george spangler farm


Here are some of the pictures from my trip to Gettysburg from July 3rd to the 5th for the 150th anniversary.  I took part in the commemorative march for Pickett’s Charge on July 3rd as part of Lo Armistead’s brigade, spent the 4th at the reenactment and then visited the George Spangler on the 5th.

The commemorative march was amazing.  There were thousands of people there, either taking part in it with one of the brigades on the Confederate side or gathered at the stone wall at the Union line.  Before we started off someone shouted, “Never forget today that you are from old Virginia,” and then everyone replied on shouting Virginia and doing the rebel yell.  We even got to climb over the fences on the field like the soldiers would have had to have done during the charge.

On the 5th, my dad and I walked from the Visitors Center to the George Spangler Farm so that we could be there at 9 am, which was the time when Lo died 150 years ago.  The farm wasn’t open yet, but we spent some time out front, and then took the parks shuttle up there later that afternoon so that we could see the rest of it. 

I saw two Lo reenactors during my trip.  One at the reenactment, who I’ve talked to for the last few years, and then another one in the morning at the George Spangler farm who let me borrow his frock coat to take a few pictures.