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Black, Latino voter suppression in the US led to lower turnouts in 2016, report says

  • Voter turnout in the 2016 election was lower in states with racially targeted, suppressive voting laws such as strict photo ID requirements and advance registration cutoffs, according to a new national report.
  • The report, titled “America Goes to the Polls,” includes a ranking of all 50 states by turnout and shows Texas and Mississippi saw the largest drops in turnout or were ranked near the bottom.
  • Texas and Mississippi are notorious for adopting voter regulations that have been blocked in federal courts due to their discriminatory impact on blacks and Latinos
  • “We know that the Obama voters didn’t all turn out and that’s understandable — but I think that kind of drop [in turnout] is really due to the change in the law, the confusion around registration and the fact that a lot of voters don’t have the required ID,” George Pillsbury, senior consultant for Nonprofit VOTE and a primary author of the report, said in a phone interview. Read more (3/16/17 4:05 PM)

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I have this headcanon that fred and george ended up starting a tradtion of senior pranks after the battle of hogwarts. It was a tribute to them. All houses would get together to plan it in the room of requirement, it was one of the few traditions that broke house barriers. 

Hufflepuffs had the best ideas.

Ravenclaws knew how to get it to work.

Slytherins were usually the ones to make sure no one would get hurt.

Gryffindors were always first to volunteer setting it up.


Poldark Modern AU “Ross Poldark is alive”

Ross Poldark is a MI6 agent gone rogue, presumed dead after a failed classified Black Ops. He reappears in Cairo two years later, and learns that his father has died on a mission and that the fiancée he left behind has married his cousin. When information about the years he has been missing is recovered, it links him to terrorist activities, and his alliances are questioned. Disavowed by his agency, he is forced to run away, and makes it onto Interpol’s Most Wanted list. While on the run, he meets Demelza Carne and an opportunity to clear his name arises. Demelza is a street smart, young waitress, and Ross instantly recognizes her potential, recruiting her as a double agent to work inside MI6. With inside helpfrom Ross’ tech-geek cousin Verity, Demelza uncovers a conspiracy against the Poldark family, orchestrated from within the higher echelons of MI6  by senior agent George Warleggan. When a mission to gather information requires Ross and Demelza to pretend to be married, the building attraction between them can no longer be denied, and their feelings threaten to complicate matters even further.

“You beat the crap out of five men. Not every day I  see that.”
“It was four.
And you handled the biggest of them.”
“Well, I have six brothers.”

“What were you doing on my computer?”
“I was just…”
“You dare to go rifling through my personal files.”
“I meant no harm Ross, but I need answers you won’t give me.”
“You’re a valuable asset Demelza and because of that, we share confidences. But I won’t let you…”
“Use the information and go behind your back? You really think I’d betray you? Judas, Ross!”
“You’re right, I’m sorry. You can no longer be treated as my sidekick. We’ll work together as equal partners from now on. Satisfied? What do you want to know?”

“I didn’t know you could sing.”
“Not professionally. But they fell for it, didn’t they?”
“Yes… Yes, they did.”

“Ross Poldark, the loose cannon, traitor of King and Country. I always thought him to be a contradiction:  a man with little regard for authority yet one who operates under a strict moral code.”
“His greatest weakness.”
“Soon MI6 will find him and I’ll have the last thing he owns: his freedom.”
“Why are you worried, then?”
“Not everyone believes he is guilty. Ross has a following, something I have failed to acquire.”
“Then we make sure no proof of innocence is to be found.”

“We are not in the 18th Century, Ross. I won’t stay here and crochet while my fake husband goes on a mission.”
“Okay, you drive.
We must leave at once.”

“Sometimes I forget I’m not your husband and that this is dangerous for us both, Demelza. We can’t behave like this. This is only a mission; it’s not real.”
“Then let it be real.”

English corrections by the lovely themissingmink