and again has twisted that full-blown mouth into patterns of pain. But she has triumphed over tragedy again and again. They speak of Barbara Stanwyck as the one authentic genius in Hollywood. The one woman who has taken the molten fires of her soul and fashioned them into tangible and exquisite art. 
- Sonia Lee
Watching Stanwyck on the set between takes, is much like watching the old Joe Louis when he relaxed in his corner and waited for the bell to ring. There is the same air of cool detachment, casual assurance. She sits on the doorstep of her dressing room - knitting occasionally, or reading a book, or sipping one of the 14 cups of coffee she consumes in the course of a studio day. She looks more like a housewife listening to a radio serial while shelling peas than like an actress about to take off into the emotional stratosphere. Then the bell rings - and it’s killer Stanwyck in the ring, knocking the audience dead. 
- George Stevens Jr. and Jeffery Lane

Misión Cultural a Cuba del Gobierno Estadounidense Anunciado

FECHA: April 14, 2016

CONTACTO: Jessamyn Sarmiento

Misión Cultural a Cuba del Gobierno Estadounidense Anunciado Viaje se Basa en la Reciente Visita de Obama “Todos Somos Americanos”

Washington, DC – A menos de un mes después de la histórica visita del Presidente Barack Obama, se llevará a cabo una misión cultural del Gobierno estadounidense a Cuba, del 18 al 21 de abril de 2016. El Presidente describió su viaje como una extensión de la mano de amistad al pueblo cubano, y esta delegación, en la que participan algunos de los más distinguidos escritores(as), artistas, músicos(as) y líderes de las artes y la cultura estadounidense, continuará esta colaboración histórica con el pueblo cubano. 

La delegación incluye: los Copresidentes del Comité Presidencial de Artes y Humanidades (PCAH, por sus siglas en inglés), George Stevens, Jr. y Margo Lion; la Presidenta de la Fundación Nacional de las Artes (NEA, por sus siglas en inglés), Jane Chu; el Presidente de la Fundación Nacional de las Humanidades (NEH, por sus siglas en inglés), William D. Adams; y el Secretario del Instituto Smithsonian, David Skorton. Entre los artistas estadounidenses que serán miembros de la delegación se encuentran: Joshua Bell, Martha Clarke, John Guare, DJ IZ, Lourdes López, Larisa Martínez, Dave Matthews, Kal Penn, Smokey Robinson, Usher, Alfre Woodard y John Lloyd Young.

En Cuba, la misión utilizará como punto de partida la reciente visita del Presidente Obama, y el progreso realizado hacia la normalización de relaciones entre ambas naciones, con el propósito de avanzar hacia una cooperación más profunda alrededor de nuestros patrimonios culturales comunes, y de identificar oportunidades más grandes de colaboración artística y cultural, de pueblo a pueblo. El itinerario de visita incluirá eventos dinámicos, tanto académicos como artísticos e intercambios; así como reuniones con oficiales del gobierno y directores de instituciones culturales. 

“Las artes y las humanidades, han ayudado a generaciones alrededor del mundo a enfrentar las preguntas más desafiantes, y descubrir las verdades más básicas”, señaló George Stevens, el Copresidente del PCAH. “Nuestra delegación tendrá la oportunidad de explorar nuestra humanidad común y nuestros valores compartidos con nuestros(as) amigos(as) y colegas en Cuba”. 

La Copresidenta del PCAH, Margo Lion, agregó: “Nuestro país saca fuerzas de nuestra habilidad de hacer conexiones con otros(as) a través del arte, la literatura, la educación, la música y el cine. Nuestra delegación encarna lo mejor de la cultura estadounidense – el poder de las artes y de las humanidades de trascender la geografía y la política”. 

“En nombre del Fundación Nacional de las Artes, tengo el honor de ser miembro de esta misión cultural”, declaró la Presidenta del NEA, Jane Chu. “Esta visita nos da una oportunidad de abrazar nuestras dos culturas, y de celebrar el patrimonio compartido que nos une y vincula. Esperamos con muchos deseos reanudar nuestra amistad, y apoyar oportunidades para que nuestras naciones y nuestros pueblos puedan involucrarse el uno con el otro a través de las artes”. 

 “La Fundación Nacional de las Humanidades, ha concedido becas en apoyo a las diferentes expresiones de la cultura cubana por 45 años”, señaló el Presidente del NEH, William D. Adams. “Ahora, por primera vez, podemos involucrarnos directamente con organizaciones y prácticas culturales cubanas. El NEH, utilizará esta visita para aprender de los(as) expertos(as) culturales cubanos(as), y para compartir nuestros conocimientos, lo cual unirá a nuestros países en nuevas y significativas formas”. 

“El Smithsonian ha estado interesado e involucrado durante mucho tiempo en la cultura e historia de Cuba, y ansiamos establecer conexiones más profundas con el pueblo cubano”, comentó el Secretario del Smithsonian, David Skorton. “Mi esposa, la Dra. Robin Davisson, y yo, nos sentimos honrados de ser parte de esta distinguida delegación que explorará avenidas de cooperación en las artes y humanidades”. 

Otros líderes de las artes y miembros del PCAH completan la delegación oficial, incluyendo a: Rick Arriola, el Congresista Don Beyer, Megan Beyer, Paula Crown, Stephanie Cutter, Fred Goldring, Pamela Joyner, Janet Keller, Anne Luzzatto, Liz Manne, Eric Ortner, Ken Solomon, Kim (Caroline) Taylor, Jill Cooper Udall y Andrew Weinstein.

El apoyo generoso para realizar la visita de la delegación a Cuba, fue proporcionado por Airbnb, American Airlines, The Betsy, Fundación Ford y Libra Capital U.S. American Airlines es la línea asociada con la Misión Cultural 2016 de EE.UU. a Cuba. El Centro para Democracia en las Américas trabajó junto con el Comité Presidencial de Artes y Humanidades, en el desarrollo y organización del itinerario de la misión .

*****The official press release -  en Español, para nuestros amigos de hablantes españolas (for our Spanish speaking friends).  Gracias, Srta. Sarmiento.  

¡ Viaja seguro y buena suerte en Cuba, JLY !