george smart

One does not simply ‘pick’ a favorite Beatle.

I believe that’s the sort of thing that chooses you.

It’s a curious thing with George. With his glasses off, his eyes looked small and weak - blinky and a bit baffled, like an unintelligent sheep that’s taken a wrong turn. But when he put them on again, they went all sharp and steely, more like the eyes of an eagle that eats dumb sheep for breakfast.
General (L/N)? Alexander x Reader

Trigger Warning: blood/injury (war), my general lack of military knowledge

Summary: You are able to convince General Washington to let you fight in the war. Things get complicated for the sake of plot.


You and George were always close growing up. Sure, he was almost twenty years older than you, but when your father couldn’t be torn from his work, your mother would send you to the Washington’s house, so she could take care of your siblings. As you grew up, you and George were always together. With how protective he was of you and how rich his family was, people always assumed that the two of you would get married. He, however, was courting a beautiful woman named Martha; she was the sweetest woman. You chose to spend most of your time studying under George. He was incredibly smart and agreed with your belief that women should be able to get an education and be on an equal playing field as men. 

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Is that what you’re wearing?

“Please tell me that this is just one of your jokes?” Fred and George showed up to the yule ball in their finest matching baby blue suits.

“I thought you would like it, love.” Fred’s face fell a little from your sudden turn in opinion.

“Well, I don't hate it. It’s just a very. Strong look.” George couldn't last another second as he watched this little conversation go on.

“Go on Fred. She looks gorgeous and we look like a couple of clowns. Maybe we should do something about it.” You were a little confused by the whole situation before the twins flicked their wands transforming their blue robes to wonderful tux’s looking like two suave gentleman.

“Oh thank god!” Running into Fred’s arms you couldn't hide the smile from the good news.

“Oi, I thought we looked right smart.” George on the other hand wasn’t as relived as yourself. Giving a good slap to Fred’s chest you pulled him down by his tie to give him a quick peck.

“I wasn't getting kissed in that outfit. An I’m quite fond of kisses.” George rolled his eyes as he spotted his date coming down the stairs.“Did well?” Fred took a step back spinning so you can have a good look at the whole outfit.

“You look wonderful.” Fred smiled as he grabbed your hand giving you a quick spin.

“You look pretty alright yourself. Now when are you going to wave your wand and change?” Fred couldn't hold back the laugh as you continued to give him playful smacks on his chest and arms.

“You are such a little shit.” Fred pulling you close before giving you a longer kiss than the one from before.

“I think it’s not fair to the other girls that you look this beautiful.” Rolling your eyes you pulled him in for another kiss. Even when he was being a true git he was still the sweetest.

Misconception 2

Lucy: Do you think it’s wrong to have a crush on your coworker?

George: Woah, Luce, I like you and all, but not like tha–

Lucy: No not you, George!

George: Ohhh

George: …

George: You have a crush on HOLLY?!

Lucy: *face-palms*


Fred Weasley and Reader Headcanons:

  • “I understand that you know every corner in Hogwarts, but we could really use that map to see if someone was coming” you whispered harshly at Fred, it was 2 am and he was currently hexing the portraits to shout profanities.
  • “It’s fine (Y/N). We’ll be able to hear if anyone is coming,” Fred replied back. You gave him an eye roll. 
  • “He’s not that smart,” George whispered to you. “Hush you two,” Fred said back to you and George who were giggling. 
  • Just as you said that you heard footsteps coming from around the corner, and a meowing cat. All three of you looked at each other in a state of panic. You all shoved your wands into your pockets and started running. 
  • Filch turned the corner to see all of you running down the hall, he began to chase after you. 
  • You burst into laughter and soon the boys joined in. Your laughter echoed throughout the halls  
  • It was just before your forth year, and their sixth year when Fred told you he liked you.
  • You had been at the Burrow for just about the whole summer. You remembered that you hadn’t gotten a full night of asleep while you were there. You had a problem of staying up to late, and getting up too early. The twins didn’t help. 
  • All summer you spent the day playing Quidditch with the Weasleys, including Bill and Charlie. You helped clean and cook, you also went exploring around the house to see if you could find anything cool. 
  • You and Ginny probably got the most scars and bruises out of everyone that summer. 
  • You and Ron got along very well, sometimes even more than Fred and George. You were the same age, and had a lot of the same experiences, you knew each other perfectly. 
  • Of course you and Fred and George pulled pranks and got involved in far too many water fights. 
  • You tried to make time with Percy, but then ended up getting a little bored when listening to him go on and on, you would always apologize a bunch and tell him to keep going. 
  • Of course you asked Charlie about dragons, you were extremely jealous. And you were also so excited to see Bill, whom besides Ron was the most like a brother to you. He would tell you about Egypt and you guys would just chill together. 
  • Fred and George were arguing in hushed voices outside one of the bathrooms about you at 1 am. George was getting annoyed about Fred not telling you how he felt about you. 
  • “Fred! You have to tell her. You’ve been obsessed with her since her first year! If you don’t tell her you like her than someone else will get her, like Ron. Or worse Bill! Or Charlie! I wouldn’t even be surprised if Ginny got there before you did. Everyone likes her, maybe not Percy,” George scolded at Fred. 
  • “Okay okay I got it. And quit saying everyone in this family is gonna date her before me, you’re freaking me out,” Fred was rubbing his head. 
  • “Well it’s true.” 
  • They continued to argue and didn’t even notice you who was half asleep walking towards them to use the restroom. They fell silent starring at you. 
  • You barely acknowledged them as you yawned and said hi and walked past them to use the restroom. The door shut in front of them. Fred thought that your hair that’s normally extremely messy, and now was even messier was the cutest thing ever.
  • “Tell her!” “No” “Tell her” “No” “Tell her” “No” Tell her” “No” 
  • Fred and George began to hit each other and fell to the ground, still wrestling when you opened the door. 
  • Your were now wide awake, wondering what they were fighting about. In the ruckus George gasped out that Fred needed to tell you something. To which he told him to promptly shut up. You ignored them and started to walk back up to Ginny’s room. You heard a wait from Fred, and the fighting had stopped. 
  • Fred stood up and straighten himself up and said, “(Y/N), I should have told you this a long time ago, or maybe like last year. But, I just want you to know that I like you. Like a lot. Like, like like. Do you like me back?”
  • You smiled and replied, “Yeah I know. And of course I do. You can take me out to Diagon Alley or something.” With that you went back to sleep and left an almost dead Fred and a very happy George. 
  • The next morning (as if Fred went back to sleep, he was too excited) Fred was so excited when he saw you. You looked the same as you always did, perfect. 
  • You were wearing tatted jeans, an old big t-shirt with some muggle band Fred didn’t know, and your beat up white converse. Your hair, which was recently cut and just past your ears was all over the place. 
  • Fred couldn’t wait to take you to Diagon Alley, to probably just chill and window shop, and then go to the Quidditch World Cup with. 

Remembering the life and work of John Lennon ♥

(Liverpool, October 9-1940 // New York, December 8-1980)

“When I write there are times, not always. When I heard John in my head. I’ll think okay what would we have done here? And I can hear him grip or approve” -Paul McCartney.

People really relate to it, this emo-ish kind of thing. It’s the new emo. If you take the word, emo at face value, where it came from emotional music, not the pop-punk crossover nonsense. It just was a pigeonhole for emotional rock music that came out at a certain time. What it means is that it was over the top and a lot of it was super ridiculous. It addressed stuff like depression and talking about relationships. We connect with our fans in an extreme format. I don’t think that’s a reflection of any musical connection with that world at all. The tribalism, and the fans feels like we’re theirs.
—  George Daniel on the band’s emo influences [x]